The 4 Shinju Mystery Revealed

    Ever since the start of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex manga, every new chapter has been better than the last.

    In these last few chapters, we were introduced to a new group of villains we have seen since Naruto Shipudden but now in a new light. In this article, we will be unveiling the secrets of the 4 Shinju.

    The 4 Shinju Mystery Revealed

    At first, the main villain of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex was thought to be Code but in the recent chapters it looks like Code will be a secondary antagonist, and the main antagonists will be the 4 Shinju that have been introduced recently.

    The 4 Shinju revealed

    In the first chapter, we see Code invading Konoha with his Claw Grimes who he made from the Ten Tails. But at the end of the chapter, we see Boruto finally arriving in Konha after 3 years to fight Code. 

    In the fight against Code Boruto with almost no effort defeats him using his new Rasengan technique called “Uzuhiko”.

    By using Uzuhiko Boruto is quite literally using the rotation of the planet to attack Code mentally and physically and the damage won’t stop until the planet is destroyed or Boruto stops the jutsu himself. 

    Boruto using Uzuhiko before the Shinju fight.

    But one main thing that stood out the most during this fight was Boruto’s concern for the Ten Tails. Boruto kept asking Code the whereabouts of the Ten Tails.

    Boruto knew something about the Ten Tails that even Code didn’t know. Boruto was kind enough to let Code live if he told him the whereabouts of the Ten Tails. But even with Uzuhiko activated, Code escapes.

    But much to his surprise Boruto sent one of Kashin Koji’s toads with Code who was able to communicate with Boruto and tell him about the Ten Tails.

    After hearing about the Ten Tails from the toad and having a small reunion with Kawaki Boruto uses “The Flying Raijin” technique to teleport to his toad who is at the location of the Ten Tails.

    But after arriving there the Ten Tails was gone and we saw 4 mysterious figures who attacked Boruto and Code.

    Introducing the 4 Shinju: A Looming Threat in Boruto: Two Blue Vortex

    These 4 mysterious entities were the Divine Tree who had taken the shape of humanoid creatures.

    Boruto later reveals that according to his theory, the Ten Tails’ DNA was modified due to Code’s Claw Marks which had Code’s chakra in them. 

    These Shinju are stronger than Code who was said to be stronger than Jigen. As the Bug Shinju was able to drive Boruto into a corner although Boruto wasn’t fighting to kill and did not use his Karma or Uzuhiko.

    The 4 Shinju fighting Boruto.

    These Shinju were revealed to have absorbed the personality and data of the people who were turned into trees after being bitten by the Claw Grimes.

    As a Ten Tail, the main purpose of it is to devour an Otsutsuki to bear a Chakra Fruit. But the human desire has affected them to the point where Boruto who is an Otsutsuki was in front of their eyes but they opted to not devour him even though he escaped on his own they wanted to do something first.

    Exploring the Individual Shinju:

    All 4 Shinju have very distinct designs and by looking at 3 out of the 4 Shinju, we could tell, who they were based on, or rather what the most dominant DNA or data in them is right now since the Claw Grimes have bitten more than 4 people at this point.

    Now we will look at the 4 Shinju who we were introduced to.


    Hidari is the Sasuke Shinju. During the time skip Boruto and Sasuke encountered Code and the Claw Grimes.

    Sasuke sacrificed himself to let Boruto escape and in that fight, he destroyed Code’s eye but in that fight, Sasuke was defeated and turned into a tree.

    The Shinju Hidari revealing his target.

    Hidari fought Boruto for a brief moment when Boruto went to the Ten Tails dimension and during their fight we see him using “Chidori” just like Sasuke does.

    He even has an arm left arm back which Sasuke lost during his last fight with Naruto.

    Every Shinju has made someone their target whom they want to devour and Hidari’s target is “Sarada Uchiha”.


    The most mysterious of the 4 Shinju. Jura is the leader of the Shinju and the most mysterious too since we still don’t know who he is based on and his true identity.

    He was happy to let Boruto escape since his goal of devouring an Otsutsuki was being overwhelmed by his ego and desire at that moment.

    The Shinju Jura revealing his target.

    Like every other Shinju, Jura also has a target he wants to devour “Naruto Uzumaki”. We still don’t know the reason why since for others we can see their connections to their targets.

    His thirst for knowledge exceeds others since we see him reading books and realizing how he lacks knowledge. 


    Bug is the Shinju whom we got to see the most in action during his fight with Boruto. He is based on Bug the caretaker villain who was looking after Eida and Daemon during their sleep and later he joined Code. But got recently devoured.

    Boruto Two Blue Vortex 005 5 Target 24

    He can fight on equal terms and is even able to overpower base Boruto and turn his hand into a big monster’s mouth as well. 

    The most fascinating thing about him was when Eida was looking at the Shinju with her Senrigan meta physically, Bug was able to see her and even talk back to her scaring her off. After looking at “Eida” he has made her his target.


    The only female from the 4 Shinju. Matsuri is based on “Moegi Kazamatsuri”, Konohamaru’s former teammate and Team 10’s current leader and Jonin of the Hidden Leaf Village.

    The Shinju Matsuri mocking Code.

    In her introduction we see her making fun of Code and calling him a clown.

    She was able to sense the rage and sorrow of Team 10 and Konohamaru when they were looking at Moegi’s tree form. As for her powers, she can use Earth-style jutsu to catch and restrain Boruto. 

    At first, we see her confused about her target like Bug but after witnessing “Konohamaru Sarutobi” she made him her target.

    The Main Goal: The Awakening of Ego and Instinctual Desire

    All 4 Shinju are one individual being biologically split into 4, an extension of the Divine Tree with each 4 of them having an independent consciousness. Their main goal is to devour Otsutsuki like Boruto and Kawaki and evolve into their final form.

    IMG 20240223 162720

    But this newly awakened consciousness and ego is giving each of them desires that are overpowering their drive to achieve their main goal immediately. Even though their main goal has not changed. But they will go at their own pace to achieve that goal.

    Theories and Speculation:

    At this point with not much information to go off on we can only speculate and theorize about the role of each Shinju and what their characters will amount to.

    What Lies Ahead? The Future of the Shinju in Boruto

    These 4 Shinju have made their targets clear and this provides us with a big opportunity to see some amazing fights and we can figure out who will be fighting who based on the hitlist of the Shinju.

    The matchups will be:

    • Hidari vs Sarada and Boruto.
    • Jura vs Kawaki
    • Bug vs Daemon
    • Matsuri vs Konohamaru and Ino-Shika-Cho.

    For now, the main antagonists are these 4 Shinju but it has been foreshadowed from the start that the final villains of the series will be the Otsutsuki. But this does not take anything from the midpoint antagonists of the story. 

    Since they are quite literally the Divine Tree, they might evolve into a “Chakra Fruit” in the future and become a powerup for the protagonists or even the arriving Otsutsuki antagonists on the planet.


    In conclusion, with the Shinju we can tell we have a lot of epic moments in store for us.

    Whether they are amazing fights or intriguing conversations between the newly born Shinju with ego and instincts.

    Their impact on the story will be a big one since they also know the truth about omnipotence and this will also expose Kawaki and Eida’s lies to the world about Naruto and Hinata’s death.

    Boruto: Two Blue Vortex is shaping up to be one great ride that will leave everyone wanting more.


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