Why Did Kakashi Leave Anbu? The Surprising Truth

    Kakashi Hatake is one of the most famous and skilled ninjas in the shinobi world, not only did he become a Jonin at the age of 12, but he also became the sensei of team 7 which included three of the most notable shinobis in the Narutoverse; Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. He also became the 6th Hokage after the 4th Great Ninja war when Tsunade retired.

    Among all of his achievements, he was also a part of the elite force known as The Anbu (Black Ops) which is directly under the control of the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village. They are mainly tasked with assassinations, and undercover work in foreign lands mainly to cause disturbances for the benefit of the Hidden Leaf village. But Why Did Kakashi Leave Anbu? What made him take that critical decision?

    Why Did Kakashi Leave AnbuEven though he was so skilled and was willing to do anything to get the job done especially after his father’s suicide, which is best suited for an Anbu member. People really started thinking of Kakashi as an emotionless human who had even killed his friend Rin, without knowing the truth. 

    Why Did Kakashi Leave Anbu

    Why Did Kakashi Leave Anbu?

    Kakashi leaving the Anbu Black Ops was not a decision he came to on his own but rather it was the 3rd Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi who wanted Kakashi to become a Jonin Leader for a Genin team. Because it was Might Guy who was witnessing Kakashi’s life from his childhood days recognized that Kakashi staying in the Anbu would only make him suffer more.

    So Might Guy, Kurenai, and Asuma went to the 3rd Hokage to discuss this issue and to their surprise, the 3rd Hokage also agreed with this and relieved Kakashi of his duty as an Anbu member after he had for almost 10 years. And he was selected as a Jonin Leader for a Genin team, he was failing every team that was picked for him until he met Team 7 which consisted of Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno.

    Why Did Kakashi Leave Anbu

    How Did Kakashi Join The Anbu?

    Kakashi was going through a pretty rough phase in his life, he was disappointed with his father’s suicide and how he abandoned his mission even though he was such an amazing shinobi, then the death of Obito also made him fall deeper into the darkness of regret and the nail in the coffin was Rin’s death in front of his eyes which he couldn’t do anything about.

    Why Did Kakashi Leave Anbu 4

    His mentor the 4th Hokage at skin that time Minato Namikaze also known as “The Yellow Flash” saw his student suffer alone and advised him to become an Anbu Black Op member so he could forget about these bad memories and carry on with his life and use all the negative energy that built up inside him and utilize that energy on something meaningful.

    Minato Namikaze

    How Old Is Kakashi in Anbu?

    You can only become an Anbu member at the age of 13. So how old is Kakashi in Anbu? Kakashi being Kakashi became an Anbu Black Op member at age 13 when Minato recommended him to do so. Kakashi looks to be the youngest Anbu member there is but there is someone else who is the youngest Anbu member.

    Even the age restriction could not stop that person and that person is Itachi Uchiha, the prodigy of the Uchiha clan, he joined the Anbu at age 11. Itachi Uchiha is the only exception to the rule that states that in order to become an Anbu member you must be 13 years old.

    What Anbu Division Was Kakashi in?

    Kakashi being so good as an Anbu member, eventually became the captain of “Team Ro” most of his success came from his cold and calculated behavior.

    The Anbu is an organization that is directly under the rule of the Hokage, they carry out missions given to them by the Hokage as such there are not any divisions in the Anbu BUT there is a branch of Anbu known as “Root”.

    Root worked under Danzo Shimura, he was the leader of Root and also the candidate for the position of the 6th Hokage.

    Why Did Kakashi Leave Anbu 6

    Root was an even more ruthless version of the Anbu, they carried out missions such as eliminating individuals who might have posed a threat to the Hidden Leaf village even before they did anything.

    Root was so extreme of an organization, that every member was implanted a seal on the back of their tongues when it was activated the person would get paralyzed if they talked about Danzo or the Root, it was so they could not leak any information to the enemies when they are being interrogated.

    Why Did Kakashi Leave Anbu 7

    Kakashi was asked by Danzo to join the Root but he never joined it. Kakashi was also attacked by the Root to get his Sharingan, Danzo sent Yamato also named Tenzo and Ninoe to kill Kakashi but he failed to do so.

