Is Haku a Boy or Girl

Is Haku a Boy or Girl ?

Who is Haku Naruto ?
Is Haku a Boy or Girl Naruto ?

If you’re seeking answer to above Questions, you’ve just come to the Right Place.

Infact we will also discuss some Facts about Haku most people don’t know about.

First of all, I want to Congratulate you for starting to watch Naruto Anime.
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Watching this Series will make you do Good for Everyone and care about each other, develop sympathy and empathy and Ofcourse, it will make you a better person.

Now, let’s take a look at who actually Haku is.

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Who is Haku in Naruto ?

Haku is an orphan of Land of Fire, belonging to clan Yuki in Naruto Anime Series.
Haku became a Shinobi under supervision of Zabuza Momochi who gave Haku refuge and made him Partner.

Is Haku a Boy or Girl
Is Haku a Boy or Girl

Haku was born in a very small village where recently war took place.
After the war, there remained some Shinobis who possessed Kekkei Genkai and had strong abilities up their sleeve.

Those Shinobis with Kekkei Genkai were considered outcast and were feared for their abilities.
Haku possessed a Kekkei Genkai of manipulating water, which he got from his mother who was capable of using Ice Release.

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Haku showed his ability to his mother one day, she was terrified with what she saw because Kekkei Genkai would threaten the villagers.
Haku’s Father saw his ability. He assembled a group of villagers to kill Haku and her mother.

His Father killed his mother and was onto Haku now, Haku survived by using ice spikes to kill his father and his teammates.

Then later on, he became homeless and met Zabuza.
Zabuza offered him to be his Partner, who would help and save Zabuza in every situation.

That’s how Haku became somebody from Nobody. Still Many people are not fimiliar with Haku Naruto Gender.

Without beating around a bush, let us get ot the Topic.

Is Haku a Boy or Girl ?

Having seen Haku saying he is a boy, there has been many misconceptions around Naruto Fans who would debate on Haku Naruto Gender.

When Haku said he is a boy, many people got puzzled if he is really a boy or assume it’s just a Joke.

But Reality is, Haku is Actually a Boy.

Yes, He is actually a boy.

Is Haku a Boy or Girl
Is Haku a Boy or Girl

This Picture is from Narutopedia, trustable Naruto Source.

It shows Haku’s Gender. He is a Male!

Nothing wrong, No misconceptions, no doubts.

He said it in the Series and is backed up by proofs in Narutopedia.

Now, there raises another question about Haku which most people don’t know about.

How Tall is Haku Naruto ?

Well, in both Anime and Manga, Haku is 155.9 cm tall.
When we see it in Feet matrics, he is exactly 5.115 Feet tall, Which makes 1.559 m.

Now, let’s take a look at what is Haku’s Weight

Haku’s weight is 43.2 kg in Naruto Series.

What kekkei Genkai does Haku have ?

Haku has the Kekkei Genkai of Ice Release in Naruto.

Let’s take a look at when Haku appears in Naruto Anime Episode and Manga Chapter.

In Anime

Haku appears in Naruto Episode 9 of Naruto Episode

In Manga

Haku appears in Volume #2, Naruto Chapter #15 of Naruto Manga

Now let’s see,

When is Haku Birthday Naruto ?

Haku’s Birthday in Naruto takes place at 9th of January. His Blood Type is O.

Well, that sums up everything which is to be explained.

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