Naruto Anime Introduction

    Naruto is an adventurous manga & anime series featuring the life of a ninja. This prolonged and worth watching anime Naruto is written by a Japanese Manga artist  Masashi Kishimoto. This series is about the young ninja Naruto Uzumaki and his best friend Sasuke Uchiha.

    Segments of Naruto Series

    There are in total 25 seasons of this series. Every season has episodes in the range of 25 to 29.

    The story of Naruto is divided into 3 parts. 

    • Naruto
    • Naruto Shippuden
    • Boruto: Naruto next generations

    These are further classified as:

    • Naruto Part 1 has 5 seasons. 
    • Naruto Shippuden has 21 seasons. 
    • Boruto is still ongoing and as of today, 223 episodes have been released all in a single season.

    Naruto’s Introduction

    Naruto Shippuden Filler List

    Japan is an Island and its seafood is used on a large scale. The name of Naruto is derived from the name of fish “Narutomaki” or “Naruto”.

    Narutomaki is a pink-colored fish cake. This derivation of this name can be related to Akira’s Dragon Ball in which some names of the characters are related to food, for example, Gohan translates as rice.

    Storyline and Characters

    Masahi wrote this story during the 1990s. His creativity suggested that he can write about an imagined character Naruto, a child having inborn superpowers as his parents are also wonderful fighters. In 1997, he created the first short of this series and advertised it through weekly Shonen manga magazine. The story is about Naruto who lives in a Konohagakure village.

    When Does Sasuke Come Back 1

    Villagers ignore and are afraid of Naruto because of the demon fox inside him but Naruto does not bother the attitude of villagers. Naruto’s father is the 4th Hokage of Konoha who in time of necessity seals the nine-tailed, fox inside his son which is why Naruto is treated badly. Naruto wants to be respected just like anyone else and that’s why Naruto wants to be the village’s leader. This is a supernatural series. There are five powers in the supernatural ninja’s world:

    • Land of Fire 
    • Land of Lightning
    • Land of Water
    • Land of Wind 
    • Land of Earth

    Naruto’s parents are talented fighters from the land of fire. His mother has powers surpassing other ninjas. She is a carrier of demon spirit called a nine-tailed fox before the fox was transferred into Naruto. 

    Nine Tails Kurama Attacks Hidden Leaf

    The nine-tailed fox is the beast that gives power to humans. These are sealed in the human body and are accountable for containing the monster. One day Konoha village is attacked by ninjas. Naruto’s mother  Kushina Uzumaki who was pregnant at that time was forced out to unleash the fox inside her which leads to her imminent death. The attacker wants to disclose the sealed monster because they have the intention to destroy Naruto’s village by the evil power of the beast. 

    Minato Namikaze

    Naruto’s father, Minato Namikaze, tries his best to save the village from the beast. He seals the beast into his newborn child. But he loses his life in return.

    how old is naruto 1 300x224 1

    Naruto is the eyewitness of his parents’ death. Orphan Naruto has superpowers at a young age. But the writer makes him a little bit naughty, immature and stupid at a young age. He doesn’t learn anything about the Nine-tailed fox spirit for 12 years.

    Naruto creates inconvenience for villagers and he plays tricks with them but a ninja traitor, Mizuki reveals the reality of Naruto. Naruto defeats him and he gets a rank in the eyes of Iruka Umino. He is an elite trainer at ninja academy. He is Naruto’s mentor at the academy.

    Naruto belongs to a talented fighter family but he lives most of the part of life alone and as a common inconvenient person. From the first day, he wants to recognize himself as a great fighter.

    Sakura Haruno becomes a friend of Naruto.

    Sakura Haruno e1630066620709

    Naruto 780 buy trenbolone 200 in online shop has a competitive friend Sasuke Uchiha who has extraordinary talent. Naruto becomes a part of team 7 of ninjas. 

    Who is Stronger Naruto or Sasuke 3 Pic 1

    Sasuke and Sakura are also members of Team 7. This team is getting training under the observation of legendary copy ninja Kakashi Hatake. Kakashi trains them well. He leads them through a very dangerous mission which happens In the land of waves arc. Later on he makes them enroll in the Chunin exams. All of the Team 7 members participate but no one passes to become Chunin yet as the exams are extremely tough. 

    As the story progresses Naruto comes to know about Sasuke. Sasuke Uchiha also has a tragic history.

    Itachi Uchiha 1

    His brother Itachi Uchiha is a Rogue Shinobi and a member of the secret organization the Akatsuki. He killed his clan and his parents because of some unknown reason.

    Itachi Uchiha

    When Sasuke comes to know about the death of his parents, he wants to take revenge on his brother. In the anger of taking revenge, he indulges himself in many bad activities and decides to take a dark path. He gives up all the friendships and starts to live outside his village. He goes to Orochimaru, the main antagonist of Naruto part 1 so that he can gain the power to defeat Itachi. Sasuke’s skills develop day by day as he trains under Orochimaru, one of the legendary Sanin.

