When Does Naruto Learn Sage Mode

    Have qualitat hormone peptide mit versand you ever wondered, How Naruto’s Sage Mode began and When it was Revealed?

    Well, this article contains an explanation about it and everything that is related to it!

    It Explains When Does Naruto Learn Sage Mode

    Sage Mode and Senjutsu are the most used words in the Naruto verse. They’re used several times and one of the most prominent techniques to existing in the Naruto verse.

    The first time we see Sage Mode is when Jiraiya uses it against the Paths of Pain and it is one of the best reveals of the series.

    Apart from that, we see a massive spike in Jiraiya’s overall skills and abilities, and Jiraiya’s new look as a Sage looks exhilarating.

    There are different types of Sage Mode that we see being used throughout the series and it can get confusing to keep track of all different types of Sage Mode and their abilities.

    This article will cover the most asked questions about Sage Mode and will also be explaining all the different types of Sage Mode in detail. So, without any more delay let’s get started.


    What Is Sage mode?

    When Does Naruto Learn Sage Mode
    When Does Naruto Learn Sage Mode

    To put it in simple words, Sage Mode is a form that a character can achieve by gathering Nature energy into their system.

    There are several ways of achieving this but one of the most efficient ways of taking in nature energy is by staying still. This sounds easy but staying still is one of the toughest things to do in modern life.

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    This is one of the reasons that most shinobi don’t even attempt at becoming a Sage. Moreover, you need a prominent teacher who is a Sage as well. Till now we have heard of only 2 places that teach Sage Mode, Mount Myoboku and The Ryuchi Cave.

    Learning Sage Mode takes extreme dedication and immeasurable persistence, most shinobi cannot achieve this as they don’t possess the resolve to become a Sage.

    On mastering Sage Mode, a character gets massively amplified in his/her overall abilities. There’s an increase in the character’s durability, sensory abilities, perception, combat speed, reaction speed, destructive capacity, and a massive increase in attack potency.

    Ninjutsu gets amplified too because now it has nature energy mixed up in the character’s chakra.

    The only disadvantage of Sage Mode is the time limit which is around 5 minutes. Most fights could be won within 5 minutes but not against strong opponents.

    There are counters for this liability but that would be a little too complex to explain here. The different versions of Sage Mode that we saw in the series are three.

    1. Toad Sage Mode
    2. Snake Sage Mode
    3. Unknown Hashirama Sage Mode

    These are the three types of Sage Mode that we saw in the series. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about Hashirama’s Sage Mode technique because it was never revealed.

    This is all that you should be aware of to understand the basics of Sage Mode.  

    When Does Naruto Start to Learn Sage Mode?

    Naruto Sage Mode Concentrating

    Naruto learns about Jiraiya’s death in episode 152 which is titled “Somber News”.

    After learning about Jiraiya’s death Naruto gets depressed until Iruka and Shikamaru help him to get back on his feet.

    Later on, they spend most of their time trying to decode Jiraiya’s message that he left before dying.

    In episode 154 Lord Fukasaku who was Jiraiya’s teacher and who is a master of Sage Mode tells Naruto to come with him to Mt. Myoboku to learn Sage Mode.

    Fukasaku explains that Pain will soon be attacking the leaf village to capture Naruto, so Naruto needs to get strong to protect himself, the village and avenge his master.

    Naruto agrees and goes to Mt. Myoboku to learn Sage Mode using the reverse summoning in episode 154, titled “Decryption”.

    Here is where most of Naruto’s training takes place. Fukasaku teaches him about the Lore of Sage Mode and everything about it.

    There is a special tool at Mt. Myoboku which is the Toad Oil which rapidly gathers Nature energy speeds up the process of becoming a Sage.

    There are certain risks to it and a person could turn into a Toad Statue if not done under proper supervision.

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    Naruto goes through the training from episodes 154-158. Most of Naruto’s training gets covered in these episodes and Naruto fully masters Sage Mode around episode 158 which is titled “Power to Believe”.

    Meanwhile, Pain attacks the Leaf Village in search of Naruto. Tsunade looking at the situation expecting Naruto to have learned Sage Mode calls him back.

    Naruto enters the battle in episode 163 which is titled “Explode! Sage Mode” where he shows his new powers and beats up Pain to save the Village. 

    When Does Naruto Learn Bijuu Sage Mode?

    When Does Naruto Learn Sage Mode
    When Does Naruto Learn Sage Mode

    In episode 381 which is titled “The Divine Tree” Naruto in his KCM 2 form is fighting Juubito. They cannot damage Juubito because he has the Truth-Seeking Orbs and can simply nullify ninjutsu.

    Naruto and others are in a dilemma on how exactly are they supposed to damage Juubito.

    This is when Kurama tells Naruto that they can combine Sage Mode and KCM. Kurama reminds him of the time when Naruto confronts Nagato after defeating him and Kurama’s Chakra leaks while Naruto is still in Sage Mode. Naruto enters a form where he is still in Sage Mode but he is also covered in Kurama’s chakra.

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    Kurama after recalling and reminding Naruto of this instance tells him that they can be using KCM and Sage Mode at the same time.

    Kurama tells him to go into Sage Mode immediately. Naruto remains still while gathering Nature’s energy and then enters into a new form which is called Bijuu Sage Mode where Naruto is using both Sage Mode and KCM2.

    When Does Naruto Learn Six Paths Sage Mode?

    When Does Naruto Learn Sage Mode
    When Does Naruto Learn Sage Mode

    Both Naruto and Sasuke temporarily die at the end of episode 393 which is titled “A True Ending”.

    Naruto is taken to Minato who has the other half of Nine tails within him so that Minato can transfer Nine-Tails within him. This fails Zetsu, who is connected to Obito’s body intervenes and takes away the other half of Nine-Tails.

    The situation gets complex, but thankfully Obito (who is now on Naruto’s side) regains consciousness takes Naruto into the Kamui dimension, steals a little bit of the 8 tails and the 1 tail from Madara, and transfers them into Naruto with Kurama as well.

    This saves Naruto’s life but something else happens in a different space where Hagoromo meets Naruto. He tells him about his ancestral history and that he is the reincarnation of Ashura Otsutsuki. Later on, he gives Naruto the Sun Seal and Six Paths Chakra.

    On the other hand, Sasuke gets saved by Kabuto and Sasuke meets Hagoromo in a different space where he gets the Moon Seal and Six Paths Chakra.

    Both Naruto and Sasuke wake up with their new powers gifted to them by The Sage of Six Paths Hagoromo Otsutsuki.

    This is when Naruto awakens the Six Paths Sage Mode after combining the Six Paths chakra with the tailed beast chakra present in him and thus, becomes one of the strongest characters in the entire series.

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