Why Does Naruto Always Say Believe It

    Why Does Naruto Always Say Believe It?

    Why Does Naruto Say Believe It?
    Why Does Naruto Say Dattebayo?

    If you’re seeking Answers to the Above Questions, You are at the Right Place.

    Naruto & Naruto Shippuden have influenced Millions of People and are on it’s way to Influence Millions More!

    We have developed emotional bonds with Naruto. Naruto has got our Hearts beating for him.
    It has developed in us an Urge to live a Meaningful and Purposeful life.

    In this Anime, We have seen the Protagonist (Who is Obviously Naruto) using a Catchphrase multiple times, Which is “Dattebayo” in Subbed anime and “Believe It” in Dubbed Anime Series.

    This catchphrase has left Naruto Fans searching what it means, and that’s what I am going to explain here!

    So, let’s take a look at what a catchphrase is.

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    A catchphrase is a phrase recognized when its repeatedly spoken by a specific character.
    It is usually a Sentence or Phrase that is associated with a particular famous person.

    Now, let’s see what is Dattebayo or Believe it.

    What is Dattebayo

    Why Does Naruto Always Say Believe It
    Why Does Naruto Always Say Believe It

    Dattebayo is catchphrase of Naruto.

    A very brief video of Naruto saying Dattebayo

    Dattebayo is a word having no meaning. It has been translated to “Believe it” in English Dubbed Naruto Series.
    Having no specific meaning, In the dubbed anime, Naruto often says “Believe it” to fit with the mouth flaps or lipsync of “Dattebayo”.

    In this phrase Dattebayo, the first 2 letters are Silent. So it sounds like “-Adebayo“.

    Why Does Naruto Always Say Believe It
    Why Does Naruto Always Say Believe It

    Dattebayo” or “Believe It” is Naruto’s catchphrase which he used in most of his sentences. This created a way of making Naruto’s speech more distinctive and unique.

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    But the question arises, What is the origin of Dattebayo?

    Believe it’s Origin

    Dattebayo (Believe it) did not come through any culture or tradition, whereas it is to be noted that he inherited this from his mother.

    Naruto inherited Dattebayo (Believe it) phrase from his mother Kushina Uzumaki, who would instead use Dattebane (You know) at moments when she got Excited or Angry.

    Kushina hoped her son (Naruto) would not inherit this habit from her but He actually did.
    Even Boruto (Naruto’s son) also inherited a similar catchphrase which is Database.

    What was the Catchphrase of Kushina?

    Kushina used “Dattebane” whenever she had a distinct moment of happiness etc.
    Kushina’s phrase in dubbed Naruto Series was “You Know” instead of Dattebane.

    That’s Explains why Naruto says “Dattebayo” so often!

    Sasuke Explaining Dattebayo

    When Boruto asks what saying Dattebayo means, Sasuke says it is “Someone who hates to lose“.

    This explains why Naruto Says Dattebayo most times at the end of a Sentence Because he Never Gives Up of course!

    How many times does Naruto say Dattebayo in Whole Series?

    Naruto used to say Dattebayo many more times in the initial episodes but later on the rate of this catchphrase decreased drastically.
    Naruto says Dattebayo or Believe it almost 234 times in the complete Naruto Series.

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    Final Words

    Naruto says Dattebayo or Believe it in Series because he inherited this habit from his Mother Kushina who would also use similar catchphrases in various moments.

    Believe it has been used in the English Dubbed Series because it matches his lips movements and puts value to the script.

    I hope today’s post showed you ”Why Does Naruto Always Say Believe It” or “Why Does Naruto Say Believe it“.

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    Thanks a lot For Reading.

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