Naruto joins war

When Does Naruto Join The War

When Does Naruto Join The War?

Short Answer

Naruto Enters the Shinobi World War in Episode 296 of the Naruto Shippūden anime series.


The preparations for the Shinobi World War begin in episode 215 of Naruto Shippuden Anime Series. There is a fillers arc from Episode 223 to Episode 242.
The anime goes back to Canon in Episode 243 and continues until Episode 256.

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Naruto becomes Ready to Join the Shinobi World War 4 after he learns to Control his Kyuubi Chakra.
He Enters the Shinobi World War in episode 296.

He befriends Kurama and Gains new power and capabilities. Coordination with Kurama was the key to a successful War against White Zetsu Army.

Naruto joins war

Naruto and Bee, the duo rushes to the battlefields and quickly encounter transformed members of the White Zetsu Army. They beat White Zetsus Easily, Thanks to Naruto’s New Abilities. Naruto makes multiple Shadow Clones, Uses new Rasenrangan & Rasenkyugen to Defeat the Enemies, and succeeds.

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Now the really fun part just begins, That’s when Naruto takes over half of the war by merely himself.
He advances with Shadow clones in all directions, with Amazing abilities like being able to distinguish Shinobis from White Zetsu, who wouldn’t be impressed, my Dear Friend.

The One who was supposed to Protect, Started Protecting others. Isn’t this the Amazing Part mate?

When Does Naruto Join The War
Hinata Thinking about Naruto

To our concern, Naruto is the single reinforcement, who was sent to everyone in war. He fought more than half of the Great Shinobi World War by Himself.


Naruto Enters the War in Episode 296 of the Naruto Shippūden. When he becomes able to control Kyuubi Chakra.

  • Naruto becomes Stronger, enough to Face any Enemy.
  • His Appearance changes, He is covered with the Yellow Form of a Coat like Minato.
  • His speed increases and resembles more like that of His own father Minato Namikaze, Yellow Flash of Leaf.


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