    After the death of the 4th Hokage, the Third Hokage again gets his place as Hokage and looks after Naruto.


    Orochimaru is a wanted criminal and he wants to take revenge on the Third Hokage. Orochimaru attacks Konoha and he takes his revenge. Then villagers force Jiraiya to be the Hokage but he does not agree. He wants  Tsunade as a fifth Hokage. Jariya and Naruto leave in search of  Tsunade.

     One day during the search there is an intense fight between Naruto and Sasuke. The reason behind this is an underrated tactic of the Sound four group. This fierce fight leads Naruto to disclose his superpowers but Sasuke is dominant to the powers of Naruto. Sasuke does not like to kill his beloved friend, that’s why he leaves him alive. At that time Naruto was not much trained compared to Sasuke.


    Jiraiya, one of the Legendary Sannin wants to train Naruto because he is his Godfather and also his father’s teacher. He takes Naruto with him. Time jumps forward and the series takes a turn. Naruto ages and becomes a well-trained ninja while Sakura, one of the members of team 7 starts to get training by the Fifth Hokage Tsunade Senju.

    On the other hand, after one and a half years, a  rivalry between two brothers of the Uchiha clan, Sasuke and Itachi starts. This is the endless and powerful battle between two extreme powers.

    Akatsuki Featured Image Compressed

    Behind the scene, the Akatsuki, an evil developing force that starts to capture the hosts of powerful beasts. Konoha is fighting against Akatuski to stop its steps and also searching for Sasuke Uchiha.

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    The blasting fight between his brother results in the death of Itachi. After this battle, Sasuke comes to know the true story of his brother. His brother killed his clan because the Uchiha clan was planning a Coup d’etat and they were deciding to attack the village by killing all of them. 

    Itachi killed his family not only to save his village but also to prevent his country from conflict on a large scale. This is a great example of patriotism and self-sacrifice set by him. Itachi is tagged as a traitor but this is useful for his brother to save him from the cruelty of the world and he himself works as an undercover agent of the Land of fire.

    The expenditure of Sasuke to take revenge on his brother dilapidated his life. He left his friends and academy. As Sasuke thinks that the Konoha village is full of traitors and they don’t deserve to live through his brother’s sacrifice. So he wants his village destroyed. Before this, there is a battle between Jiraiya, mentor of Naruto and Nagato, leader of the Akatsuki. Before the ideology of Akatsuki can be revealed, Jiraiya is killed by Akatsukii’s leader Nagato.

    Sasuke joins Akatsuki and he works for them for a short time. Five powers of the world hold a meeting to discuss the resistance against Akatsuki. Sasuke has a mission to attack the people who wronged his brother which includes Danzo and village elders. Sasuke tries to kill Danzo at the Five Kage Summit. In the meantime, the Akatuski reveal their true plan that is world dominance which is project Tsuki No Me. This evil group declares war against the entire ninja world. 

    Akatsuki Ranked Weakest To Strongest 11

    Besides this, there is a member of the Akatsuki Tobi who is the murderer of the parents of Naruto. He declares himself Obito Uchiha, a member of Uchiha’s clan who remains safe from the attack. He wants to make a superweapon but his struggle couldn’t force the leaders. In the end, he gets a plan to start a war against the world-nominated powers.

    Sasuke wants to save the ninja world from going into the clutches of the Akatsuki and also from destruction. In this struggle, Sasuke and Naruto again come to the edge of battle. Both are very well-trained and experienced ninjas. The blasting battle ends when Sasuke reveals his true plan which is to kill all the Kages, tailed beasts and become the only powerhouse on the planet. Naruto does not agree to this and both fight each other at the Final Valley. The fight ended in a draw both injured and weakened. They end their fight by discussing their life’s memorable events of friendship. The member of team 7, Sakura finds them and heals their wounds. Sasuke agrees to return to the village and ends the war. After the end of World war, Kakashi becomes the Sixth Hokage.

    Commercial Performance & Achievements

    Naruto had been published in weekly shonen magazines which earned a huge fan following. The manga has won a Quill award for best graphic novel in 2006. It has been ranked as the 4th best-selling manga series. Different media partners are earning success from this series. It is nominated for the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize.

    This animated series is highly recommended because it is one of the most award-winning series containing all good qualities.

    Boruto’s Introduction

    Boruto logo

    This animation is beautifully sketched and it has an incredible fan following. Naruto’s story has successful progress.

    Then this story takes a turn when Naruto gets married to Hinata and his dream is fulfilled as he becomes the 7th Hokage.

    Naruto has two children. One is his son Boruto who is the parallel image of his father and 2nd is Himawari, Naruto’s daughter. Boruto has a team of himself and three others 

    • The old Hokage’s grandson Konohamaru Sarutobi was the team leader. 
    • Sakura and Sasuke’s daughter Sarada Uchiha.

    Sarada Uchiha

    • Orochimaru’s son Mitsuki.

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