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    KCM2 Naruto (also known as KCM2 or Kyuubi Chakra Mode 2) is not an alternate personality of the Kyuubi, but rather a different form of Kurama’s chakra that has been modified by KCM1 to perform at its peak in combat. KCM1 and KCM2 are the same entities, yet KCM2 has attained a new form because it functions like Nozomi’s Shikai in Soul Society.

    Kyuubi Chakra Mode 2  is a deeper transformation than KCM1, compared to regular Sage Mode, this mode is more intense in which the user takes on changes physically. The eyes do not change in appearance at all in KCM2 unlike KCM1 when users’ eyes take on a brighter yellow glow.

    KCM2 is not just about power though it also grants users speed that overpowers KCM1, KCM2 users are even faster than KCM1 despite KCM being a speed enhancer itself.

    KCM2 Naruto Explained

    Kyuubi Chakra Mode 2 can completely suppress Kyuubi chakra in KCM1 and when active with KCM1, KCM2 enhances the power of all fire techniques by controlling the flames into sharp blades that can slice through stone or boulders like they were made of paper.

    Kyuubi Chakra Mode 2  is one step above KCM1. To put it in simple words KCM1 is a form where Naruto steals Kurama’s chakra forcefully while keeping Kurama under the seal. 

    Whereas, KCM2 is a form where Kurama befriends Naruto and lets him use his nine tails chakra in sync. In KCM1 Naruto can’t do tailed beast transformation as he doesn’t have the entire chakra of Kurama. In KCM2 Kurama syncs his chakra with Naruto’s and they combine to form a tailed beast transformation. Kcm2 is the fullest potential of the nine tails. Naruto can also use the tailed beast bomb which he couldn’t when he was in KCM1. 

    KCM2 Naruto Origin

    It all began with Naruto and Kurama’s full collaboration when the KCM 2 Form was first implemented. This metamorphosis is one of the most significant and gratifying in the series because it was what everyone had been anticipating.

    Kurama’s coordination with Naruto makes this form OP.

    Note: KCM2 Naruto can use all chakra of Kurama because of their complete coordination.


    KCM2 Naruto Naruto KCM 2 KCM2 Naruto

    Naruto in KCM 2 has a Chakra Cloak which is colored Yellow. Elongated pupils, whiskers growing on the face to form the trigram, and a chakra cloak (cape) form that is similar to a full-length haori like the one Minato usually wears are among his other transformation features.

    Kurama’s Coordination

    In this mode, Kurama has become friends with Naruto and they have complete coordination. In this form, Kurama can use all its chakra to assist Naruto.

    Naruto and Kurama Coordination

    Kurama stated that Naruto was the only one out of all the jinchūriki who managed to achieve full control. During their first merging, he wasn’t even able to take over his own body but in time came to be able to enter a state where they could communicate with each other while maintaining a form of consciousness.

    Naruto and Kurama have excellent teamwork in terms of combat which makes them ‘The Greatest Duo’ during battles.

    Enhanced Strength & Speed

    Naruto’s ability is greatly enhanced; Sasuke when he sees Naruto controlling the giant Rasengan he notes that Naruto’s skills had surpassed his at his peak upon seeing him.

    Naruto can manage Tailed Beast Transformation with Kurama for a great length of time. He never gets too exhausted after usage of KCM2, due to having full control over his power. KCM2 Naruto is way above Kage level at this point!

    Sage Mode

    Sage Mode is a form that doesn’t need kcm. It can be awakened by simply staying still and gathering natural energy. Sage mode heavily enhances an individual and gives him access to immense durability and endurance. Naruto masters sage mode to defeat Pain.

    Naruto Uzumaki Sage Mode

    During the war, Naruto needs sage chakra to attack Juubito. Kurama suggests that Sage mode can be used while he’s in KCM2. Thus, by staying still Naruto gathers nature energy and unlocks a new form Bijuu Sage Mode or Kurama Sage Mode. 

    Naruto’s increased speed and strength in this form are on par with that of a tailed beast, which makes him even more powerful than he previously was. Being able to move at quick speeds, Naruto can outmaneuver some opponents through his movements alone. With his current abilities, there’s an amp in his sensory abilities, durability and he’s got the sage chakra. 

    Naruto Arrives Konoha With Sage Mode

    His enhanced strength also allows him to punch an opponent with enough force to have them sent flying from great distances away from the battlefield as well as being able to lift a massive boulder or a huge section of a stone wall with a single hand showing that there is not much need for building up momentum before striking.

    This form gives him tremendously improved reaction speed, allowing him to avoid attacks faster than he could before!

    New Feats

    KCM 2 brings with it multiple new feats.

