What is The Last Episode of Naruto

    The last episode of Naruto Anime (not Naruto Shippuden) is Episode 220.

    In this episode, Gaara fights the ultimate weapon of another village that came intending to kill Gaara.

    Naruto and his friends spectate the battle as Gaara succeeds in defeating his enemy. Gaara gets Naruto to understand his feelings because Naruto is also a Jinchuriki.

    Gaara becomes able to suppress the power of the Tailed Beast (Shukaku). He also understands the importance of love and friendship which makes him a better person.

    And at last, Gaara and his teammates head back to their village.

    What is The Last Episode of Naruto
    What is The Last Episode of Naruto

    From then on, Naruto and other fellows start their training to become stronger.

    According to Jiraya, Akatsuki is getting ready for their attack which would take two years. Till then Jiraya will train Naruto. Which will continue in Naruto Shippuden

    Naruto becomes ready to leave with Jiraiya for training.

    Sakura works harder for the betterment of her Healing Jutsu, Ino requests Sakura to let her be a healing Ninja too by asking for her practice from Lady Tsunade, and that’s pretty much it.

    I hope today’s post showed you “What is The Last Episode of Naruto.”

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