Naruto vs Tanjiro Who Would Win

Naruto vs Tanjiro Who would win?

In a battle between Naruto vs Tanjiro, Who would win?

Well, First of all, I have a request to make.
I understand being a fan of either Naruto or Tanjiro, You have got a deep emotional bond with the Protagonist.

But I request you to accept whoever wins. Don’t spread hate because you’re a Fan of a Character who loses this Fight!

Without beating around a bush, let us get to the Topic!

Naruto vs Tanjiro, Who would win?

Easy & Straight Forward Answer is Naruto!


Let’s take a look at the abilities of both Protagonists here!

Naruto’s Abilities:

Naruto vs Tanjiro Who Would Win


  • All Directions Shuriken
  • Big Ball Rasengan
  • Big Ball Rasenshuriken
  • Big Ball Spiralling Serial Zone Spheres
  • Boil Release: Unrivalled Strength
  • Chakra Transfer Technique
  • Clone Body Blow
  • Clone Spinning Heel Drop (Anime only)
  • Combination Transformation
  • Continuous Tailed Beast Balls
  • Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall
  • Erupting Propulsion Fist
  • Fire Release: Toad Oil Flame Bullet (Anime only)
  • Frog Kata
  • Frog Strike
  • Gentle Step Spiralling Twin Lion Fists
  • Harem Technique
  • Hurricane Thunderclap — Majestic Attire Sword Stroke
  • Ink Creation
  • Kurama Arm Attack
  • Mini-Rasenshuriken
  • Multiple Shadow Clone kwaliteit nandrolone phenylpropionate met verzending Technique
  • Naruto Region Combo
  • Naruto Uzumaki Combo
  • Naruto Uzumaki Two Thousand Combo
  • Negative Emotions Sensing
  • New Sexy Technique
  • Nine-Tails Chakra Mode
  • One Thousand Years of Death
  • Pachinko Technique (Anime only)
  • Parachute
  • Parent and Child Rasengan
  • Planetary Rasengan
  • Rasengan
  • Rasengan: Flash (Anime only)
  • Regeneration Ability
  • Runt Ball Rasengan (Anime only)
  • Sage Art: Lava Release Rasenshuriken
  • Sage Art: Magnet Release Rasengan
  • Sage Art: Many Ultra-Big Ball Spiralling Serial Spheres
  • Sage Art: Super Tailed Beast Rasenshuriken
  • Sage Mode
  • Scorch Release: Halo Hurricane Jet Black Arrow Style Zero
  • Sexy Reverse Harem Technique
  • Sexy Technique
  • Sexy Technique: Pole Dance and Nice Body (Anime only)
  • Shadow Clone Technique
  • Shadow Shuriken Technique
  • Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique (Anime only)
  • Six Paths Sage Mode
  • Six Paths Senjutsu
  • Six Paths Yang Power
  • Six Paths — Chibaku Tensei
  • Six Paths: Ultra-Big Ball Rasenshuriken
  • Soap Bubble Ninjutsu (Anime only)
  • Spiraling Absorption Sphere
  • Spiraling Serial Spheres
  • Spiraling Strife Spheres
  • Strong Fist (Anime only)
  • Summoning Technique (Toad)
  • Summoning: Food Cart Destroyer Technique
  • Super Mini-Tailed Beast Ball
  • Super-Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan (Manga only)
  • Tailed Beast Ball
  • Tailed Beast Ball Rasenshuriken
  • Tailed Beast Chakra Arms
  • Tailed Beast Full Charge
  • Tailed Beast Rasengan
  • Tailed Beast Shockwave
  • Torii Seal
  • Truth-Seeking Ball
  • Turning into a Frog Technique (Anime only)
  • Typhoon Water Vortex Technique
  • Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan
  • Ultra-Many Spiralling Serial Spheres
  • Uzumaki Formation (Anime only)
  • Wind Release: Rasengan
  • Wind Release: Rasenshuriken
  • Wind Release: Repeated Rasenshuriken
  • Wind Release: Toad Gun (Anime only)
  • Wind Release: Toad Oil Bullet (Anime only)
  • Wind Release: Toad Oil Flame Bullet (Anime only)
  • Wind Release: Ultra-Big Ball Rasenshuriken
  • Wisdom Wolf Decay

