Top 5 Anime Like Naruto You Must Watch

    Naruto is an anime that has captured the heart of millions and is still going strong after 15 years! If you’re a fan of Naruto anime or looking to find some new shows to watch, this list is just what the doctor ordered.

    Anime, just like any other television show, is an art form that can be enjoyed by anyone. Watching an anime series can remind us of the feelings and emotions we feel as children. Anime is a series that you’re able to enjoy with your friends and family. They offer viewers a different take on some familiar characters by depicting them in new ways or by introducing new character types.

    Top 5 Anime Like Naruto You Must Watch

    Top 5 Anime Like Naruto

    If you know anything about the Naruto series, you are aware of the comedic moments that occur during each episode. Watching this show reminds me of those laughs and little victories I enjoy in life. Naruto is a very popular anime series that revolves around a young ninja named Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto is a talented shinobi and he has an exceptional power known as the ability to copy another person’s chakra without the use of ninjutsu.

    Another great thing about Naruto is that you are able to relate to the young man and learn something new by following his journey. The series follows his attempts to determine who he really is in life, gain acceptance, and be able to practice ninjutsu.

    What’s better than getting to watch more anime? Well, getting to watch anime that is similar to Naruto. If you’re looking for some more anime like Naruto that you can watch, this list should offer you some good suggestions. Though all of these series are different from each other, they all do feature characters and stories like Naruto.

    Top 5 Anime Like Naruto

    1) Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

    Top 5 Anime Like Naruto

    Boruto comes first on this list, and the reason is that it’s a continuation of Naruto Shippuden itself for the sake of continuing the journey of Naruto to its next generations. This series is quite similar to the Naruto series in several ways.

    Both have the same characters and main plot. The main difference is that Boruto is a Sequel to Naruto. Naruto fans should enjoy watching Boruto as it has the same character, Naruto, playing his father, who is now the Seventh Hokage and also has a son, Boruto.

    Boruto was born as a result of Kurama’s chakra. His special power resides in his left eye and he has known to have inherited several techniques from his father. This series is said to continue until Naruto finds peace in his life.

    Boruto series sets after the original series, Naruto Shippuden, that shows a young Boruto Uzumaki training with his father and the other Kage. It is very interesting and you can consider it.


    2) Fullmetal Alchemist

    Top 5 Anime Like Naruto

    Full Metal Alchemist is another popular series that only continues the legacy of the hit show. If you’re a fan of anime and manga, you’ve likely heard of this series. The story follows the adventures of two brothers who lead an interesting life, even by anime standards!

    After their mother died, Edward and Alphonse Elric decided to do what no one had ever done before; they tried to bring her back with human transmutation. Tragically, they were not successful in their attempt and lost parts of their bodies in return.

    Their quest to get those missing parts back leads them on an incredible adventure throughout the country. You will enjoy watching Full Metal Alchemist if you like watching stories that involve action, adventure, and fighting it.

    It is a must-watch if you plan to continue your journey of watching great anime. 

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    3) Bleach

    Top 5 Anime Like Naruto

    Bleach is an anime series that is reminiscent of Naruto, with similar characters and a great deal of humor. In fact, if you’ve seen one, you’ve likely seen the other – but Bleach differs from Naruto in that the main character is a shinigami instead of a ninja.

    Shunsui Urashima saves Rukia Kuchiki from the spirit world, where she has been abandoned for years, to find out that he is her substitute shinigami (or soul reaper). Essentially, the ‘rescues’ her and accepts her as his responsibility because he finds out that she holds the power to destroy several hundred souls one day.

    It is a great anime to watch if you have the time and like watching other Bleach series. Like Naruto, it has a lot of sidekick characters, too.


    4) Hunter X Hunter

    Top 5 Anime Like Naruto

    HxH is another series with a premise that involves several different characters to follow as they try to find their missing parents and become Hunters who can fight against powerful enemies.

    Hunter x Hunter is a great show for the new anime lover who already enjoys watching Naruto.

    Hunter X Hunter is a series that follows Gon Freecs’ journey to becoming a Hunter. Set in a world where Hunters exist to hunt down different kinds of things (exotic species, treasure, etc), Gon wants to become a Hunter because he feels it is his destiny. Along the way, he meets various friends who join him on the path and help him achieve his goal.

    It’s quite similar to Naruto and you can watch it if you like Naruto. The main character is also similar in looking to Naruto and there are other characters who are very similar as well, like Kurapika, Killua Zoldyck (same powers as Naruto), and Leorio Paladiknight (the same as Rock Lee).


    5) My Hero Academia

    Top 5 Anime Like Naruto

    My Hero Academia is another series that is similar to Naruto. The main difference between these two is that My Hero Academia takes place in a world filled with superheroes and supervillains.

    The series follows Izuku Midoriya, a boy who doesn’t quite look like any ordinary high school student. He’s filled with so much passion and determination to become a superhero like his idol, All Might, that he doesn’t let anything stand in the way of his goal.

    My Hero Academia is one of the more recent anime series that has gained popularity. You can watch this series if you enjoy watching other anime like Naruto.

    One thing to note about My Hero is that it does have a lot of mature subjects, but the characters in the series are always pretty responsible, so it’s not too bad for kids to watch. It’s a popular show because of its premise and how similar it is to Naruto, which has gained a lot of popularity in recent years.

    This is another great anime like Naruto, but this time it’s based on Kara no Kyoukai. If you’re looking for an anime like Naruto with a similar premise and storyline, then this ought to be one you check out.

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    Some of the top 5 anime like Naruto are Hunter X Hunter, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, and My Hero Academia. If interested in any of these five series you can check them out on Netflix or on any online streaming services.

    These are great series that are very similar to Naruto; they have a lot of action, adventure, and comedy. Please note that My Hero Academia is an older show so it might be more suitable for older audiences than some other newer ones such as HxH or Bleach.

    We hope this list was able to help you choose an anime like Naruto you may not have known about before or provide some ideas on what you should watch next.

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