When Does Sasuke Come Back

When Does Sasuke Come Back To Hidden Leaf Village ?

This answer contains some spoilers to build your concept and make you understand clearly, so be aware of that!

Well, let’s start by the Fact, this is a question asked by curious Fans of Sasuke Uchiha.

Sasuke is a man of Principle. He has unparalleled Character, infact, many fans look upto him as their Hero.

Ofcourse, there is a whole community who also criticize him for his choices in the Series, but his followers outnumber his haters.

Before you get to know when Sasuke comes back, you should know why Sasuke went rogue in the first place.

This is something you need to understand!

Why Sasuke became a Rogue Ninja ?

Sasuke had the potential of being an Elite Shinobi of Hidden Leaf, but he went Rogue in Naruto Series.

His Brother Itachi wiped out whole Uchiha clan in just one night, it is completely a different Topic.

If you want to know why Itachi killed his Clan, Read it Here!

Sasuke abandoned Hidden Leaf Village because of his motive to kill his brother Itachi Uchiha, who, to Sasuke was apparently a Villain and the one who killed whole Uchiha clan.

In pursuit of power, which he knew would be helpful for killing Itachi and taking revenge, he left the hidden leaf village.

He followed Orochimaru, who led him to the dark path of revenge.

That is why Sasuke went Rogue and left Hidden Leaf Village. Knowing this, you’ll have a clear understanding why he returned back.

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Why Sasuke Returned back to Hidden Leaf ?

After killing Itachi, Sasuke came to know the real truth about his brother’s motive, which was to bring Peace to Ninja world and save Sasuke along with his own village hidden leaf.

Knowingly, Sasuke now changed his mission and became fixated on becoming the Hokage and shoulder burden of hatred alone.

For this, he had to kill Naruto so he could become the Hokage instead of him. Sasuke and Naruto fought the Final battle.

The results of Final battle was quite astonishing but expected.

Sasuke acknowledged Naruto and his burning desire to protect his friends, which changed Sasuke’s Ninja Way.

Afterwards, Sasuke became pure and his hatred was removed.

That’s why he came back to hidden leaf, to become someone he once was!

That’s what happened before Sasuke returned to village.

Temporary Return of Sasuke

Wondering What Episode Does Sasuke Become Good Again ?

Sasuke became Good & came back to Hidden Leaf after his Final Fight with Naruto in Episode 478, but that’s not all, there is something you must know.

Sasuke “Temporarily” came back to Hidden Leaf in Naruto Shippuden.

There is a common misconception that Sasuke came back to Hidden Leaf at once and stayed there after his Final Fight.

This is not True, because Sasuke actually left the village.

Why Sasuke Left Hidden Leaf Village Again ?

Sasuke Left Hidden Leaf Village after Final Fight because he wanted to atone for his sins, which he committed when he was a Rogue Ninja.

Sasuke wanted to travel the ninja world and accomplish tasks for making Ninja world a better place, more specifically, eredicate foes who wanted to destroy peace of Ninja World.

One of his missions is to observe more of the Otsutsuki’s affairs, so he could gather the intel and report back to Naruto. Ninja way of Sasuke is “Protecting the village from the shadows.”

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When Does Sasuke Come Back Permanently?

Sasuke Never came back to Hidden Leaf “Permanently” in Naruto or Naruto Shippuden.

However, he came to the village temporarily several times to report intel to Naruto and Visit his Family.

When Does Sasuke come back in Boruto ?

When Does Sasuke Come Back
When Does Sasuke Come Back – Source

He also came back to report intel to Naruto and Visit his Family in Episode 136 of Boruto : Naruto’s Next Generations, but it is to be noted that he Never Returned to Hidden Leaf Permanently.

Why didn’t Sasuke stay in Hidden Leaf Permanently ?

Sasuke is the only Shinobi rival to Naruto, with his power and IQ, he is the only shinobi of Ninja world who is capable of so much.

He is vital part of Ninja world who is a trump card of all the 5 Nations.

Sasuke can handle every foe even with his one hand, his abilities and intelligence makes him unbeatable.

  • Ninja way of Sasuke is to Protect the Village from the Shadows and prevent any outside harm from reaching the village because Sasuke’s job is to keep Ninja World safe and Peaceful.
  • One of his missions is to gather Intel of Foes too, so he can report them back to Naruto.

That’s also why he does not come back to Hidden Leaf.

What do you think was the Reason, Sasuke never returned back to Konoha permanently?

Let us know in comments!

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