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Now Let’s See

Tanjiro’s Abilities

Tanjiro Kamado Kimetsu No Yaiba 1

  • Enhanced Sense of Smell
  • Amazing Fighting Ability
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Immense Speed
  • Immense Reflexes
  • Crimson Red Nichirin Blade
  • Transparent World
  • Demon Slayer Mark


  • Water Breathing
  • First Form: Water Surface Slash
  • Second Form: Water Wheel
  • Second Form: Improved – Lateral Water Wheel
  • Third Form: Flowing Dance
  • Fourth Form: Striking Tide
  • Fifth Form: Blessed Rain After the Drought
  • Sixth Form: Whirlpool
  • Whirlpool: Flow – A combination of Third Form: Flowing Dance and Sixth Form: Whirlpool
  • Seventh Form: Piercing Rain Drop
  • Seventh Form: Piercing Rain Drop – Curve
  • Eighth Form: Waterfall Basin
  • Ninth Form: Splashing Water Flow
  • Ninth Form: Splashing Water Flow – Turbulent
  • Tenth Form: Constant Flux

Hinokami Kagura:

Taught to Tanjiro by his father. It’s a breathing technique that increases the user’s strength and endurance.

  • Dance
  • Clear Blue Sky
  • Raging Sun
  • Fake Rainbow
  • Fire Wheel
  • Burning Bones, Summer Sun
  • Sunflower Thrust
  • Solar Heat Haze
  • Setting Sun Transformation
  • Beneficent Radiance
  • Dragon Sun Halo Head Dance
  • Flame Dance
  • Thirteenth Form


Breathing Hybridization
Combination of Water Breathing and the Hinokami Kagura

Demon Abilities

  • Enhanced Regeneration
  • Sunlight Resistance
  • Crimson Red Nichirin Blades Resistance
  • Shapeshifting


Blood Demon Art

  • Shockwave
  • Energy Beam

Let’s Look at what would the Fight be Like:

It’ll Sum up easily.

1000 Years of Death and That’s all. Just kidding,

I can go on describing a long series of attacks but that’s really not necessary.

Naruto Uses SIX PATHS SAGE MODE and Truth Seeking Orbs. That’s all he needs.
He can still use any Rasengan of any kind or Kyuubi Mode. Multiple Shadow Clones can come into play.

He can further use Tailed Beast Mode and Tailed Beast Bomb.
That’s enough, to sum up, everything there is to it.

Now, Don’t Get me Wrong, Tanjiro is a powerful being and have great abilities, but he can’t stand Naruto because Naruto is Greater than him in Various ways, like Strategy, Power, Jutsus, Modes of Fights and especially Great Speed, which can’t be overcome by Tanjiro.

Tanjiro Uses his Hinokami Kagura Dance Breathing Technique, It’ll be very significant facing Naruto but we all can agree that With Tailed Beast Transformation of Naruto or Kyuubi mode of Six Paths, It’s not even a match for Naruto!

Naruto wins by Far and That’s That!

I hope you will be Satisfied by the answer to “Naruto vs Tanjiro Who Would Win

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  1. i like demon slayer more than naruto but i knew that naruto could clap tanjiro cus lets just face it naruto has too many tecniques and tanjiro can breath._. but if it is tanjiro when he turns into a demon then it might be a better fight

    1. It’s True that they’re both kind hearted, but we’re just comparing their power levels and combat skills. As of now, Tanjiro is no match for Naruto, however, Naruto without Kurama vs Tanjiro might have a fair fight. We’ve yet to see Tanjiro’s potential as we advance to next seasons. If there is really an appealing change, we’ll update the article accordingly!

  2. So my opinion is tanjiro would win as the fact he is immortal only the antidote to turn him back in human is worthy of his defeat but as we know the last antidote was put on tanjiro but if it wasn’t there tanjiro would surely win from naruto cuz naruto is mortal

    1. your answer is a really bad take, demon king tanjiro or not one rasenshuriken/ biju bomb and tanjiro/demon tanjiro is finished

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