How Old Is Naruto

    How Old Is Naruto?

    This article will discuss Naruto’s age throughout Naruto part 1 and Shippuden.

    In the Anime, we have seen him grow from a small baby to a full-grown adult. We’ve also seen him grow from a useless little brat to the strongest shinobi in ninja history.

    The Tale of Naruto Uzumaki is not just a story but a masterpiece of creativity. As Naruto grows up, he goes through different phases in life which we have seen in the show and read in the manga.

    So, let’s get into it.

    When was Naruto Born?

    How Old Is Naruto
    How Old Is Naruto

    Naruto was born on October 10. We do not know his birth year because never in the anime or the manga a specific year is mentioned.

    We can make some assumptions though. The creator of Naruto: – Masashi Kishimoto published the first volume of Naruto in 1999. In the first volume of the manga, Naruto is 12 years old. That means he was born on 10 October 1987.

    Although this assumption may not be 100% accurate this is how close we can get at deducing Naruto’s birth year.

    Naruto’s Age in Part 1

    How Old Is Naruto
    How Old Is Naruto

    Part 1 Naruto consists of 244 chapters which are covered in 27 manga volumes.

    Whereas the Anime has 220 episodes which are covered in 5 seasons.

    Naruto’s age does not stay constant as the events of Part 1 Naruto go on for more than a year.

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    Naruto’s age at the beginning of the franchise is 12 Years. Reason being that Naruto takes the graduation exam (to become a Genin) in the very first chapter of the Manga. The Ninja Academy Rule is that a ninja cannot take part in the graduation exam unless He/she is 12 years old. Thus, Naruto at the beginning is 12 Years old.

    But as the story progresses part 1 the events take place over a year.

    Naruto is known to be 13 Years old near the end of Chunin exams, also when Sasuke deserts the village. The reason is that Naruto actually failed the graduation exam twice, and then team 7 was formed, they went on several Drank and C rank missions, they also went to the land of waves a B rank mission where they fight Zabuza Momochi, and then they took part in the Chunin exams. So, the above-mentioned events take around 1 year of Naruto’s life, and thus he is 13 Years old.

    Naruto’s Age in Shippuden

    How Old is Naruto 3

    By the end of Naruto part 1, Jiraiya takes Naruto out of the village with him to do special training. This training lasts for 2.5 years.

    Thus, Naruto at the beginning of Shippuden is 15-15.5 Years old.

    Shippuden covers most of the mains events in Naruto’s life and consists of a large number of episodes and chapters.

    The Manga encapsulates all the chapters following chapter 244. Manga goes from chapter 245 to 700 which wraps up Naruto’s story.

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    The Anime consists of 500 episodes including fillers which take a total of 720 Naruto episodes (both parts 1 and 2).

    A lot of things happen and Naruto ages as the story progress, Naruto goes on several missions like the Kazekage rescue arc, finding Sasuke arc, and going to Mt. Myoboku to learn Sage Mode and then fighting Pain approximately takes up to 7-8 months of his life.

    How Old is Naruto 4

    So, near the Five Kage Summit arc, Naruto is known to be 16 Years old.

    Later on, war is declared and Naruto goes to learn and control the Nine-Tails, and then the war begins and the war drags on for quite a long time. The duration of the war is unclear as a specific time is never mentioned in the series.

    But on the last day of the war, when Naruto and Sasuke sealed Kaguya Otsutsuki and finally ended the war, Naruto turned 17 that day.

    We know this as a fact because Minato Namikaze, Naruto’s Father wishes him Happy Birthday on the morning of the day when the war ended.

    How Old is Naruto 5

    So, this proves that Naruto at the end of Shippuden was 17 Years old.

    Naruto’s Age in The Last Naruto Movie and Before Boruto:-

    How Old is Naruto 6

    Naruto The Last novel stated in its first chapter that “Two years had passed since the end of the Fourth Great Ninja War”.

    So, it means that if Naruto was 17 at the end of the war, then as two years passed Naruto is 19 Years old in The Last Naruto movie.

    In the Sasuke Shinden Novel which happened after The Last, it is stated that Naruto had already married Hinata and Hinata was supposedly pregnant.

    So, that means that Naruto married Hinata nearly after the events of The Last. This brings for an explanation that Naruto married Hinata at the age of 19.

    Thus, it is believed that Naruto’s age when Boruto was born is 20 Years.

    How Old Is Naruto in Boruto

    The first chapter of the Boruto manga starts when Boruto is already a Genin and is a member of team 7 which includes Sarada Uchiha and Mitsuki.

    How Old Is Naruto
    How Old Is Naruto

    Whereas the Anime shows Boruto is not yet a genin and is still deciding his path. And he soon will take the graduation exam.

    Here as well the exact age of any character is not mentioned. So again, it’s based on our calculation.

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    Naruto was 20 when Boruto was born, the minimum age required for eligibility to become a ninja is 12. Boruto is taking the graduation exam at the beginning of the Anime and is already a Genin in the manga which means that Boruto is 12 years old in both Anime and manga.

    If Boruto is 12 years then, Naruto at the beginning of the franchise is 32 Years old.

    How Old Is Naruto
    How Old Is Naruto

    The Boruto Anime and the Manga are ongoing as of today.

    Manga is ahead with the story as usual and Manga is released up to chapter 55.

    Anime is released up to episode 186 as of today.

    So, some time has passed since the first manga chapter and Naruto also has aged since then.

    Naruto currently in the 55th chapter of Boruto is 33 Years old.

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