What Episode Does Sasuke Fight Danzo

    What Episode Does Sasuke Fight Danzo


    Sasuke’s fight against Danzo is one of the most memorable fights in Naruto. What made this fight so special was how it ended up being a turning point for Sasuke. He had to be told by his brother Itachi that he was on the wrong side before he finally realized what he needed to do.

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    What Episode Did Sasuke Fight Danzo?

    Sasuke fights Danzo in episode 209 of the Naruto Shippuden. The title of the episode is “Danzo’s Right Arm”. It happens during the Five Kage Summit arc of Naruto Shippuden.

    When Does Sasuke Fight Danzo?

    Sasuke fights Danzo after the fight between Naruto and Madara. He wanted to kill Danzo because he believed Danzo had a link to Itachi’s death. Obito after the death of Itachi reveals that Itachi sacrificed himself for the sake of the village and Danzo with the Elders was one of the main reasons for Itachi’s death. He doesn’t like the fact that Danzo used Itachi and made him kill his clan. Sasuke also plans to attack the Leaf Village and kill everyone. He thinks that Itachi is the reason that the Leaf Village has peace and he thinks they don’t deserve it.

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    What Chapter Does Sasuke Fight Danzo?

    In Naruto Shippuden Manga, Sasuke fought Danzo in chapters 476 and 477.

    Why Does Sasuke Fight Danzo?

    Here are some reasons why Sasuke fought Danzo in Naruto.

    The main reason that Sasuke fought Danzo was to avenge Itachi. Danzo was the main reason that the Uchiha coup d’etat took place. Danzo used Itachi as a sacrificial pawn, tried to take Shisui Uchiha’s eye and one of the biggest haters of the Uchiha clan was Danzo himself. For the sake of the Leaf Danzo ordered Itachi to kill all of his clan members including his parents. Danzo and the elders were behind this plan and Sasuke wants to eliminate anyone who wronged his big brother. 

    What Episode Does Sasuke Fight Danzo

    Sasuke fights against Danzo because he wanted to kill him. He also wants to punish the elders of hidden leaf for their decision-making process without considering his opinion which is enough reason for him to fight them. He does not believe in Konoha’s system and thinks that they are selfish people who do not care about others.

    Sasuke wanted to avenge his brother Itachi who was forced to kill their clan members; it is because of Danzo that Itachi killed his clan members.

    Sasuke wanted to kill his opponents by any means but he had the opportunity only with Danzo and that is why he fought him. He thought that if he could defeat Danzo then Konoha would be in his hand and But it did not go as planned. When Sasuke fought against Danzo, he was finally able to get revenge for his brother’s death.

    Sasuke also wanted to show everyone how strong he has become and one of the ways for him was eliminating Danzo because killing a highly ranked ninja will boost up his ego.

    On top of that, it’s going to give him more power by simply joining Akatsuki or back at all those people who made him suffer in his whole life. He had already lost his parents and the person whom he admired the most (i.e. Itachi), so Sasuke did not care about anything else.

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    Does Sasuke kill Danzo?

    What Episode Does Sasuke Fight Danzo
    What Episode Does Sasuke Fight Danzo

    No, Sasuke fights Danzo and defeats him but he doesn’t actually kill him. Near the end of the fight, Danzo is defeated and he realizes that he cannot defeat Sasuke and Obito. At this point, he plots to kill both Sasuke and Obito using the Reverse Tetragram Sealing Jutsu. This Reverse Tetragram Seal will basically seal anyone it touches and it will also result in Danzo dying. Danzo uses this as the last attack to kill Sasuke and Obito but fails to do so and gets killed. 

    What Episode Did Sasuke Kill Danzo?

    Sasuke doesn’t kill Danzo in the same episode the fight starts, he kills him after some time!

    You might be wondering, in Which Episode Does Sasuke Kill Danzo?

    Sasuke kills Danzo in Episode 211 named “Danzo Shimura” of Naruto Shippuden.

    Sasuke vs Danzo Fight Summary

    What Episode Does Sasuke Fight Danzo
    What Episode Does Sasuke Fight Danzo

    Sasuke infiltrates the Five Kage Summit to kill Danzo. But due to the other Kage being present over there he fails to fight Danzo. Danzo flees using the distraction caused by the other Kages while Sasuke is busy fighting them. But Obito saves Sasuke from the Five Kage and takes him to Danzo using Kamui. Sasuke and Danzo fight each other where it is one of the best fights in the series. Danzo shows his right arm where he’s using all the Sharingan’s that he stole from the Uchihas. This makes Sasuke angrier and the fight becomes more serious.

    Sasuke and Danzo have a very long fight where we see the usage of Izanagi for the very first time in the series. Sasuke also, who just got the Mangekyou Sharingan looks to be more comfortable with the usage of his Susanoo and Inferno style Flame control. The fight seems to be very confusing while Sasuke and Karin try to decode the secrets of the Izanagi. Near the end of the fight, Sasuke finds the weakness of the Izanagi and defeats Danzo. Then Danzo uses the Reverse Tetragram Seal to kill both Obito and Sasuke but fails to do so and dies.

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    Sasuke vs Danzo Fight Starting

    Danzo unlocks all the Sharingan’s that he had locked up in his right arm right at the very beginning of the fight. Sasuke asks him whether he ordered Itachi to kill his clan members and was Itachi a good person, Danzo ridicules Itachi for letting such a secret get out. Sasuke uses his Susanoo and kills Danzo in an instant. But Danzo reappears again immediately. 

    Sasuke kills Danzo several times at the very beginning of the fight but still, he reappears. Karin who is closely watching Danzo notices that every time Danzo dies and reappears one of his Sharingan in his right arm is closing its eye. Later, Sasuke being the genius that he surely is, realizes that Danzo is using the Uchiha’s secret jutsu, the  Izanagi. The Izanagi is a forbidden jutsu of the Uchiha clan. Izanagi basically reverses death itself but at the cost of the user’s eye. Once Izanagi is used, one of the user’s eyes will go blind.

    Sasuke after finding out its weakness plans to defeat Danzo. Danzo, who is a great wind style user, uses several types of wind style attacks from his arsenal. Sasuke keeps counter-attacking and kills him several times, near the end when Danzo uses his last Sharingan for the Izanagi, Sasuke uses Genjutsu on him making him believe that he still has one more Sharingan left. After that Sasuke succeeds in misleading him and uses his Chidori to pierce him.

    What Episode Does Sasuke Fight Danzo

    Danzo, seeing no escape at this point, uses his last and final attack which would result in his own death and also the end of Obito and Sasuke if he succeeds in doing so. His Reverse Tetragram Sealing Jutsu although, very dangerous, can be easily evaded. Sasuke and Obito escape leaving Danzo to die.   

    Sasuke vs Danzo Fight Ending

    Sasuke wins the fight and Danzo passes away. Danzo remembers his life and the choices he made in it, and how they have led to his current situation. In particular, he reflected upon memories he had with Hiruzen and Itachi, and how he should’ve cherished them more as his spirit left his body.

    He thinks about the time he spent with Hiruzen and what life was to him. Also that he never got to be Hokage which he once dreamt to be, but fate had his death decided already in front of Sasuke, while fulfilling the duty to protect his village.


    Sasuke and Danzo fought to the death. Sasuke won, but because of his curse seal, he killed himself at the end of the fight. The last thing that Danzo could remember before passing away was fighting with Hiruzen when they were younger, how Itachi had changed their lives forever, and not being Hokage like he once dreamed of doing.

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