Top 10 Terrifyingly Strong Sousou no Frieren Characters Unveiled

    Souou no Frieren has been the talk of the town ever since the amazing anime adaptation aired. Sousou no Frieren has an amazing plot and cast of characters, the show also focuses on power scaling and amazing fights. This article will look at the top 10 strongest characters in Sousou No Frieren.

    Frieren fighting the demons

    Top 10 Terrifyingly Strong Sousou no Frieren Characters Unveiled

    Sousou no Frieren has various characters with different MMORPG classes like warriors, monks, mages, etc. These classes ensure the audience will get different fighting styles and power systems. 

    Following are the top 10 strongest characters in Sousou no Frieren.

    10. Himmel

    Starting off the list is the Hero himself. The Giga Chad Himmel is not only smooth with his words but also one of the strongest characters in the fantasy world of Frieren. He was so strong that he used a sword that wasn’t even made for fighting and was slaying demons with a blunt sword for a while. He damaged an indestructible wall made by a greater demon and was fighting 1v2 against a greater demon and a sage of destruction while being at a disadvantage.

    The Hero and the love interest of Frieren

    9. Solitar

    Solitar is a greater demon comparable to the Seven Sages of Destruction, who are the strongest demons in the Demon King’s army. She’s a mage who is interested in humans and it was implied she singlehandedly destroyed a fortified city on her own. When Frieren fights Solitar, she says she could not have defeated Solitar without the help of Fern and Stark.

    Frieren thinks she could not have defeated her without Fern and Stark

    8. Frieren

    The legendary mage from the Hero’s Party. A mage with immense mana and comparable to the Seven Sages of Destruction. She is now the second-strongest mage and a walking disaster for the demons. Frieren is also known as Demon Slayer since she shows no mercy towards the demons. She knows the true nature of these demons from her long journey and they were responsible for killing everyone in Frieren’s village.


    7. Grausam

    Grausam one of the Seven Sages of Destruction is known for his hax magic of memory manipulation and illusionary magic. His magic is strong enough to break through Frieren’s defenses. The only person to resist his magic was Heitar.

    A master of illusion magic from Sousou no Frieren

    6. Macht

    Macht is also known as Macht of the Golden Land. He is the strongest member of the Seven Sages of Destruction. The only demon who truly wishes to coexist with humans. He has reached the pinnacle of magic power according to Denken. 

    The strongest demon foe Frieren has faced other than the demon king

    5. Flamme

    The Great Mage Flamme is the teacher of our protagonist Frieren and the student of Serie. Even after a thousand years since she passed away she is still regarded as the best human mage. Her barriers are so strong that they still stand and no demon could destroy them in all those years.

    Flamme the tecaher of Flamme

    4. Kraft

    A former warrior now turned monk. He might be the oldest Elf we have seen in the show. His implied status in the show might be comparable to that of a hero. But since his adventures took place many hundreds or even thousands of years before not many people would know about him. But he only cares about the Goddess honoring him in heaven now since everyone who knew about his accomplishments has passed away.

    Kraft an elf like Frieren

    3. Hero of The South

    Hero of the South also known as mankind’s strongest. He paved the path for Himmel and his party. He annihilated demon armies on his own. Not only this but he fought 8 of the strongest demons 1v8 and killed 3 of them in that fight. His heroics are so fearsome for the demons that Schlacht and Grausam wipe the protagonists’ memories of him so they won’t be able to remember him. 

    Hero of the South from Sousou no Frieren

    2. Serie

    The Great Mage Serie is the head of the Continental Magic Association. She is also known as the living grimoire, she refers to herself as the Great Mage from the Mythical Era. Flamme called her a warmonger. She is strong enough to toy with Macht who is the strongest of the Seven Sages of Destruction. She is the only character implied to beat the Demon King 1v1.

    The strongest mage Serie from Souosou no Frieren

    1. The Demon King

    The strongest demon to ever exist. It took the combined effort of all the members of the Hero’s Party who were monsters in their own right when it came to strength to defeat him and that too barely. 

    The Demon King fighting Frieren and her companions



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