    These new feats are:

    Tailed Beast Bombs

    Naruto can use the tailed beast bomb in Kyuubi Chakra Mode 2. It’s when he throws a bunch of bombs at people through Kurama’s mouth. Tailed Beast Balls are extremely destructive. They generate large explosions that may be seen for miles, vaporizing almost everything in their blast zone.

    KCM Tailed Beast Bomb

    When Naruto is in this mode, he can smoothly produce many tailed beast bombs because there is no limit to those. The Tailed beast bombs are formed by exact proportions of 8:2 of Black Positive Chakra and Negative white Chakra respectively.

    Naruto has complete command over it!

    Kurama’s Body Manifestation

    In KCM2 mode, Naruto can easily manifest Kurama’s tails from any point of his body.

    Kurama Chakra Mode Transformation KCM Naruto

    These projections can be used to access multiple jutsus like Rasengan barrage, weaving hand signs, punching the enemy, and block their attacks. Naruto manifests a partial Tailed Beast Body to gain access to additional fighting methods and dominate his enemy.

    Chakra Sharing

    Chakra sharing is one of the most significant benefits of KCM2. By merely touching someone, Naruto may pass chakra from Kurama to them. They can fight more easily and boost their performance due to this chakra.

    Chakra Reserves

    It gives them Kurama’s influenced tailless version 1 like chakra shrouds, that enhance their stamina and Jutsus to new upper levels. It lets them heal at a faster rate and maximize their abilities.

    For instance, Hinata, after getting Kurama’s Chakra, was able to deflect Ten-Tails’ tail with her Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm attack!

    Chakra Reserves

    Naruto’s Chakra reserves increased drastically as compared to KCM1. This mode contains half of (all Yang part) the Kurama’s chakra.

    Chakra reserves 2

    Kyuubi 1 Naruto had partial Yang Half chakra of Kurama, but in this mode, he obtained full Yang Kurama’s Chakra which increased the amount up to 2 times compared to that of KCM 1.

    He can easily share his chakra with other fellow shinobi.

    Chakra Prowess

    Naruto has great control over his chakra, which is needed for techniques like the Rasengan and Sage Mode. Naruto was able to mix and utilize these two powerful and complicated jutsu only because of his (and Kurama’s) chakra control.


    Naruto in KCM2 has a speed similar to Minato’s, as seen previously in Kyuubi Chakra mode 1.


    Naruto’s durability in Kyuubi Chakra Mode 2 is incredible. He can battle against a much more powerful opponent without getting dazed or being knocked down, absorbing direct blows and recovering the harm caused almost instantly.

    He can perform on the battlefield smoothly, as he can encounter everything that he faces.

    Bijuu Sage Mode

    Naruto also combines Sage Mode with KCM 2 which makes him the ultimate ninja with no limits. By combining Sage mode with Kyuubi chakra mode 2, Naruto brings out his new form – Bijuu Sage Mode!

    Naruto Bijuu Sage Mode

    Bijuu Sage Mode greatly enhances all of Naruto’s abilities to higher levels. It makes him so powerful that he can take on any enemy without transferring the tailed beasts inside him or even sharing their chakra with them.

    Bijuu Sage Mode has access to both positive green Negative white chakras which are used for many jutsus in this mode. From using Tail Beast Ball an X-tornado jutsu to using the Rasenshuriken. 

    Six Paths Sage Mode

    Naruto gets six paths chakra from Hagoromo Otsutsuki. This unlocks a new form of Naruto. 

    KCM2 Naruto

    Naruto gets access to the Truth-Seeking orbs, gets the ability of levitation, and gets a little chakra of all the tailed beasts which makes him the pseudo ten tails Jinchuriki. Now with all the abilities he already possesses Six Paths Sage Mode completely amplifies Naruto. 

    After unlocking this new form Naruto becomes the strongest shinobi of all time. 

    KCM2’s Weaknesses

    One of the weaknesses is that there’s a time limit to kcm2 and the tailed beast transformation. The user must be in absolute sync with the tailed beast which takes immense practice to master. Moreover, if the sync between the individual and the tailed beast isn’t proper then a lot of chakra gets wasted. 

    Another weakness is that the tailed beast seal is completely removed as both Naruto and Kurama are working together so there’s no seal to forcefully keep the tailed beast inside the body. So it allows the opponent to easily extract the tailed beast. We see this happening when Madara within seconds extracts Kurama from Naruto leaving him to die. 


    We hope you found this information helpful and fun!

    There are a lot of new abilities that Naruto can use when in Kyuubi Chakra Mode 2 and it’s important to know what each one does before moving on, so we made it easier for you to understand every aspect of it.

    Let us know if you have any questions about anything we talked about or any other aspect of Naruto so far!

    Also, let us know what you would like to read about next in the comments!

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