How Did Rin Die? The Shocking Reality!

    Rin Nohara was a chunin of the Hidden Leaf Village and a member of Team Minato along with Kakashi Hatake and Obito Uchiha. Who was later forcibly turned into the Three-Tail Jinchuriki.

    She was a sweet and friendly girl who cared deeply for her friends and village. Most of the time she played the role of a mediator between Kakashi and Obito when they both fought. But the question is, How Did Rin Die? We’ll discuss it in detail.

    Rin knew medical ninjutsu and through which she helped Obito after training and she even implanted the Sharingan in Kakashi when Obito was about to die gifted his Sharingan to Kakashi. Rin was also able to use Fire, Water, and Yang release.


    Team Minato
    Team Minato

    Rin was a member of Team Minato along with Kakashi & Obito. Here’s how they’re related:

    Obito Uchiha:

    Rin was always very considerate & friendly towards her comrades, but, Obito saw her as more than just a friend. He loved her simply because she was one of those people who believed in Obito from the start and supported his dream of becoming the Hokage. But she didn’t have those same feelings for Obito but she still deeply cared for him.

    Kakashi Hatake:

    Just as Rin cared for Obito, she did for Kakashi as well.

    But, Did Rin have a crush on Kakashi?

    Yes, despite not revealing her Love interest to Kakashi, she had a crush on him. As she was about to confess her feelings for Kakashi right after Obito’s death. She even wanted Kakashi to be the one to end her life.

    Team Minato (Obito, Rin & Kakashi)

    How Did Rin Die?

    Rin’s death is one of the most influential deaths in the grand scheme of things. Rin was kidnapped by the Hidden Mist Village to be made into the Jinchuriki of the Three-Tails Isobu. And they even succeeded, the Three-Tail was sealed inside her and they intended to release the Three-Tail in the Hidden Leaf Village when Rin would return and it would wreak havoc in the village, while the Hidden Mist would attack the village.

    But when Rin realized that this was their plan, she, herself, asked Kakashi to kill her but Kakashi declined, saying he promised Obito that he will protect her no matter what. She did this because she wanted to die at the hands of her friend.

    Rin and Isobu Three Tails

    As Kakashi was about to use Chidori against one of the Hidden Mist Village shinobi, Rin suddenly jumped in front of him, took the Chidori to the heart, and died by Kakashi’s hand.

    She sacrificed herself to protect Kakashi and the Hidden Leaf Village.

    Did Madara Plan Rin’s Death?

    Madara played a huge role in Rin’s death. He was the one who manipulated the Hidden Mist to make Rin into the Three-Tail Jinchuriki and not even that he even made sure that it was Kakashi who would deal the final blow to her.

    He wanted Obito to break apart and lose that small glimmer of hope he had left in him after he almost died and that, exactly, is what happened. White Zetsu told Obito, how Rin and Kakashi were in trouble, helping Obito escape from Madara’s underground hideout.

    Madara Explaining His Role in Rins Death e1643288577347

    He rushed to the battlefield but the bitter event of Rin’s death had already taken place. After seeing Rin’s death, Obito lost his mind and slaughtered all the Hidden Mist shinobi which were left and even awakened the Mangekyou Sharingan. That’s how Rin actually died.

    The Aftermath Of Rin’s Death:

    Obito Losing Himself:

    After watching the most important person to him by his friend, Obito lost himself. The last thread of hope Obito was holding onto was gone after he supposedly died in the Third Great Ninja War. He also awakened his Mangekyou Sharingan in the process.

    How Did Rin Die?

    That’s exactly what Madara wanted, and from then on, Madara used Obito as his puppet until the Fourth Great Ninja War.

    The Three-Tail:

    After Rin’s death, the Three-Tail (Isobu) was also killed, but since tailed beasts can’t die, so in reality, he transformed itself into his chakra form and was later resurrected, as all tailed beasts do. Isobu is the only tailed beast to be resurrected and then getting sealed inside another jinchuriki.

    Yagura The Fourth Mizukage Jinchuriki
    How Did Rin Die?

    The Fourth Mizukage Yagura was turned into the Jinchuriki for Isobu and he became a perfect Jinchuriki as well, but he was being controlled by Obito, who was claiming himself to be Madara at that time.  


    Rin’s death is arguably the most influential in the whole Naruto storyline, whether it was being the biggest reason for Obito starting the war, Madara planning her death, like playing 4D chess, or having a huge impact on Kakashi’s character.

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