Here’s The REAL Reason Why Kakashi Killed Rin [Busting Myths]

    All the concepts regarding Rin’s death have been discussed in this article. Please make sure to read to the end to understand every aspect of this sequential happening. 

    Rin was a kunoichi who was loved by Obito and was put on the same team as Kakashi. Kakashi was the powerhouse of their team with exceptional abilities and the perfect qualities of a ninja.

    Rin liked Kakashi and Obito loved her. But at a point in the series, Kakashi seemingly killed her. This arose the main question in fandom: Why Did Kakashi Kill Rin?

    We’ll be explaining everything you need to know about her Death in this article.

    Team Minato, consisting of Kakashi Hatake, Obito Uchiha, and Rin Nohara, was a great combination with above-average status because of Kakashi being a member and Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage, their Sensei.

    Why Did Kakashi Kill Rin

    Their team was better than others of the same age margin. They successfully carried out various Missions until the one where Rin died, or perhaps, was killed.

    Who killed Rin Nohara?

    Kakashi was the one who killed Rin, but not by will. Kakashi was actually trying to save Rin from Hidden Mist Shinobi but she stepped in front of the Chidori to commit suicide and protect the hidden leaf from the tailed-beast rampage.

    Why Did Kakashi Kill Rin?

    The death of Rin was an unexpected event because Kakashi never intended to kill Rin.

    It was Rin who willingly stepped in front of Kakashi’s Chidori to get herself killed in his hands. She chose to die in hands of someone she loved, and Kakashi was that person.

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    The Reason Why Rin Got Herself Killed

    There was a valid reason why she died at that point in the mission. The question isn’t alone why did Kakashi kill Rin, but more about why it happened.

    Team Kakashi was assigned a Mission. she was included in that specific mission. They were on their way when she was kidnapped by Hidden Mist Shinobi.

    Hidden Mist had planned to kidnap Rin and use her as a Test Subject as the Three-Tails Host (Making her Jinchuriki of Isobu).

    They planned to put Hidden Leaf under Tailed Beast Rampage.

    Enemy Village, Hidden in the Mist captured her and sealed Isobu, the Three-Tailed Beast inside her.

    That was to release the seal when she gets back to her village hidden in the leaf after the completion of the mission to create a tailed beast rampage and destroy Konoha.

    When Rin came to know that she was made Three-Tails Jinchuriki by Hidden Mist, she forced herself in front of Kakashi’s Chidori to take the hit and die peacefully, preventing Hidden Leaf Village from a disaster.

    Because she wanted to take her last breath in the hand of someone near and dear to her, she impaled herself on Kakashi’s Chidori.

    Why Did Kakashi Kill Rin
    Kakashi’s Chidori Going Through Rin

    When Rin woke up, she realized that she was made Jinchuriki by Hidden Mist Village. And when she found out what was going to happen next, she suffered Kakashi’s Chidori.

    By jumping in front of him, she died peacefully in an attempt to save Hidden Leaf Village from any Tailed Beast Attack Rampage.

    Why Did Kakashi Kill RIn 1
    Rin’s Death

    She ruined their plan by getting herself killed by Kakashi right after she was made a Jinchuriki by Hidden Mist.

    Basically, this plan was all Madara’s, and he had managed for the village to execute it all beforehand.

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    Madara’s Secret Plan

    When Madara tried to take back the Rinnegan that Obito currently had in his left eye, that moment a secret plan regarding Rin was revealed.

    The plot was to make her into the Three Tail’s Jinchuriki and have her rampage through the Leaf Village was actually Madara’s plan and not mainly Hidden Mist’s.

    Rin took advantage of Kakashi’s attack against the enemy to avert the plot at the cost of her life.

    Even making this happen was Madara’s plan.

    Madara’s plan was to pitch Obito into darkness and make him his pawn by manipulating him using his darkness.

    When Rin died, at that exact moment, Obito arrived there by coming out from Madara’s hideout.

    Why Did Kakashi Kill Rin
    Obito arrives on the battlefield

    Madara on the flip side, deliberately made Obito see her die. He waited for the perfect opportunity when Minato was away on another mission, and then he manipulated the Mist Shinobi into kidnapping Rin, leaving Kakashi & Obito so he would come after her.

    Another purpose of this plan was that Madara could see the extent of Obito’s unleashed power.

