Why Did Kakashi Become Hokage

    Why Did Kakashi Become Hokage

    Why was Kakashi capable of becoming Hokage? Why did Kakashi become Hokage? These are very important questions, especially regarding the popular anime Naruto.


    Read the whole article for a clear understanding. Although, you can skip the headings you already know about.

    Let’s talk about Kakashi’s suitability for Hokage’s role.

    Kakashi is one of the most intelligent ninjas in Naruto’s generation, though he rarely shows it to anyone other than his closest friends. His nearly perfect knowledge of ninjutsu and Sharingan allows him to use any Jutsu or tactic used against him. He memorized every page of Jiraiya’s tome on throwing techniques, for example.

    His extreme knowledge combined with his high Sharingan skill makes Kakashi one of the most talented ninjas in Naruto. He was capable and demonstrated the necessary skills to perform the job of a splendid Shinobi.

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    Now about Kakashi’s role as Hokage!

    Does Kakashi Become Hokage?

    Fans usually wonder “Did Kakashi Become Hokage in Naruto?

    Yes, Kakashi becomes Hokage. Everything will be explained in this article, so keep reading!

    When Does Kakashi Become Hokage?

    Kakashi becomes Hokage in episode 479 of Naruto Shippuden.

    Tsunade passes on her responsibilities as the Fifth Hokage to Kakashi. In past, Kakashi nearly became Hokage during the 5 Kages Summit arc due to complications with Tsunade’s coma and the Hokage-successor, but when she nominated Kakashi himself, he officially became the Kage of Hidden Leaf Village (Konohagakure) also known as Hokage.

    What Does Kakashi As Hokage Mean?

    Why Did Kakashi Become Hokage
    Why Did Kakashi Become Hokage

    Kakashi becomes the 6th Hokage after Tsunade steps down from her position as she wanted to retire from the post of Hokage and go back to gambling and traveling. She had a good run as a Hokage and she has been through a lot of tough situations and she wanted to retire peacefully after the war. ,  This means that Kakashi has been offered this important responsibility twice in total. Of course, being a leader requires many different skills, all of which Kakashi has shown so far.

    This also showed how much Kakashi was trusted in the Konoha. The village’s inhabitants realized that although he had not been a caretaker for long, the people of Konoha already loved him, all of which is why they decided to make him Hokage.

    Kakashi became the 6th Hokage after Tsunade steps down from her position.

    Why Did Kakashi Become Hokage

    Why Did Kakashi Become Hokage
    Why Did Kakashi Become Hokage

    Let’s dive into some background for understanding it completely.

    With both Jiraiya and Hiruzen dead, Danzo and Tsunade were left leading Konoha. It was clear they couldn’t continue like this; a new Hokage was needed immediately.

    When asked about nominating someone, Danzo said nobody could be trusted to assume such power at such a negative time in Konoha’s history. However, Tsunade had faith that Kakashi would eventually bring peace to Konoha.

    The villagers of Konoha also shared her faith in the young ninja, they believed in Kakashi’s abilities. So when it was time to nominate someone for Hokage, Kakashi was nominated, being the only person who could play this role the best. 

    Some people didn’t agree with this nomination because they considered Kakashi too young and inexperienced at the time. But Tsunade knew better than anyone how much potential Kakashi had to become a great leader someday. He always had a high IQ, perfect strategies, and decision-making ability which was independent of any kind of emotions. He had seen everything firsthand while he grew up, getting caught by his Sensei Minato Namikaze!

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    Is Kakashi The Sixth Hokage?

    Kakashi Hatake 3


    Kakashi is the Sixth Hokage, who was appointed by Lady Tsunade (the fifth Hokage). After becoming Hokage, Kakashi forgave Sasuke for his sins and called off his punishment. Kakashi remained Hokage for almost a decade until he nominated another shinobi, the 7th Hokage.

    Why Did Kakashi Become The Sixth Hokage?

    Kakashi’s skills as a Shinobi were of great use to Konoha. He was also able to avoid the disagreements that arise among the people in power within this village because he never cared about fame or status while he was alive.

