Can Naruto Use Wood Style?

    People have been wondering for a while now whether Naruto can use wood release or not since getting the Hashirama cells after the war. 

    In this article, we will be looking at “Can Naruto Use Wood Style?

    The wood release is the strongest chakra release, especially due to the First Hokage Hashirama. It is a Kekkei Genkai that has naturally been only awakened in Hashirama and supposedly Moegi Kazamatsuri in the Boruto era. While all the other wood release users need Hashirama cells to use wood release, including characters like Madara Uchiha, Orochimaru, Obito Uchiha, Danzo, Yamato, Kabuto, Black Zetsu, and White Zetsu but nobody comes even close to Hashirama’s level. The only exception is Momoshiki Otsutsuki, who consumed the chakra fruit in the novels. 

    In the Boruto anime, Sai comments that there aren’t many wood release users in the Land of Fire in the academy arc, meaning there might be other unnamed wood release users.

    Why is Wood Release so strong?

     Hashirama's Sage Art Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands
    Hashirama’s Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands

    The main reason why the wood release is considered the strongest chakra release is mainly that how overpowered Hashirama was with it. But not only that, even the users showed its versatility whether it was suppressing chakra of tailed beasts, suppressing dozens of red glowing magic eyes stocked up in an arm, creating giant golems which can defeat even majestic attire Susanoo Ninetails duo or exploding giant chakra sucking and exploding dragons and the strongest attack in Hashirama’s arsenal that he uses with wood-style is Sage Art Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands. But these are also just a few examples of how it can be used. 

    Can Naruto Use Wood Style?

    Can Naruto Use Wood Style

    After the war, when Naruto lost his arm against Sasuke, Tsunade replaced it with a Hashirama cell arm. So Naruto has Hashirama cells, the main thing required to use wood release by artificial methods. So, theoretically, Naruto should be able to use wood release. With his huge amounts of chakra, thanks to his Uzumaki lineage, he can be better at it than everyone who uses it artificially.

    And the other requirement is the affinity for water release and earth release. By the end of Naruto Shippuden, we know that Naruto is now the pseudo ten tails jinchuriki and as shown in Boruto, Naruto can use earth release with hand seals without using KCM. Naruto can also use water release although we have never seen him using water style anywhere in the entire storyline, as Naruto has the chakra of Isobu the three-tailed beast which is a three-tailed turtle and has water style in it proves that Naruto can indeed use water style.

    In the end, it just boils down to whether Naruto needs to go through the entire process of learning and using wood release because of how overpowered he already was with KCM, Sage Mode, Sage of 6 Paths Chakra Mode. 

    Another thing to keep in mind is that Naruto’s wood release might not be on the same level as Hashirama because Naruto has only a small amount of Hashirama cells and he also has a limited amount of earth and water release.

    Hashirama using Wood Release
    Hashirama’s Wood Release, Several 1000 Hands

    So it is highly unlikely that Naruto will be able to use any of the biggest attacks of Hashirama like True Several Thousand Hands, Wood Golem or Wood Dragons, etc. Naruto’s wood release might be restricted and similar to the usage of Yamato.

    However, there’s no way of proving this because Naruto has an unquantifiable amount of Hashirama cells and we don’t know how many Hashirama cells and how much mastery over the wood release is required for those attacks.

    Theoretically, Naruto can use wood release. He’d have to train to use it as it is specifically stated that one has to go through serious training and learn chakra control to properly manage the Hashirama cells. It is also essential that anyone using the Hashirama cells has enough chakra to sustain the wood release.

    Naruto, being at his peak in skill and maturity, should be able to use quite easily if the situation arises. However, he will definitely need some training before completely using wood release. 

    But with all the office work Hokage Naruto has, that’s going to be as difficult as stopping Kakashi from reading icha-icha tactics in public.

    The Need for Wood Release in Boruto (Boruto manga spoilers)

    Since Naruto has lost Kurama, his power level has gone down. He no longer has KCM or superhuman healings, not to forget the huge chakra pool Kurama provided him with. And the threat of Code, who is supposed to be stronger than Jigen even with his limiters on.

    Code in Boruto: Naruto's Next Generations
    Code in Boruto: Naruto’s Next Generations

    When Code has himself said that he can beat Naruto and Sasuke now after losing Kurama and the Rinnegan respectively, even with his limiters on, even Amado says to Kawaki that if Naruto single-handedly fights Code, Naruto will die.

    So, Naruto training to use the wood release and also developing his water and earth release in coordination with tailed beasts can really give him a boost in power. However, Naruto must amplify himself by putting in several hours and going through severe training to achieve a higher level of wood release than normal and also combine his own enhanced Sage Mode and probably unlock his own Wood style jutsu as he has 8 tailed beasts to support him and he’s going to need their assistance which can overall help him, giving him a big boost in his future fights. 

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