Can Naruto Use Rinnegan?

    Yes, he certainly can use it, but it’s not that simple just to put it like that, and here’s exactly why!

    Naruto being the strongest and most skilled shinobi in the history of the ninja world can definitely use and control the Rinnegan very fluently. It is very much in his capability to use the Rinnegan.

    However, the problem isn’t whether Naruto will be able to use the Rinnegan or not, but the problem is whether it is possible for Naruto to successfully awaken a Rinnegan or not.

    Awakening a Rinnegan is not easy and at times it might even be impossible. Mainly because there is a particular process of awakening the Rinnegan and it is very difficult as it cannot be achieved by just training. It goes by combining and mixing certain chakra and Kekkei Genkai which is not easily available. The process of awakening Rinnegan is explained in this article.

    Let’s get started on the basics first. 


    How to Get a Rinnegan?

    Rinnegan scaled 1

    There are only 2 known ways of getting a Rinnegan –

    First Method –

    It is the most complex and time-consuming method. The simple process is that any shinobi who wants to awaken a Rinnegan must combine the chakra of Indra and Ashura Otsutsuki. That also involves the reincarnates of both Indra and Ashura who carry their unique chakra in themselves. The only known reincarnates are Madara Uchiha, Hashirama Senju, Sasuke Uchiha, and Naruto Uzumaki. 

    The process is simple, you need the chakra of both Indra and Ashura and combine them together in your own body. After getting their chakra it is also necessary that the person trying to awaken the Rinnegan must already have a Sharingan implanted in one or both of their eyes depending upon how many Rinnegan you are planning to awaken. After this long process, the person has to wait for several years. In the manga, it was stated that Madara had to wait for several decades to awaken the Rinnegan in one of his eyes and another few years for both eyes. 

    Till now in the entire series, only one person has been able to awaken the Rinnegan and that person is Madara Uchiha. Pain and Obito’s Rinnegan were the same eyes that Madara gave to Nagato when he was a kid. Sasuke got it from Hagoromo.

    Madara after he staged his death against Hashirama used Hashirama’s cells, implanted them in his body, and also prolonged his life for several decades. Madara already being an Uchiha and an Indra reincarnate just needed Ashura’s chakra. Thus, he successfully awakened Rinnegan.


    Second Method –

    This is very much simpler to explain. In very simple words, the only other way of awakening a Rinnegan is to get a Rinnegan directly from the Sage of Six Paths himself.

    The only person to have awakened Rinnegan this way is Sasuke Uchiha. Hagoromo Otsutsuki emerges after Sasuke gets stabbed by Madara and gives him a Rinnegan with Six Tomoe. This Rinnegan is an enhanced version and has many more abilities compared to a base Rinnegan. This type of Rinnegan has all the abilities of Rinnegan and a few more abilities such as Amenotejikara and space-time ninjutsu.

    After getting a Rinnegan from Hagoromo, Sasuke becomes massively strong and also gets mastery over Six Paths abilities.

    Can Naruto Get a Rinnegan?

    Naruto with Rinnegan GIF 1


    As I have clearly explained above the entire process of awakening the Rinnegan, is very much achievable for Naruto to awaken it.

    All Naruto needs to do is take some of Sasuke’s chakra (who is an Indra reincarnate) and then take one of the hundreds of Sharingan’s that Obito had in his lab.

    Naruto already being an Ashura reincarnate only needs the above-mentioned things.

    After implanting a Sharingan in one of his eyes and taking some of Sasuke’s chakra, Naruto will have to wait for several years and after a very long wait, Naruto should get himself a Rinnegan.

    However, whether Naruto will get a Six Tomoe Rinnegan or a base Rinnegan is unclear as Naruto does possess the Six Paths chakra that he received from Hagoromo Otsutsuki.    

    Will Naruto Get a Rinnegan in Boruto?

    Naruto KCM in Boruto
    Can Naruto Use Rinnegan Explained

    It is highly unlikely that Naruto will awaken a Rinnegan in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

    Naruto isn’t the main character anymore and the entire plot of Boruto has been trying to weaken both Naruto and Sasuke.

    By killing off Kurama and stabbing Sasuke’s Rinnegan, Boruto’s entire plot has been driven by the idea of weakening the omnipotent shinobis, Naruto and Sasuke, so that Boruto and Kawaki can have the entire stage for themselves and become the next strongest shinobi pair.

    The plot has already moved in that direction and we will see that both Naruto and Sasuke will slowly become irrelevant to the plot and will be soon outmatched by the future antagonists.

    Giving Rinnegan to Naruto would again massively give Naruto immense strength. Mainly because although Naruto has lost Kurama, Naruto is still one of the strongest characters in the series who has access to an enhanced Sage Mode, a little chakra from the remaining eight-tailed beasts and he should also have Six Paths chakra in him. Naruto in his base was able to keep up with Fused Momoshiki and react to him in the manga.

    This basically means that Naruto in base is already pretty strong even without Kurama and giving him Rinnegan on top of Sage Mode and remaining tailed beast’s chakra will again make him omnipotent which defeats the point of making him weak.

    Who are the Best Users of Rinnegan?

    Here the best user doesn’t mean the strongest.

    Pain Naruto

    Pain is considered to be the best Rinnegan user because of his versatile and intricate use of the Rinnegan. It was Pain who showed us what Rinnegan is capable of.

    Pain even decided to divide all the abilities into six other paths of Pain and let each path have a different ability of the Rinnegan.

    This gave the audience a very clear understanding of all the abilities as we were introduced to the Rinnegan for the very first time.

    Later on, when Nagato gets reincarnated, we see Edo Nagato individually using all the Rinnegan abilities simultaneously and single handily fights KCM Naruto, Killer Bee, and Edo Itachi. This is where we see how dangerous Rinnegan can be as he almost defeats all three of them. 

    Pain although isn’t really in the upper hierarchy is clearly the best Rinnegan user who showcased all the abilities perfectly. 

    Who is the Strongest User of Rinnegan?

    Adult Sasuke

    Adult Sasuke Uchiha is the strongest Rinnegan user.

    Although Sasuke hardly uses any of the Rinnegan abilities apart from Amenotejikara and open portals, he is still the strongest Rinnegan user.

    Because Sasuke holds the title to be one of the strongest shinobi to ever exist only second to Naruto in strength.

    This puts Sasuke way above any of the other Rinnegan users that may have existed in the past.

    Is Rinnegan the Strongest Eye in Naruto?


    The Rinnegan is the strongest eye in Naruto.

    Obito Rinnegan and Sharingan

    Rinnegan offers various types of inhuman abilities which put this type of eye above any other dojutsu by a mile.

    Various Godly abilities of Rinnegan are: –

    • Chibaku Tensei (Planetary Devastations)
    • Shinra Tensei (Almighty Push)
    • Bansho Ten’in (Universal Pull)
    • Rinne Rebirth
    • Summoning Jutsu (Summons several creatures)
    • Absorption of Chakra and Ninjutsu
    • Mechanization of their own body
    • Levitation (only for some users)
    • Amenotijikara (only for Sasuke)
    • Open portals for various dimensions. (Only for Sasuke)

    The above-given abilities put Rinnegan above any other dojutsu giving Rinnegan the title of the strongest eye in Naruto.

    Any Rinnegan user who has enough chakra to control the Rinnegan must have access to most of the powers listed above.

    Behind the Rinnegan the ranking of the strongest eye would be – 

    • Eternal Mangkeyou Sharingan
    • Mangekyou Sharingan
    • Base Sharingan
    • Byakugan.

    Thanks for reading!

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