Solo Leveling Anime is Worth Your Watch!

    Solo Leveling Anime is Worth Your Watch!

    We all have been waiting for an interesting anime, we always do, but now we’ve got something that was worth our wait!

    Yes, I am talking about Solo Leveling, an anime that has been highly anticipated for a while now.

    If you’re someone who ever asked, “Is Solo Leveling worth watching,” this useful post is especially for you! Just tag along.

    Solo Leveling anime worth your watch

    Why Should You Watch Solo Leveling?

    The Manhwa (web novel) has already had a very good reputation that has stood the test of time, being the best choice for many readers. Many say there’s no similar work of art too.

    Let me tell you why, if you haven’t already, then you should be watching it. We’ll be looking at different aspects for you to easily navigate.

    First Impressions

    Will Solo Levelling be an anime? A common question that was unanswered until now! Yes, we have got the anime adaptation! Solo leveling (also named Ore dake Level Up na Ken) started airing on January 7, 2024.

    The starting episodes are a lot of fun and the latter half of the show is all about badass action and hype moments like no other. Despite being cliche (to some extent at least), the portrayal of the vibrant animation and consistently interesting and intriguing storyline is always there.

    You cannot get bored. The pace is good, the hype is better, and the concept of the powers in the story (verse building) is literally the best!

    Solo Leveling anime episode 1

    So What Happens in the Initial Story?

    Sung, Jin-Woo, the protagonist (a hunter), starts off with the mission to collect money for the medical payment of his mother’s life support, gets into hunting, and despite being the weakest in this career, gets blessed by fate.

    Who would have thought, that, in a world where no one can upgrade their level, this hunter would be an exception to the rules?

    Solo Leveling anime preview

    The story couldn’t be better at any point. A party, consisting of Sung and other members, visits a low-ranked dungeon. The dungeon, to their surprise, turns out to be an S-rank (highest of all) where they encounter the Statue of God to be overcome.

    They begin to solve riddles for an escape. Any man with his emotions prioritized gets awarded by a death. 

    Sung, who’s the weakest in the party, unexpectedly, becomes the lifeline of others by guiding them to the solutions of such riddles, only to be left as the sacrifice of saving all others. But that’s not how it ends! You’ve got to dig in by yourself (yes, it’s that good).

    Solo Leveling statue of god

    Animation and Action

    The animation is like any other anime of this age. It’s not bad, but not extraordinarily good to be the only reason you watch it since the early fights in the show aren’t anything grand, unlike the fights that are to come in the cour 2 and onwards. However, I would say that it’s pretty good if you’re not nerdy about the very specifics.

    For example, the colors are fresh, the frames are well-designed, the fights are fairly good, and especially, the screens shown in the animation are clean and exude hard-work put into it.

    The protagonist of Solo Leveling in the hospital

    With A-1 Pictures studio animating the anime, and with producers like Aniplex, Crunchyroll, Netmarble, Kakao piccoma, and D&C Media backing it up, I think we can expect something really good out of it.

    World-Building and Lore

    Intriguing Mysteries: The initial episodes focus on introducing the core elements of anime physics, but glimpses of a larger, enigmatic world are also present. Hidden dungeons, whispers of the Shadow Monarch, and cryptic messages hint at a complex mythology waiting to be unraveled.

    The statue of god in Solo Leveling

    After that, we move on to the National ranked hunters, the other monarchs, and the overseers of the worlds.

    Evolving Power System: The unique level-up system and Shadow Soldier mechanics add a fresh layer to the typical power fantasy genre. This opens doors for unexpected character growth and exciting possibilities as Sung Jin-Woo unlocks the secrets of his abilities and gains the true power of his title of the Shadow Monarch.

    Society and Hierarchy: The anime establishes the social hierarchy of hunters and the impact of dungeons on human civilization. With different hunter classes and dungeon levels.

    How Does it Compare to Other Popular Anime?

    It has a unique perspective, but it undoubtedly has its similarities with other popular works. Let’s see and compare so you can get a glimpse of what it’s actually like.

    Similarities with Tower of God

    Both delve into dungeon exploration, power systems, and hidden societal structures. However, Solo Leveling focuses on individual growth and a darker protagonist, compared to Tower of God’s emphasis on teamwork and a diverse character cast.

    Distinct from The God of High School

    While sharing action-packed fantasy themes, Solo Leveling adopts a more grounded and strategic approach to combat, relying on cunning and adaptation rather than over-the-top special effects.

    Uniqueness in Power Fantasy

    Unlike traditional power fantasies where the protagonist inherits or stumbles upon immense power, Solo Leveling emphasizes hard work, sacrifice, and overcoming limitations through a unique system, offering a refreshing twist on the genre.

    Appeal to New and Existing Fans

    For newcomers, the anime has so much to offer! It immediately clicks with your curiosity and you cannot wait for the next episode to come out. The suspense is real.

    The brilliant animation, thrilling action sequences, and a relatable protagonist’s journey are good enough reasons to get into Solo Leveling. The initial arc sets the stage for bigger mysteries and character development, leaving viewers eager for more.

    Sung Jin Woo with his shadow army in Solo Leveling

    In the case of existing fans, the faithfulness to the Manhwa’s essence, attention to detail, and promise of delving deeper into the lore and character backstories will resonate with dedicated fans. The iconic scenes and favorite characters coming to life will be a rewarding experience.

    What is Solo Leveling anime about?

    Jin-Woo, a weak hunter, gains a unique leveling ability in a world where others can’t, conquering dungeons and mysterious forces.

    With this, Sung embarks on a journey to unravel the secrets of his powers, conquer increasingly difficult dungeons, and uncover the hidden forces threatening the world.

    Sung Jin Woo fight in Solo Leveling anime

    What it Shows in the Process:

    Individual growth: Jin-Woo starts as the weakest but steadily climbs the ranks through sheer determination and perseverance.

    Dungeon exploration: The anime delves into a fascinating world of diverse dungeons, each offering unique challenges and secrets.

    Shadow soldiers: Jin-Woo can integrate defeated monsters into his own personal army, adding a strategic layer to the combat. This ability is not only limited to monsters but humans as well. We see him using dead hunters as his shadow soldiers.

    Mystery and intrigue: The anime gradually unravels a complex web of conspiracies, hidden powers, and ancient legends.

    Why is there so much hype for Solo Leveling?

    The Manhwa version of Solo leveling was a huge success. It has also been considered the best by many, so anime adaptation is bound to get enough attention to account it for potential masterpieces, especially if it faithfully translates the web novel’s groundbreaking narrative without any artistic compromises.

    The impact left by Solo Leveling on the manhwa community can be compared to what Dragon Ball did for the manga and anime industry of Japan. Many people got into reading manhwa because of Solo Leveling.

    Sung Jin Woo making the Ant King his shadow in Solo Leveling manhwa

    The refreshing power system, underdog story, thrilling action, faithful adaptation, and intriguing world are good enough reasons to count as reasons for the successful hype of this anime.

    What age is Solo Leveling for?

    Because of mature themes at times, violence shown (even in the very initial episodes), and suggestive elements; 16+age is recommended for watching Solo Leveling.

    That sums up this post on Solo Leveling. I hope you found something worthwhile here to help you decide if you’re going to watch this anime. For more interesting posts, we recommend you follow our blog for continuous anime news and captivating suggestions.


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