20 Surprising Reasons Why To Watch Naruto Anime

    You might be asking yourself, Why To Watch Naruto.

    It’s Natural having curiosity on this Topic.

    Well, Today we are going to dig deeper into this.

    Let me start by telling you an honest Fact, Naruto is the 3rd most watched Shonen Jump Anime Series ever!

    And it’s not by a miracle that Naruto Anime Series made that far, it’s because it deserves this milestone.

    Naruto and Naruto Shippuden have influenced millions of people and is still occupying hearts of countless Anime Fans.


    Why To Watch Naruto ?

    There can be countless reasons counted in favour of Naruto Anime but we will discuss most prominent ones here.

    Here goes 1st one.

    1. Great Plot

    Naruto Anime consists of a Great Plot and Story which everyone loves.

    The Story of a Child from Nobody to Special Somebody, which shows the right path, improves our skill of taking right decisions, improves our life plans & ideas and that give meaning to our life.

    The plot is distinctive and alluring, which most people can relate to and learn from it.

    It’s Plot never lets you get bored and engages you at every moment.

    2. It Teaches You Life Lessons

    It’s Self-explanatory. It’s not just about fighting,

    Naruto Anime is based on a Story that teaches us countless Life Lessons. Importance of friendship, family, love, peace, improving our lives in various ways & influencing us to live a meaningful and productive life. It’s lessons lift you towards a life of Greatness

    Its teachings can be applied to real-life moments to make out most of them.

    Naruto’s Life itself is a Great Example to Learn From and incorporate his Good Qualities into our own lives to make them a Fortune.

    3. It Influences You to Pursue Your Dreams

    Naruto Anime is based on a story of a Child, who Never Gives Up on his Dreams.

    Ultimately, he manages to fulfill them and achieves the best he can.

    He becomes a living example for all of us to follow and take the right decisions.

    Naruto himself works harder than anyone and accomplishes what he wants. He teaches us how to go through different type of events through our lives and how to make out from the most of them.

    4. It Energizes Your Spirit

    This anime has a Great edge over the others because of the simple fact, it freshens you and energizes whenever you’re feeling down.

    This Great Quality of Naruto is what makes it different and distinctive than other Anime of same Genre.

    5. Great Characters & Designs

    Naruto consists of Characters which have best Character Designs and roles in the Anime.

    All of them have their own objectives and they play their roles beautifully.

    Their Design catches heart of Fans and leaves them thinking about Characters in Positive light.

    All Characters provide amusement to viewers.

    6. Great Stories of Different Characters

    Every character in Naruto have their own story. Even Villains have their background Stories which can be understood.

    Understanding of their stories let us see them in a different light and determine where they come from.

    Itachi Uchiha is one of the Greatest Example of that, his mission and story is fascinating like no other.

    He is a Genius at what he does, it improves Story of this Anime Drastically.

    7. It Teaches You The Will of Fire

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    Naruto teaches us that hatred can never be the answer to any problem or different opinions.

    Instead, love is the ultimate answer to everything and understanding is a key to success in every field.

    Will of Fire is the sum of all things against hatred, it instills in our minds the concept of burning desire to do Good.

    8. It has Amazing Villains

    All the Villains in Naruto have their own missions, which they fulfill for specific reasons.

    Their objectives can be understood by taking a look at their background.

    Akatsuki is an Example of that, which has an ultimate vision of what they ought to complete.

    9. It Teaches You Not to Give Up

    This one is really Significant and plays a Pivotal part in whole Anime.

    Naruto (Protagonist) himself teaches us not to give up whatever our circumstances are.

    Wherever you come from and whoever you wanna be, Never Give Up on that. This is a Golden lesson for everyone with vision of Great Future.

    Never Giving Up is an important key to Success.

    10. It shows Importance of Sacrifices

    This Anime is based on a Story of Sacrifice which shows us “In order to get something, it’s price must be paid” or more specifically,

    Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return.

    This Anime is filled with Great Sacrifices that adds to the beauty of Anime. In order to achieve, you must believe and work hard for it too.

    Some characters in this Anime sacrifice themselves for Greater Good.

    11. It Teaches You The Power of Understanding

    20 Surprising Reasons Why To Watch Naruto Anime
    20 Surprising Reasons Why To Watch Naruto Anime

    It shows us, understanding each other can make fruitful impact in a Society.

    By understanding, we no longer have to pick up weapons against each other. It all comes down to UNDERSTANDING each other.

    Even Greatest enemies can become friends once they understand each other and their objectives.

    12. It teaches You how to live Purposeful & Meaningful life

    This Anime influences us to live a Life filled with Purpose and Meaning.

    To work for Greatness of society and everyone, not just yourself, to understand power of peace, to set goals which will not only be fruitful to you but for everyone as a whole.

    Naruto shows us how to make a positive impact in a society and devote yourself for Greatness of Humankind.

    13. It Contains Iconic Battles

    This Anime consists of Amazing and satisfying battles between different characters.

    The animation of battles and their outstandingly accurate actions & timing makes fights interesting.

    It provides us a sense of joy and fulfilment.

    14. It Shows Importance of Your Friends and Families

    20 Surprising Reasons Why To Watch Naruto Anime
    20 Surprising Reasons Why To Watch Naruto Anime

    Friends and Families should always be our top priority.

    That’s what this anime shows us. It also describes the importance of relationships in our lives.

    As Kakashi (One of the most important character in Naruto) says:

    Those Who Don’t Follow the Rules are Scum. But Those who’d Abandon even one of their Friends are Worse Than Scum!

    15. Emotional Engagement

    Emotional attachment with its Fans ain’t something to not talk about.

    This Anime attaches events with emotions of people. Every action is synchronized with our emotions, which uplifts our mood.

    16. It teaches You difference between Right & Wrong

    This anime has moments when Right and Wrong have been distinguished clearly.

    This improves our sense of What’s Right and What’s Wrong in a positive way.

    17. It Clarifies To You The Results of Dark Path

    Choosing a Dark path to walk on never gives Good Results, instead it leads to a bad result.

    Dark path should always be avoided because it is never a Good Path to follow.

    Following the Good path always gets you success in the End, no matter how late but as the saying Goes “Better Late Than Never”.

    18. Great Voiceover

    The Voice matches every character’s Nature. Outstanding effort has been put in voiceovers of this Anime.

    All characters have voice which fits with their tone and character.

    19. It Influences You to be the Best Version Of Yourself

    We’re almost at the end, let me tell you this anime pushes us to be the best version of ourselves.

    It shows us how much circumstances can be changed if we choose to be the best we can.

    That’s something really important once you understand yourself deeply.

    20. It is a Sign of Hope

    20 Surprising Reasons Why To Watch Naruto Anime
    20 Surprising Reasons Why To Watch Naruto Anime

    Last but not least, Characters in this Anime give us hope. Naruto as a whole is a sign of hope.

    Naruto pursues his bestfriend Sasuke, who chases the dark path.

    Naruto never becomes hopeless, instead He remains hopeful & believes that He can turn it other way around, which he eventually succeeds at.

    I hope You Enjoyed ”Why To Watch Naruto Anime

    Ahmad Zubair
    Ahmad Zubair
    Ahmad is a seasoned member of the Naruto tribe who seamlessly shows his love for anime in his writings. He shares intriguing facts and worthwhile reads, all while having a cup of tea. So go on, experience his creations, and immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of storytelling and profound contemplation.

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