What happened to Kakashi’s Mom

    What happened to Kakashi’s Mom?

    What Happened To Kakashi’s Parents?
    Who was Kakashi’s Father and what happened to him?

    If you’re seeking answers to the above questions, you’ve come to the Right Place.

    Kakashi Hatake is a Shinobi of Hidden Leaf Village.
    He is one of the most talented Ninjas (Shinobis) and important characters of the Naruto and Naruto Shippuden Series.

    He teaches the importance of Team Work to his Students so that they can grasp ninja abilities and decision-making more effectively in a short span of time.
    To him, Teamwork is above all other assets in Shinobi’s life.

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    We got to see Kakashi without his Father and Mother in the whole Series, but what if you’re wondering where did they go?

    That’s what we will talk about in this post.

    Let’s take a look at Kakashi’s Father, then afterward we will talk about his Mother.

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    Kakashi’s Father

    What happened to Kakashi's Mom ?
    What happened to Kakashi’s Mom

    As for Kakashi’s Father, His name was Sakumo Hatake.
    He was a Jonin level ninja of Konohagakure. He always prioritized his friends and Teammates over missions.

    He was known as White Fang of Leaf.
    He was also very Good at kenjutsu, his reputation as “Konoha’s White Fang” was due to his impressive use of the White Light Chakra Sabre, which emitted a streak of white chakra when swung.

    Despite having a great reputation based on his White Chakra Sabre, he was turned down by his own teammates and other Ninjas.
    This is due to one event he encountered.

    Let me explain

    Brief Story of Kakashi’s Father

    Once he and his teammates went on a mission. Sakumo’s teammates were caught by enemy shinobis.

    Sakumo decided to save his teammates instead of fulfilling his mission, which he succeeded at. But that is not all there is to it.

    On returning to Hidden Leaf, his Teammates and other Ninjas avoided him and made him look inferior to them, just because he saved his teammates instead of fulfilling the Mission as his duty.

    Even his Friends ignored him which led Sakumo to a Great state of Depression.

    He then committed suicide because of this painful incident.

    That’s what happened to Kakashi’s Father, who was actually a Great Hero, despite the Villagers turning their backs on him.

    Now let’s see what happened to Kakashi’s Mother.

    Kakashi’s Mother

    What Happened To Kakashis Mother Compressed

    We never got to see Kakashi with his mom. This is because she had already passed away.
    We never got an official reason why and how she died and we never will, because Shippuden is already over without disclosing any information on this topic.

    When Kakashi died partially, in the realm between Life & Death, Kakashi talked to his Father.
    After Kakashi forgiving his Father for the Suicide, Kakashi’s soul was recalled back to Shinobi Universe.

    At that particular point, Sakumo said “Thank you Kakashi. I can finally meet your mother.”

    This indicates that Kakashi’s mother had passed away a long time ago.

    There are several theories about Kakashi’s mom’s death, which I’ll walk you through here.

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    What happened to Kakashi’s Mom?

    These are possibilities about what happened to Kakashi’s Mother.

    When Minato spoke to Obito, he didn’t mention his mother. That also indicates that Kakashi’s Mother would have passed away a long time ago.

    These are just possible theories and not facts because we were never explained.

    Death Due to Labor

    She passed on during labor, this is one explanation as though if she kicked the bucket after Kakashi’s Birth, Kakashi would’ve experienced trauma as he experienced after his dad’s demise. So this is one explanation!

    Kakashi’s mom is never present in Kakashi’s life (in the backstory), and when Sakumo commits suicide when Kakashi is five, Kakashi is pictured alone taking care of everything by himself. He’s already an orphan at that point. We don’t even know if she’s a kunoichi or a civilian, so most likely the cause of her death in childbirth.

    Death During 2nd Ninja War

    She was only a normal ninja and passed away during the second Great ninja war as she was Sakumo Hatake’s significant other.
    If she was a kunoichi, it’s acceptable that she passed away possibly in battle, as Kakashi was born in the Third Great Ninja War.

    Death Due To Chronic Disease

    His mom experienced some serious chronic disease which led her to the world of the afterlife!

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