What Episode Does Naruto Fight Pain

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    Naruto vs Pain is one of the best fights in the entire series and it can be a drag to try to and find the episodes or the manga chapter to the Pain arc.

    This article will be a guide for locating some of the major events that happen in the Pain Arc.

    The most common navigating questions about this big but exhilarating arc will be completely covered. Let’s get started.

    What Episode Does Naruto Show Up to Fight Pain?

    Naruto Arrives Konoha With Sage Mode
    Naruto arrives on the battlefield with Sage Mode

    Naruto shows up at the Leaf Village in season 8 at the end of episode 162 which is titled “Pain to the World”.

    Naruto was at Mt. Myoboku learning Sage Mode to specifically fight Pain and defeat him.

    He was being trained by Lord Fukasaku who taught Jiraiya Sage Mode as well.

    Naruto goes to Mt. Myoboku at the end of episode 154 to learn Sage Mode.

    Fukasaku leaves a messenger toad at the Leaf village to inform them if Pain attacks the village.

    Naruto dedicates himself to mastering Sage Mode by putting in a lot of hard work and persistence.

    After a lot of endurance, Naruto reaches a level where Fukasaku considers him surpassing his master.

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    Meanwhile, Pain attacks the village and randomly starts killing a lot of people. Everyone who can fight participates, while others help each other to get to safety.

    The Toad messenger gets killed by Danzo and fails to deliver the message.

    This delays Naruto’s arrival, while pain keeps killing people and keeps destroying the village.

    Fortunately, the messenger toad’s death gets noticed by toads at Mt. Myoboku and they think something’s wrong.

    They ask Shima (Fukasaku’s Wife) to perform a reverse summoning thus, Naruto shows up totally prepared at the battlefield.


    What Episode Does Naruto Fight Pain?

    Naruto Beats Pain
    What Episode Does Naruto Fight Pain

    Naruto shows up in the village at the end of episode 162 and the episode ends the moment he enters the village. Naruto fights pain in episode 163 which is titled “Explode! Sage Mode”.

    And here we witness one of the best fights in the series where we see Naruto’s new Sage powers for the first time.

    This is also a great moment for the viewers as we all have been waiting for Naruto to surpass his master and achieve greatness. When the fight begins Naruto asks everyone else in the village to stay out of this fight.

    Shikaku (Shikamaru’s father) agrees and tells that if Naruto has mastered Sage Mode, then he’s on a level of his own implying that Naruto is currently the strongest in the village and most probably Kage Level.

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    Naruto enters in an outstanding way giving us one of the best entries in the series and Naruto vs Pain is an amazing fight. It is a fight that I personally have watched several times and you should too.

    What Episode Does Naruto Meet Nagato?

    What Episode Does Naruto Fight Pain
    Naruto Meets Nagato

    Naruto meets Nagato in episode 169 which is titled “Two Students”.

    Naruto does well against Pain, but his Sage Mode has a time limit which is where Naruto starts losing the fight. Pain uses this as an advantage and pins Naruto to the ground.

    Seeing this Hinata shows up to rescue Naruto but gets defeated due to Pain being far superior to her.

    Pain severely injures Hinata intending to provoke Naruto. He succeeds in doing so as Naruto completely loses control over himself and Kurama starts taking over him.

    Kurama keeps leaking his chakra further weakening the seal and he transforms into a giant form with 8 tails appearing.

    This form looks like an incomplete nine tails fox, but it is strong enough to break out of Pain’s Planetary Devastations.

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    Fortunately, Minato shows up and tightens the seal hence, saving Naruto’s life. He further explains about the actual leader of the Akatsuki tells Naruto master Nine tails power.

    Naruto regains control, defeats the remaining Pain, and senses the location of Nagato hiding inside a tree. He then goes to the location where he meets Nagato the final Pain.

    What Chapter Does Naruto Fight Pain?

    Naruto Fights Pain
    What Episode Does Naruto Fight Pain

    Pain attacks the leaf village in chapter no. 419 which is titled “Raid”.

    Pain meets Kakashi in chapter no. 420 and fights him in chapter 422 which is titled “Kakashi vs Pain”.

    Pain continues his rampage in the village for a couple of chapters, where we see Kakashi getting defeated by Pain. Choji and Choza fighting alongside Kakashi, Konohamaru killing one of the bodies of Pain using Rasengan that Naruto taught him and several other villagers fighting Pain and getting killed.

    Finally at the end of chapter no. 429, titled “Know Pain” the village gets destroyed by Pain and Naruto, shows up through reverse summoning.

    Then he explodes with his Sage Mode in chapter 430 which is titled “Naruto Returns” and we see him finally fighting Pain.

    What Episode Does Naruto Fight Pain as Nine Tails?

    8 Tails vs Pain
    8-Tails vs Pain

    In episode 166 Hinata shows up on the battlefield to save Naruto. She gets beat up really badly in front of Naruto but being a Naruto admirer, she doesn’t give up and keeps fighting.

    She confesses to Naruto that she loves him and always has while Pain uses this to provoke Naruto. Hinata gives her all but gets defeated by Pain who almost kills her while fighting.

    Naruto witnessing all of this loses control over his emotions and enters the Nine-Tails cloak form at the end of episode 166 which is titled “Confessions”.

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    We see Naruto exploding in anger and entering nine tails form. Only this time we see Naruto in his 6 tails form which is far stronger than his previous forms. 6 tails Naruto and Pain fight against each other in episode 167, titled “Planetary Devastations”.

    Naruto gives Pain a hard time and pushes him to use his strongest ability, the Planetary Devastations. But Kuarama’s chakra keeps leaking making him going into 8 tails form resulting in breaking out of Pain’s Jutsu.


    Does Naruto Kill Pain?

    Naruto Beats Pain
    Pain while Fighting Naruto


    Naruto does not kill Pain despite the destruction that he caused. Pain killed both of Naruto’s teachers Kakashi and Jiraiya. He also killed Lord Fukasaku who taught Naruto Sage Mode. He destroyed his entire village, almost killed Hinata, and killed several innocent people in the village.

    Despite all of this Naruto chose not to kill Pain so that he can break the cycle of hatred. This was all that Jiraiya was trying to achieve in his life.

    Jiraiya wanted to end the ninja wars, unnecessary killings, and death by ending the cycle of hatred and vengeance. He traveled the world trying to find the solution and meaning behind this cycle.

    Fortunately, he took Naruto as his student who decided not to go on the path of Vengeance.

    Instead of taking revenge, Naruto listened to Pain’s story and his reasoning for the destruction that he’s caused.

    He tries to share Jiraiya’s life mission with him and proves to him that it is possible to end this cycle by not taking revenge on him. He also shares his life’s story and Jiraiya’s contribution to his life and this changes Nagato.

    He sees hope in him and believes that Naruto is the bridge to peace. Naruto unknowingly changes him completely and Nagato decides to revive everyone that he’s killed at the Village by sacrificing his own life.

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