Can Kakashi Still Use Sharingan? Kakashi in Boruto’s Modern Shinobi World

    Kakashi Hatake is one of the most popular characters in the Naruto series and we can see the influence of his character throughout the anime industry. One of the main reasons Kakashi is so popular and liked by the people is because of the Sharingan.

    Can Kakashi Still Use Sharingan

    But now that the Naruto series is over and we are in the Boruto era, the question arises can Kakashi still use Sharingan?

    There’s evidence throughout the whole anime and that’s what we’re going to talk about!

    Can Kakashi Still Use Sharingan?

    The simple answer to this question would be No, he cannot use the Sharingan anymore. Kakashi lost his Sharingan in the 4th Great Ninja War when 10 Tail Madara stole Kakashi’s Sharingan to use the ability of Kamui to get to Obito Uchiha who was inside the Kamui dimension, to obtain the Rinnegan from Obito.

    Can Kakashi Still Use Sharingan

    But after during the fight against Kaguya Ohtsutsuki, Kakashi was given a chance to fight against the Rabbit Goddess, when Obito gave him both of his Mangekyou Sharingan, which allowed him to use the Perfect Susanoo but this power was only temporary because they would disappear after a certain time limit.

    DMS Kakashi

    Why Does Kakashi Only Have 1 Sharingan?

    So, we have seen every Uchiha with the pair of these miraculous eyes, but why does Kakashi only have 1 Sharingan?

    At the start of the series the viewers, this was the question the viewers had and it was answered in the latter half of the Naruto Shippuden storyline it was tragic, to say the least.

    Can Kakashi Still Use Sharingan

    In his younger years when Kakashi was a part of his team along with Obito and Rin, he was not the same Kakashi as we know of him in the present storyline.

    In his younger years, Kakashi was very self-confident and in some cases even arrogant, especially after his father, Sakumo Hatake’s death, he became colder towards other people and followed the rules to complete the mission even if he had to abandon his comrades without having any second thoughts.

    Kakashi Hatake 2

    During the 3rd Great Ninja War, Kakashi was already a Jonin and was assigned a mission that would turn the tide of the war in the Hidden Leaf’s favor with his team which included the leader Minato and the other members which were Obito and Rin.

    Rin was captured during the mission while Minato wasn’t present there. Obito insisted on saving Rin but Kakashi wanted to get the job done before they can think about rescuing her. But Obito does not listen to Kakashi and goes to save Rin but eventually, Obito’s words dug deep into Kakashi and he decided to rescue skin her too.

    He saves Obito from the Hidden Stone shinobi Taiseki. During the fight, Kakashi’s eye was badly damaged and the enemy looked to be gaining the upper hand but Obito awakened his Sharingan and killed Taiseki of the Hidden Stone.

    How Did Kakashi Get his Sharingan 2

    As they went inside the cave to save Rin the other Hidden Stone shinobi caused a cave-in and Kakashi, due to his injured eye, could not avoid the falling rocks. Obito saved him by pushing him away and instead got trapped under a large boulder.

    With how severely injured Obito was, he knew he couldn’t make it so as a parting gift for becoming a jonin, which he forgot to give earlier, he gave Kakashi his Sharingan, which Rin implanted into Kakashi’s eye socket.

    Can Kakashi Still Use Sharingan

    Obito plays a huge role in building up Kakashi’s character whether it was changing Kakashi’s views on the shinobi world or giving him the Sharingan which would later become one of the main reasons for Kakashi’s fame in the shinobi world and is eventually known as “The Copy Ninja”.

    Can Kakashi Still Use Sharingan
    Kakashi and Obito’s Mangekyou Simultaneously Awakening

    Can Kakashi Still Use Sharingan in Boruto?

    Now that we are in the Boruto era, it had been a long time since we had seen Kakashi and the fans wondered can Kakashi still use Sharingan in Boruto? The answer to that question is NO, he can not use the Sharingan in the Boruto era because he lost it during the 4th Great Ninja War at the end of Naruto Shippuden. 

    Can Kakashi Still Use Sharingan

    But this does not make Kakashi weaker, because according to the Kakashi Retsuden novel, Kakashi has become even stronger than he was in the war arc. Because he does not have to care about his chakra being drained 24/7 because of Sharingan is active all the time.

    He can use those 1000 Justus he has copied over the years without worrying about wasting too much chakra. He even invented a new Lightning release Jutsu since he can’t use Chidori and Raikiri due to having no Sharingan, it is called “Purple Lightning”. Even Kakashi is known as “Kakashi of the Purple Lightning” now in the shinobi world. 

    Can Kakashi Still Use Sharingan

    Did Kakashi Keep Both Sharingan?

    No, Kakashi did not keep both of the Sharingan. The Sharingan he got from Obito after his death was through Obito projecting himself through chakra and giving him both of his Sharingan which were amped by the Sage of Six Paths chakra but they had a fixed time limit. After the fight with Kaguya Ohtsutsuki, they disappeared.

    Can Kakashi Still Use Sharingan

    Did Kakashi Lose The Sharingan?

    Yes, Kakashi lost the Sharingan he already had from the start which kid Obito gave him in the 4th Great Ninja War. Madara was after his Sharingan to use the Mangekyou Sharingan ability of Obito and Kakashi called “Kamui” to get to Obito so could obtain the Rinnegan that Obito had with him in the Kamui dimension, which he wanted Sakura to destroy but it was too late because Sakura hesitated and since  Madara who had already become the Jinchuriki for the 10 Tail and proved too fast for them.

    Can Kakashi Still Use Sharingan

    Why Did Kakashi’s Sharingan Disappear?

    Kakashi was feeling really down when seeing his students fight the Rabbit Goddess Kaguya Ohtsutsuki because he was too weak to help them fight a monster like him now that he had lost his Kamui ability, which was the only thing in his arsenal that could have helped the team 7 against Kaguya Ohtsutsuki and not to forget he just lost his long lost friend Obito Uchiha, who he first thought died during the 3rd Great Ninja War while protecting him and then he turned out to be one of the biggest threats to the shinobi world.

    But in the end, Obito Uchiha turned out to be a broken person and Naruto saw right through him. Which led him to help team 7 and his childhood friend Kakashi even after he died.

    Can Kakashi Still Use Sharingan

    Obito after his death gives Kakashi both of his Mangekyou Sharingan as a present in advance for taking office as the 6th Hokage, now that he had both of the Mangekyou Sharingan which had been powered up by the Sage of Six Paths Chakra, Kakashi was now able to use the Perfect Susanoo against Kaguya Ohtsutsuki and helped the team 7 sealing away the Rabbit Goddess the mother of the Sage of Six Paths himself Kaguya Ohtsutsuki.

    His powerup was not a permanent one as Obito said it had a fixed time limit so after returning from Kaguya’s dimension Kakashi says farewell to Obito’s chakra manifestation and his Mangekyou Sharingan also disappears.

    Can Kakashi Still Use Sharingan

    Does Kakashi Still Have His Sharingan in Boruto?

    Does Kakashi still have his Sharingan in Boruto? The answer to this question would be No, he does not have the Sharingan in Boruto, he’s just enjoying his retirement in Boruto while reading icha-icha tactics. But he also fulfills his shinobi duties when the situation gets tough for the new generation. 

    Can Kakashi Still Use Sharingan

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