    Kakashi was the best choice for this role because he was very dedicated, insightful, calm under pressure, never sought credit for himself but was always willing to share the praise with others, always listened carefully to what others had to say, and more. 

    Why Did Kakashi Become Hokage
    Why Did Kakashi Become Hokage

    Kakashi was also known outside the village where many shinobi from different villages knew him as “Kakashi the Copy Ninja”. Moreover, Kakashi is one of the most experienced Jonin presents in the village and his contribution to the 4th Great Ninja War gave him a great reputation. 

    He’s also considered very handsome and women were always trying to get his attention which he found annoying but was polite about it. However, Kakashi had no real interest in fame or power while he was alive so becoming the Hokage didn’t matter to him.

    Instead, he had to fulfill his duty to become Hokage as no other Shinobi was more suitable for that role. He was always on top of everything whether it was ANBU, Jounin, or even the Police Force of the village.

    Kakashi also showed his strong resolve during the Third Great Shinobi War.

    In this case, Kakashi was a perfect fit for the office. He showed his leadership, strategic and analytical skills when he was an ANBU captain which was a great asset to the village. He always thought before acting and never jumped to conclusions, which proved to be of great use to him as Hokage.

    Why Did Kakashi Become Hokage After The War?

    Why Did Kakashi Become Hokage

    Kakashi became Hokage after the war because he was the only one left who was worthy of such a title. He felt like it was his responsibility to rebuild Konoha with all of his heart and he knew that he would be the best leader for the village. Before Naruto came back, Kakashi took care of him and made sure that he was safe.

    Before the war even started, Kakashi knew that he would have to become Hokage one day due to the needs of the time. He was already prepared for that day.

    Why Did Kakashi Become Hokage Before Naruto?

    We can speculate on a few reasons why Kakashi became Hokage before Naruto in the aftermath of the Fourth Shinobi World War.

    One reason is that Kakashi knows more about being a Hokage than Naruto does, so he might have been better prepared to assume the duties of Hokage.

    The second reason is that Naruto was only 17 at the end of the war and he was underage and immature to take the position of the Hokage. Naruto was indeed the strongest shinobi in the village at that time but he wasn’t mature enough to take that position. Kakashi after becoming Hokage forced Naruto to take classes and become a Jonin. 

    Another reason is that Kakashi was acknowledged by the previous Hokages and was most suitable to be their successor.

    Yet another reason is that the Land of Fire might have been in a more vulnerable state after the war, so a more experienced Hokage was in order. He was more mature than Naruto and always took decisions independent of emotions.

    These are some reasons Why Kakashi became Hokage before Naruto.

    Is Kakashi the Strongest Hokage?

    DMS Kakashi

    No, Kakashi isn’t the strongest Hokage by far!

    Kakashi was a great mentor and caretaker to Naruto and he saved him when he was in danger. Another thing we know for sure is that Kakashi was wise and brave enough to take on such responsibility when it seemed like everyone abandoned Konoha.

    Kakashi also possesses the traits of an intelligent person. He has a high IQ and is mature for his age. He was able to care for Naruto in the best way possible when he was in danger. However, Kakashi isn’t the strongest Hokage in strength.

    Why is Kakashi the Weakest Hokage?

    Kakashi Hatake e1630066657309

    Kakashi has a sharingan but he’s not an Uchiha. Sharingan requires a lot of chakras which are naturally available to members of Uchiha clans because they possess this Kekkei Genkai genetically. But Kakashi didn’t get his Sharingan at birth, instead, he obtained it from Obito, which is why his chakra runs out whenever he uses the Sharingan.

    Moreover, he isn’t as physically strong as other kages. That MIGHT make him the weakest Hokage “by strength”. Don’t misunderstand, he is not weak if we take into account his other qualities. He is quite amazing. He always had a high IQ, perfect strategies, and decision-making ability.

    It can still be argued that Kakashi might not be the weakest of them. In the war arc, Kakashi’s feats surpass that of Tsunade’s so Kakashi can be scaled above Tsunade. To put it simply War arc Kakashi is stronger than Tsunade. But he becomes weaker after losing his Sharingan so you could say Tsunade and Kakashi are somewhat relative. 

