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Did Obito Ever Tell Naruto That He is Minato’s Clone?

There isn’t any instance in the story where Obito tells Naruto that he is Naruto’s father’s clone.

But that does not mean that he did not think of Naruto in the same way as he thought of Naruto.

We can assume this simply by looking at Kakashi’s reactions to Naruto, where twice he saw Minato in Naruto.

Did Obito Ever Tell Naruto That He is Minato’s Clone
Kakashi Sees Minato’s Reflection in Naruto

Obito being the other student of Minato would have the same thought as Kakashi.

Obito witnessed what Naruto can do and in the end, he was very impressed by him even so that he knew Naruto can achieve the dream he was never able to achieve and that was to become the Hokage.


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