    Madara also planted a curse seal Tag inside both Rin and Obito. The Curse Seal Tag was meant to turn them into controllable puppets. Ones that would restrict their movements should they try to somehow release it from inside the body it’s implanted in.

    Madara could also manipulate a person’s body with cursed seals to do what he wanted them to do.  Madara made both Rin and Obito his pawns with this plan.

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    The Reason Why Rin Chose To Die & Not Wait For Reinforcement

    The reason why Rin didn’t wait has not been clearly explained in the Anime canon, but there is definitely an obvious reason why she didn’t wait for Reinforcements.

    When Kakashi and Rin were heading back, they were surrounded by Hidden Mist shinobi.

    The Shinobi surrounding them were purposefully chasing her and Kakashi to drive them back to leaf and succeed in the attempt of conducting the Tailed Beast rampage in Hidden Leaf Village.

    When she understood this, she felt that the only way to overcome the rampage and destroy their plan was for her to die. After reading why did Kakashi kill Rin,

    Where Did Three-Tails Go After The Death of Rin?

    It is generally understood that Tailed Beasts don’t die when their host dies.

    There is a misconception about Jinchurikis that the tailed beast dies with the host’s death and its counter approach is present among Fandom.

    Rin and Isobu Three Tails

    The Tailed beast inside Host is not really inside them. Being a jinchuriki creates a link between the Tailed Beasts’ World and the Shinobi World (where jinchuriki resides).

    It’s actually like a preplaced summoning jutsu.

    Jinchuriki is the host of Tailed-beasts, spiritually, but not bodily. So even if the Jinchuriki dies, the beast wouldn’t be killed.

    Tailed Beasts just lose the link to get into the Shinobi world unless some previous precautions are taken to bring them back to this world.

    Rin is the only known jinchuriki to have died without the tailed beast first being extracted. As such, Isobu is the only known tailed-beast to “seemingly die” and be revived.

    So, After her Death, Three-Tails (Isobu) went back to Tailed Beasts World after which it was Manifested in Kirigakure, thus sealed into Yagura, a member of Kirigakure ( Village Hidden in the Mist ).

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    • Why Did Rin Jump in Front of Kakashi?

    Rin was captured by Hidden Mist Village who made her a Jinchuriki of Three Tails in hopes of destroying Konoha.

    She asked Kakashi to kill her but he refused. Because of this, she jumped in front of Kakashi’s Chidori and took a lethal blow to save the village from the Tailed Beast Rampage.

    • Was Rin’s Death Kakashi’s Fault?

    It was NOT Kakashi’s Fault that Rin got killed. That was something she herself chose to be done to her.

    By getting to know the real reason behind all this, Kakashi was more likely not the person at fault. He is a hero according to many in Fandom.

    A person who accidentally committed this act, regretted it and visited her grave for the rest of his life.

    • Why Did The Hidden Mist Want Nohara Rin?

    Hidden Mist wanted Rin to use her as a Test Subject for Host of Three-Tails.
    Kirigakure needed her to seal Isobu (3-Tails) inside her to attack a hidden leaf once she heads back to Konoha.

    • Was Rin a Jinchuriki Before This Event?

    Rin was never a Jinchuriki. She was made a jinchuriki on a mission alongside Kakashi and Obito.
    They made her a Jinchuriki on purpose to destroy Hidden Leaf Village.

    • Which Episode Does Kakashi Kill Rin?

    Well, it’s Episode 345 of Naruto Shippuden when it happens.

    In this episode, Rin Jumps in front of Kakashi when he is using Chidori to kill Hidden Mist shinobi. Obito reaches the battlefield and goes insane watching Kakashi’s Chidori hitting her.

    At that time, Kakashi and Obito Awaken Mangekyou Sharingan. He dominates and kills all Hidden Mist Shinobi present on the battlefield.

    • Which Chapter Does Kakashi Kill Rin?

    In Naruto Manga Rin dies in hands of Kakashi in Chapter 675.

    Final Verdict

    Rin died to Kakashi because she found no other way to protect her village. She wanted to die at hands of someone she loved, so she purposefully sacrificed her life to Kakashi’s Chidori to protect Hidden Leaf Village. That answers the question: “Why Did Kakashi Kill Rin.”

    This was a Sacrifice she Volunteered for Konoha’s Safety.

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