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  1. What I Wish I had known about KCM Naruto before watching Naruto Shippuden.

I have seen confusion in Naruto community recognizing different KCM (Kyuubi Chakra Mode) Forms of Naruto. I assure you by the time you leave this Post, you’ll be able to recognize them easily.

I was collecting information related to Naruto’s Character and Forms when I came across differences between KCM Naruto, KCM2 Naruto & KCM 3 of Naruto.

That caught my eye and I started to dive deeper, discovering different Forms and how they relate to each other. I really enjoyed that experience.

Now, there are many distinct features of each mode in terms of appearence, Power and abilities related to major jutsus.
We will talk about them later on as we go deeper.

KCM Naruto Meaning

KCM Naruto
KCM Meaning

KCM Naruto stands for Kyuubi Chakra Mode Naruto. It is a form of 9-Tails’ Chakra mixed with Naruto’s own chakra.

It is also called Nine Tails Chakra Mode, Bijuu Chakra Mode, Tailed Beast Chakra Mode and Kurama Chakra Mode.

Naruto KCM comes into play when He gets able to use Kurama’s chakra Partially or completely.

There are multiple forms of KCM which are

  • Naruto KCM 1 (Yang Nine Tails Chakra Mode)
  • Naruto KCM 2 (Yang Kurama Mode)
  • Naruto KCM 3 (Complete Kurama Mode)

We will discuss all three forms in details.

Let’s first take a look at KCM 1 (Kyuubi Chakra Mode 1) mode of Naruto.

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Naruto KCM 1:

Naruto KCM 1
Naruto KCM 1

Naruto KCM 1 is the simplest form of Kyuubi Chakra. Kyuubi chakra mode is Exclusive to the Jinchuriki of the Nine Tailed Fox. That means no other Jinchuriki can use this particular mode.

Kyuubi Chakra Mode 1 Origin

KCM first took place when Naruto forcefully controlled of most of the 9-Tails (Kurama’s) Chakra. This actually happened when Killer bee guided Naruto to the Fountain of Truth and afterwards the Room where he stole most of Kurama’s Chakra by force.

That was the moment when Naruto gained a huge amount of chakra reserve from 9 Tails Chakra.

Note : Naruto still could not use all chakra of Kurama because he had just stolen a part of Kurama’s chakra and more accurately, a part of Half Kurama’s Chakra since other Yin half was sealed in Minato before he died.

Nine-Tails Chakra Mode (KCM1) is initially marked by limitations due to the Nine-Tails refusing to cooperate with Naruto.


Naruto KCM 1 Appearance
Naruto KCM 1 Appearance

The user is coated in a Yellow chakra cloak. The chakra takes on the appearance of flickering flames.
Physical characteristics include two horns over the head, markings around the neck, a swirling seal over their stomach and lines running through various parts of body.

In the weakest variation of the Kyuubi chakra mode, the eyes remain the exact same shape but take on the color as that of chakra.

Relation with Kurama

In KCM 1, Naruto does not have cooperation of Kurama and their relationship is not Good.
Kurama is still Not befriended by Naruto, however Naruto have access to partial Kurama’s Chakra since its being snatched.

In this mode, Naruto’s own Chakra is also being Sucked by Kurama, making Naruto’s Transformation time lesser than that in KCM 2.

Naruto cannot pull out Tailed Beast Transformation as well as access to all abilities that lie in circle of Tailed Beast Cooperartion.


KCM Naruto gains various new capabilities.
Some of them are:

  • Advanced Chakra Manipulation
  • Chakra Arms
  • Negative Emotions Sensation
  • Mini Bijuu Bombs

Advanced Chakra Manipulation

Naruto in Kyuubi Chakra Mode became able to utilize advanced chakra manipulation.

KCM Naruto's Mini Rasen shuriken
KCM Naruto’s Mini Rasen shuriken

For the first time, he pulled out various Rasengans without using any clones.

Instead, he made them using his Chakra arms.

Chakra Arms

KCM Naruto's Chakra Arms
KCM Naruto’s Chakra Arms

KCM Naruto can produce various Chakra Arms which under control can pop out from any part of his body.
His arms are made of Kyuubi Chakra and can be used to perform multiple Jutsus at once.

Negative Emotions Sensation

Naruto recognized Kisame who was melded with his blade Samehada.

Normally distinguishing him was inconceivable since Kisame and Samehada had the equivalent Chakra Signature in this way Sensory ninjas won’t discover him, however naruto did.

He also recognized White Zetsu who change their camouflage to invade the military.

Mini Bijuu Bombs

Now, in this ability KCM Naruto could make mini Bijuu Bombs but was not able to perfect it.
It was perfected in KCM2 Naruto’s Mode.