    How Many Years Was Kakashi Hokage?

    Kakashi was Hokage for almost 12 years. He became Hokage after the third war. Naruto married Hinata 2 years later, making him about 19 or 20 when his son Boruto was born. A decade passes when Naruto becomes the 7th Hokage, calculating from Boruto’s age at the time. That means with Boruto’s age, plus the 2 years for Naruto and Hinata to have him, Kakashi lead as Hokage for about 12 years.

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    Did Kakashi Want to Be Hokage?

    Kakashi did not originally want to become Hokage, but after understanding the severity of the situation, he settled into the position for over a decade so Naruto could mature and take his place one day to lead the village by becoming Hokage as his successor.

    Tsunade named Kakashi as her successor, the Sixth Hokage, with his first act being to pardon Sasuke for his crimes. He holds this title for many years before finally passing it to Naruto, as revealed in the epilogue.

    Why Did Kakashi Step Down as Hokage?

    Naruto Hokage Ceremony Kakashi Retires as Hokage 2

    Kakashi Retired and stepped down as Hokage because he desired to nominate someone who could do better than him. He never would have stepped down for his interests.

    Kakashi may not be a perfect kage, but he was always striving for perfection. He only wanted the best shinobi in Konoha to take over after him. He knows if someone like Sasuke had taken over as Hokage, the village would have been destroyed, or at least the villagers would be unsatisfied.

    Kakashi knew that Naruto was the one who deserved to be Hokage more than anyone else. He was the symbol of Konoha and what makes him special is his undying loyalty and dedication towards it as he was loyal to Konoha.

    It was the time that Kakashi knew when he had to step down to let the most deserving person take over his role.

    Naruto may not be the smartest or most powerful guy in Konoha, but he has always loved the village more than anyone else.

    Was Kakashi a Bad Hokage?

    No, Kakashi was a Good Hokage!

    Kakashi did the best that he could given his diminished capacity. He was never a bad Hokage, but he should have been more involved in overseeing Hidden Leaf Village affairs to stop the village from declining under his watch.

    But Kakashi was still able to do the job even with diminished capacity.

    Despite having depleted ninjutsu skills, he still maintained one of the highest kill ratios out of the entire village, proving his usefulness on the battlefield. While not having Hokage-level shinobi under him cost many lives and ruined several weeks of progress in global peace talks, this doesn’t make him a bad Hokage it makes him a great wartime leader where greatness is defined by mere survival rather than friendship building prowess or insightful guidance.

    To truly succeed as Hokage, one must be both pillar and prodigy; whereas Kakashi was only merely decent at leadership from an administrative perspective, he excelled at it from a combat perspective which proved that even without formal power he still managed to be a top-class shinobi.

    In conclusion, Kakashi was a good Hokage who did his best given the lack of resources and time on his hands; rather than blaming him for the state of affairs in Hidden Leaf.

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    Why Did Kakashi Stop Being Hokage?

    Kakashi wanted someone better than him to be Hokage. He felt that he wasn’t suitable for that job anymore, considering that there were more capable and famous ninjas to take over his role for him.

    Naruto was the best candidate for that job, which means that Kakashi gave up being the Hokage so he could be free enough to train Naruto to take his place in the future.

    He stepped down because of Sasuke who had just returned from his journey to find power. He didn’t trust him and decided it would be better if Naruto took his place instead. That also answers the question “Why is Kakashi No Longer Hokage?”.

    Why Did Kakashi Hate Being Hokage?

    Kakashi Hokage in Office doing Paperwork

    He didn’t like paperwork and meetings.

    Kakashi wasn’t a detail-oriented person, and after years of fighting in the world’s latest war, he had sacrificed his home and family to protect Konoha with little or no political gain. He was most unhappy with the responsibilities that came with being Hokage.


    Kakashi didn’t want someone worse to take over the position of Hokage and ruin Konoha’s reputation or control its citizens with fear so they could be killed by their oppressors.

    Kakashi wanted a better person in charge because although he never desired power, just peace, and prosperity for his village, which is why he took Hokage’s role.

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