Why Did Itachi Kill The Uchiha

Why Did Itachi Kill The Uchiha

Why Did Itachi Kill The Uchiha?

Why Itachi killed his clan?
Why Did Itachi Kill Uchiha Clan?

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Simple Answer

Itachi killed Uchiha Clan to Defend Hidden Leaf from coup d’etat that Uchiha Clan had planned.
Another Reason is that Itachi wanted to save his Younger brother Sasuke.


Itachi Uchiha was a faithful & loyal member of Hidden Leaf Village. He was assigned to keep an eye on his own Uchiha Clan.

He loved his younger brother Sasuke Uchiha more than anyone.

Once, the Uchiha Clan (Being Police Force of Hidden Leaf) did not help against the Tailed beast attack.

Since then, Hidden Leaf Elders & Hokage decided to not let Uchiha get involved in Politics and Management of the Village.

Uchiha Clan felt that other clans and Management Agency (Government) of Hidden leaf didn’t welcome them in any matter of the Hidden Leaf Village.

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The Uchiha Clan felt like they were being declared an Outcast Clan.

This got them fired up.
Fugaku Uchiha, the clan leader, decided to plot a coup against the leadership.

They planned a coup which Itachi found out soon. Itachi reported this to Hidden Leaf’s Government.

In this situation, the Government of hidden leaf became curious and became active in planning to stay ahead of the curve.

Since Itachi was loyal to Hidden Leaf and was protective of Sasuke.
They used it to their Advantage.

Why Did Itachi Kill The Uchiha
Why Did Itachi Kill The Uchiha

Hidden Leaf’s Government placed Itachi in a Situation where he had to decide one of the options.

Why Did Itachi Kill The Uchiha
Why Did Itachi Kill The Uchiha

First Condition

Kill the whole Uchiha Clan, be a Rogue Ninja and Serve Hidden Leaf as a Spy, and of course save Sasuke. Protect Konoha from Coup.

Second Condition

Get himself killed along with all Uchiha Clan (including Sasuke). To be more specific, Launch Coup and face Hidden Leaf Shinobi in Battle.

Itachi chose to save his Younger brother Sasuke and kill the whole Uchiha Clan.
So Hidden Leaf would spare Sasuke’s life.

Itachi knew that this situation will make Sasuke hate him so that Sasuke will become stronger to kill Itachi.

Itachi took upon all the hatred by himself and became a rogue ninja.
He joined Akatsuki to prevent them from attacking hidden leaves.

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