KCM Naruto's Mini Bijuu Bomb
KCM Naruto’s Mini Bijuu Bomb

The foundation of this Jutsu was laid down in KCM1 but was not perfected until KCM 2.


Naruto, without Kurama’s Chakra can access various Great Jutsus like Rasengan, Rasenshuriken and Sexy Jutsu (just kidding XD).

With Kurama’s Chakra, KCM Naruto outranks all other Shinobis (except some OP characters like Hashirama and Madara).

Naruto gets atleast 4 Times Stronger, than in state when he is without Kurama’s Chakra.

Chakra Reserves

Naruto has 4 Times more chakra than Kakashi Hatake. His chakra reserves are far better than any casual Ninja and durability is nothing less.

in KCM, his Chakra reserves increase drastically which leads him to access another level of Great Jutsus including Rasenkyuugan and Rasenrengan.


Since Minato (The Fourth Hokage), No one has ever dodged 4th Raikage’s Max speed attack.

Naruto succeeded in overcoming that attack with just one try, technically speaking, Naruto gained speed of his own Father Minato (Yellow Flash of Leaf).


KCM Naruto’s Durability has overcome all other Shinobis’. He was the single person, whose clones were sent as reinforcements to every Squad in War.

He single handedly fought half of the war by himself and that’s not surprisingly new since we know Naruto has guts to keep up with everything that happens to him and overcome his enemies.

Naruto in Kyuubi Chakra Mode can fight comparably a lot longer than others of his kind.

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These are some Stats of KCM1 Naruto, let’s take a look at KCM2.

KCM 2 (Kyuubi Chakra Mode 2)

Naruto KCM 2
Naruto KCM 2

KCM2 Origin

KCM 2 Form first took place when Naruto completely partnered Kurama. This transformation is one of the biggest and satisfactory in whole series as it’s what everyone has been waiting for.
Kurama’s coordination with Naruto makes his character OP.

Note : Naruto in KCM2 can use all the Chakra from Kurama because of the complete coordination with Kurama (9 Tails).


Source : Image

Naruto in KCM 2 gets a Chakra Cloak with Yellow Colour. His Eye Pupils becomes slitted, whiskers like markings all over become thicker to take shape of the trigram, and the chakra cloak (cape) shape changes to look like a full-length haori, like the one Minato typically wears.

Relation with Kurama

In KCM2, Naruto’s relation with Kurama is Perfect.

Kurama’s hatred has been removed and turned into pure love and appreciation for Naruto.

Kurama completely coordinates with Naruto in this Mode.

Moreover, Naruto can also pull out Tailed Beast Transformation with Kurama for a long and durable time.


Ofcourse KCM 2 brings with it multiple abilities. These are listed as:

  • Tailed Beast Bombs
  • Kurama’s Body Manifestation
  • Chakra Transfer

Tailed Beast Bombs

Tailed Beast Balls are highly destructive. They create explosions that are visible from far away, they vaporise almost everything in the surrounding blast area

Source : Image

In this mode, Naruto can perfectly create as many tailed beast bombs as he likes because there is No limitation to it.

Tailed beast bombs are made with correct proportions of 8:2 of Black Positive Chakra and Negative white Chakra.
Naruto is able to correctly create them with right ratio.

Kurama’s Body Manifestation

Source : Image

In this complete KCM, Naruto can easily manifest Kurama’s body Parts from any area of his whole body.
These projections can be used to access multiple jutsus, rasengan barrage, making hand signs and beat the enemy Ninjas.

Naruto uses partial Tailed Beast Body Manifestation to gain access to more fighting tactics and dominate the battlefield.
Moreover, it can also be used to damage enemies and block their attacks.

Chakra Transfer

Chakra transfer is one of the greatest advantage of this Naruto’s version. He can transfer Kurama’s chakra to anybody by merely touching them.

It grants them tailless version 1-like chakra shrouds, that enhanced their techniques and Jutsus to new levels.

The Chakra plays important role in healing, maximizing attack’s damage and provide protection to all the shinobis.

Naruto has transferred chakra to uncountable ninjas during Fourth Great Ninja War.


After getting Kurama’s Chakra, Hinata is able to deflect one of the Ten-Tails’ tails with just a single Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm!


Naruto’s power with KCM is overwhelmingly high. He can easily perform OP Jutsus and defeat his enemy with nearly no sweat at all.

His power increases twofold and resembles to that of the Greatest Five kages.

Chakra Reserves

KCM 2 Naruto’s Chakra Reserves increase drastically as compared to KCM 1. This mode contains half of the Kurama’s chakra.