    Later Danzo was about to kill Yamato for his betrayal but he was stopped by Hiruzen and Kakashi and later he joined the Anbu under the direct command of the 3rd Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi in the anime.

    Although after the Uchiha massacre Root was disbanded officially because Danzo was considered the main perpetrator, the members of the Root stayed loyal to Danzo and carried out his missions.

    Why Did Kakashi Leave Anbu 8

    Why Did Kakashi Join Anbu?

    Kakashi was asked by Minato The 4th Hokage to join the Anbu so Minato can keep him under his wing not only that the Hidden Leaf needed a talented ninja like Kakashi in the Anbu to help protect the village and since Kakashi was so loyal to the Hidden Leaf he did not disappoint, the way how the Anbu operated also suited Kakashi the most.

    Why Did Kakashi Leave Anbu 9

    When Danzo planned to assassinate the 3rd Hokage around that time Kakashi had met Hiruzen and they had talked about the experiments conducted to recreate the wood style, but Kakashi had also realized from this conversation that Hiruzen was not a bad guy like how Danzo was making him out to be.

    Kakashi told Hiruzen about the assassination plan and later lured the assassins, which included Yamato out as well but he spared his life. 

    After this incident, Kakashi thinks about leaving the Anbu but the 3rd Hokage asked him to stay and made Kakashi his right hand.

    Is It Okay to Skip Kakashi Anbu Arc?

    Many people wonder if it is okay to skip the Kakashi Anbu Arc. Although this arc is not manga canon, it goes deep into how the Anbu works and what kind of an organization it is. Most importantly it follows the fan-favorite Kakashi in his childhood after Rin’s death.

    It shows the influence of Danzo in the organization as well. It also shows the history of Hidden Leaf’s experimentation to recreate the wood style which also features another fan-favorite Orochimaru.

    This arc also features a Kakashi sword fight which is a rare sight to see and this sword fight is done very neatly considering it’s not even a manga canon fight. We recommend this just because of how it portrays a younger Kakashi’s life and the most elite force of the Hidden Leaf village.

    Why Did Kakashi Leave Anbu 10

    At What Age Did Kakashi Leave Anbu?

    People ask how much time Kakashi spent in the Anbu and at what age did Kakashi leave the Anbu? He spends almost 10 years in the Anbu Black Ops, he joined it during the 4th Hokkage’s tenure and carried on even after his death. He was 13 when he joined the Anbu and spent 10 years in the organization meaning he left the Anbu at age 23.

    He was relieved of his duty by the 3rd Hokage after the Uchiha Massacre done by Kakashi’s former teammate in the Anbu, Itachi Uchiha.

    Hiruzen after seeing Itachi’s action did not want any other good-hearted people to be a part of the Anbu and made Kakashi the Jonin leader of a Genin team, so he could stay away from this dark path in the anime.

    Why Did Kakashi Leave Anbu 11

    Who Was the Youngest Anbu in Naruto?

    Kakashi joined the Anbu at age 13 and he was not the youngest to join the Anbu so fans wondered who was the youngest Anbu in Naruto?

    The answer to that question would be pretty obvious for some fans, it was Itachi Uchiha who joined Kakashi as his teammate 2 years after Kakashi joined the Anbu. Itachi was only 11 years old despite the rule of only 13-year-olds can join the Anbu. Itachi is the only exception to this rule.

    Itachi was also a ruthless prodigy but Kakashi wanted Itachi to realize the importance of friends, Itachi at the age of 13 was promoted from Kakashi’s team and was made a captain of an Anbu squad himself.

    Why Did Kakashi Leave Anbu 12

    What Was Kakashi’s Anbu Name?

    In the anime, Kakashi was known as the “Friend-Killer Kakashi” especially among the Anbu members because they thought he killed Rin to prevent her from leaking any information about the Hidden Leaf. But Yamato after meeting Kakashi realizes that this is not true. In fact, Kakashi cares deeply for his friends and comrades. That’s the real truth!

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