Why Did Itachi Kill His Clan

    Why Did Itachi Kill His Clan?

    Why Did Itachi Kill Everyone?
    Why Did Itachi Kill His Parents?

    If you’re looking for answers to the above questions, You’re at the Right Place!

    Most Naruto fans seem to be confused when they think, “Why did Itachi kill the Uchiha Clan

    This is pretty natural since it has not been disclosed in Series at the earlier stages.

    Itachi Uchiha is the member of Uchiha Clan. His character plays a pivotal part in the whole Naruto series, in fact, he is one of the best formidable foes in the whole Series.

    He is a man whose actions speak greater than words.

    Being a Villain in Naruto Shippuden, he was the wielder of Mangekyou Sharingan and had a great experience of it.

    Well, that’s an overview of who Itachi apparently was!

    The Real Question here is “Why did Itachi kill all of his clan ?“.

    We will Get to that after a brief explanation of the background of this scenario so you’ll be able to understand What his motive was.

    Itachi Uchiha was a faithful & loyal member of Hidden Leaf Village.

    He loved his younger brother Sasuke Uchiha more than anyone.

    It has been portrayed that Itachi is a cold-blooded Serial killer in Naruto Shippuden, making his character evil (apparently).

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    To Sasuke, Itachi is an evil brother who killed his own family.

    Sasuke’s brother Itachi, who Sasuke once looked up to became his worst enemy.

    Sasuke did not know the real reason why Itachi killed his clan but what he knew was that Itachi did that to check his own strength and nothing else besides it.

    Why Itachi Killed Uchiha?

    Why Did Itachi Kill His Clan

    Short Answer

    Itachi Killed the whole Uchiha Clan on orders from Danzo Shimura, to stop the coup Uchiha had planned against Hidden leaf’s Government.

    Real Reason

    Itachi killed the clan so there could be peace in Konohagakure.

    Let’s delve into some important information that’ll help you understand Itachi’s Motive when he killed Uchiha Clan.

    Relations of Uchiha Clan with Hidden Leaf Village

    From the very beginning, Villagers of Hidden Leaf feared Uchiha Clans.

    It was mainly due to their OverPowered abilities like Sharingan and their history which includes battles like that of Hashirama and Madara.

    These were clear signs of danger for the people of Hidden Leaf, so they always ignored and overlooked the Uchiha clan.

    They feared Uchiha and tried to cut bonds with them so they were always put aside by Villagers.

    This behavior of people was disliked by Uchiha’s members, so they decided to take over the ownership of Hidden Leaf by Force.

    They planned a Coup to take over Hidden Leaf by Force, in which they wanted Itachi to play his role.

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    Itachi was a loyal member of Hidden Leaf, so he took into consideration the prosperity and future of Hidden Leaf instead of just the Uchiha Clan.

    He knew how shallow the clan was for its pride!

    Attack of Nine Tails on Konohagakure

    Nine Tails Kurama Attacks Hidden Leaf

    Once, Hidden Leaf Village was attacked by the Nine-Tailed Beast, Uchiha Clan (Being Police Force of Hidden Leaf) was made suspect to the attack.

    It was actually not an attack by Uchiha but still, they were put under surveillance immediately.

    Itachi was assigned to keep an eye on his own Uchiha Clan (at the age of just 13).

    Since then, Hidden Leaf Elders & Hokage decided to not let Uchiha get involved in Politics and Management of the Village anymore.

    Uchiha Clan felt the disgrace that other clans and Management Agencies (Government) of Hidden leaf didn’t welcome them in any matter.

    The Coup d’etat Planning

    Uchiha Clan
    Uchiha Clan

    The ignorant behavior of others further infuriated Uchiha members. They started to plan a coup d’etat against Konohagakure.

    Danzo and Elders of Hidden Leaf decided to take down the Uchiha clan so that they could prevent the coup and maintain the Peace of the Village.

    Danzo was reluctant of his idea to kill Uchiha, he wanted to kill Uchiha members at every price so they could never plan something similar against Konoha again!

    Shisui and Itachi shared the vision of peace without much killing and violence, but they both alone did not have the power to stop Uchiha from their evil intentions and Danzo of his plan to kill Uchiha.

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    Danzo even stole one of Shisui’s eyes so he could not stop bloodshed using his mangekyou at which Shisui committed suicide with Itachi (who was his closest friend) as a witness.

    Uchiha’s Massacre

    Why Did Itachi Kill The Uchiha
    Itachi Siding Up with Hidden Leaf

    The Uchiha Clan massacre was mainly carried out due to the reason that they were planning a coup against Leaf village.

    Itachi was influenced by Danzo (who used Itachi’s trauma and past to make him hate Uchiha).

    Itachi was given two options in that situation, to kill Uchiha Clan and protect Sasuke, or to get killed along with the Uchiha clan including Sasuke.

    Itachi loved Sasuke deeply, so to save Sasuke, he had to kill the Uchiha Clan on which his brother could be spared.

    So Itachi decided to kill the Uchiha clan.

    That’s when it all began!

    Why Did Itachi Kill His Clan
    Why Did Itachi Kill His Clan

    On a night he set out to kill the Uchiha clan with some guy Tobi who claimed to be Madara Uchiha.

    Itachi knew that this situation would make Sasuke hate him (as Sasuke did not know the real reason why Itachi killed Uchiha)

    So Sasuke would become stronger to kill Itachi and avenge his clan.

    Itachi’s intention here was to make Sasuke stronger and influence him to protect Hidden Leaf.

    Itachi took upon all the hatred by himself and became a rogue ninja.

    He was portrayed as an evil character in the beginning but his intention was pure, to save leaf village and his brother Sasuke.

    Because his mission was to protect his brother Sasuke and Hidden Leaf at the same time.

    At last, he joined Akatsuki to prevent them from attacking hidden leaves and to protect Sasuke.

    That’s the Real Reason why Itachi killed Uchiha Clan!


    In What Episode Did Itachi Kill his Clan?

    Itachi killed his clan in Episode 455 of Naruto Shippuden!

    However, A short flashback to the massacre occurs in episode 84.

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    A more detailed one occurs in episode 131, with events leading up to it occurring from the end of episode 128 through 130.

    These are Sasuke’s memories.

    Massacre’s whole story is explained in Naruto Shippuden episodes 140 and 141.

    How Old was Itachi When He Killed his Clan?

    Itachi killed his Clan When he was just 13 Years Old!

    Why Did Itachi Not Kill Sasuke?

    This is a very common question when you think why Itachi killed the whole clan but spared Sasuke’s life.

    Actually, another reason for killing the whole Uchiha Clan was to save Sasuke. He loved Sasuke and agreed to the terms of Danzo.

    Danzo presented to Itachi 2 conditions.

    First condition

    Kill Uchiha Clan and save Sasuke from execution.

    2nd condition

    Get killed along with Uchiha Clan including his Younger Brother Sasuke.

    Since Itachi loved Sasuke, he decided to kill the Uchiha clan and save Sasuke.

    Why Did Danzo want to kill the Uchiha Clan?

    Danzo wanted to kill Uchiha Clan to maintain the Peace of Hidden Leaf. He knew Uchiha Clan was making a Plan to take over Hidden Leaf by Force.

    To stop this from happening, Danzo wanted to Kill Uchiha, for which he ordered Itachi to massacre Uchiha.

    I hope Today’s Post Answered you ”Why Did Itachi Kill His Clan

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