Since KCM 1 Naruto had partial chakra of Yang Half of Kurama, in this mode he got full Yang Kurama’s Chakra which increased the amount upto 2 times of that of KCM 1.

KCM Naruto Chakra Reserves
KCM Naruto Chakra Reserves
KCM Naruto Chakra Reserves
KCM Naruto Distributed Chakra

His Chakra Reserves are so vast that he distributes Chakra to everyone of Allied Shinobi Forces.


In KCM 1, Naruto already gained the same Speed as that of Minato Namikaze. There is no faster speed than that, so that sums up everything there is to speed.


KCM 2 Naruto can fight even much longer than KCM1.

This is because of his great amount of chakra and physical energy, he gained by hours of training and fighting in war.

He can keep up the fight for long durations without breaking a sweat.


Naruto in Kyuubi Chakra Mode 2 have great endurance capacity. He can continuously fight even against a much stronger enemy, taking hits from them directly and recovering the damage taken.

He can continue the battle smoothly because he can endure anything that is thrown at him.

Note : Naruto also combines Sage Mode with KCM 2 which leads to him becoming unlimited potential bearer.

That’s it for KCM 2.

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Now we will take a look at Naruto KCM 3.

KCM 3 (Kyuubi Chakra Mode 3)

Naruto KCM 3
Naruto KCM 3

Kyuubi Chakra Mode 3 Origin

KCM 3 Naruto is not official name of a mode, instead it’s what Complete Kurama Mode of Naruto is called.

There is not much of a difference between KCM 2 and this mode.

According to research, I would like to inform you about most prominent ones.

KCM 3 is the last form of Simple KCM. In this mode, Naruto is even stronger than KCM 1 and KCM 2.
He has improved abilities and overall wellbeing.

KCM3 comes into play when Naruto gets complete Kurama, more specifically the other Yin half of Kurama.
This reunites Yin & Yang Kurama which makes Naruto even more Powrful.

KCM 3 has been shown in The Last : Naruto The Movie.


In KCM 3, Naruto has markings around the neck, small circle over stomach, Circle around the belly and 2 lines going straight down to his feet.

This version of Naruto has a distinct look than all other versions of Naruto and differences can be figured out easily.

Relation with Kurama

In KCM 3, Naruto’s relationship with Kurama is Perfect too. Kurama coordinates with Naruto at every given moment.

After the war ended, all tailed beasts were set free, but since Sage of Six Paths (Hagoromo Otsutsuki) asked Kurama to stay with Naruto.

Kurama agreed to these terms and chose to stay inside Naruto.


In the whole series, it is not much shown what KCM3 Naruto is Capable of, but one of the abilities is Big Ball Rasnegan (Giant Rasengan) and Oodama Rasengan.

Naruto Planetary Rasengan Source : Deviantart
Naruto Planetary Rasengan Source : Deviantart

Moreover, the greatest ability is Planetary Rasengan here.


Since KCM 3 Naruto achieved great Power with Full Kurama, his overall stats increased drastically which we can see when Naruto is fighting Momoshiki in Boruto anime.

His power increased twofold since he got the other half of Kurama.


KCM 3 promises intense amount of Chakra. His Chakra is atleast doubled than KCM2 because of getting the Yin half of Kurama.

Combining Yin & Yang is extraordinary to outstanding extent.

He also has access to small amounts of Chakra of all Other tailed beasts since He is the linker of all of them together. They can contact each other through Naruto.


Now, this has not been disclosed in Series, Naruto’s KCM 3 speed is almost similar to that of KCM1 and KCM2.

This is because Naruto KCM1 is already at same speed as 4th Raikage.

Raikage’s speed is Very Fast. Some people say it’s even more fast than lightening.

He’s on par with Bee who can intercept a Jubi bomb which is well above mach 300.


KCM3 Naruto is underrated when it comes to Durability. He can fight continously as seen in Boruto.
He can fight longer than any other Shinobi (Sasuke is a match here). He fought Momoshiki who was capable of way more than Naruto.


KCM 3 Naruto can endure whatever is thrown at him. To be more specific, he can take hits head on.

In Boruto Episode 65, Naruto fights Momoshiki with Sasuke. He faces everything from the enemy and still seems not a bit hurted.

Final Words

These are the 3 Forms of KCM Naruto which evolve as Naruto gets stronger and these Forms are the main fighting assets of Naruto.

He is a True Ultimate Shinobi with Everything that It takes to become a worthy Ninja (Shinobi).

This brings it to the End and sums up everything. That’s everything I thought you should know about.

If you find anything different or Wrong, comment section is open for your views and opinions!

I hope Today’s Post Answered you ”What is KCM Naruto” and “All You Need To Know About KCM Naruto“.

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