Will Naruto Always Remain Popular

    As a Naruto Fan, There are Times when You Wonder that “Will Naruto Always Remain Popular“.

    There is Naruto Popularity Worldwide, and it is one of the Best Animes watched by Anime Fans.

    You may also Think, “How Popular is Naruto” and “Why is Naruto so Popular

    That’s Right, There are the Topic on Which We are going to Talk About in This Article!

    Naruto Anime has attracted millions of People, and is on its way to attract and influence millions more.

    This Anime is based on a very interesting story which is naturally amusing to its watchers.

    The Thing is, This Anime was created considering Emotional attachment between the Protagonist and Person watching it.

    That’s why it is ever green and keeps its Fans Happy and Satisfied!

    Well, these are some of the Facts which play Pivotal part in this Anime, keeping a quality relation with it’s viewer.

    Let’s Start with the Main Question,

    How Popular is Naruto

    Naruto Anime has been awarded as “The Most Watched Naruto Series on Year 2019”.

    Naruto Manga has been sold 250 Million Copies to almost 46 Countries in The World taking the lead.

    That explains How Popular Naruto Anime and Manga is!

    Why is Naruto so Popular ?

    Character Development

    Naruto and Naruto Shippuden Anime is best known for the Character Development in the Whole Anime.

    In this Anime, Every Character has it’s backstory which is deep and connects with emotions of the Viewer.

    Indepth story of every character increases understanding and satisfies people.

    Their growth and motives influence watchers to do more and achieve wonders in Real Life.

    Some characters brighten the horizon of Future, when People reconsider their values after watching Good Characters in Naruto Anime.

    Antagonists / Villains

    Even every Villain in Naruto anime has reasons why he chose the dark path and their story is understandable.

    Villains show which motives drive them to perform what they do.

    Hero Characters

    Characters like Itachi Uchiha and Minato Namikaze add to the beauty of anime.

    Their actions speak louder than their Words.

    Now, I am not the only one who knows that, you know it too, Itachi is Worth mentioning in Naruto’s best Characters.

    Deeply Developed Ninja System

    Pretty much every character has his own exceptional style of battling.

    They have grown wide variety of jutsu which has been clarified in straightforward words for comprehension.

    Without this effortlessness, the anime characters would appear to be simply over-burden with powers and would not produce as much enthusiasm as the Naruto arrangement does.

    That said, It is something to Think about that “Is Naruto the Most Popular Anime in History?”


    Naruto Anime contains various Characters who sacrifice their life in order to keep their Homeland Safe and protect their families, providing bright futures for their youth.

    Fight Scenes


    Naruto contains a lot of fight scenes which amaze the viewers.

    Fights in this Anime are amusing since all characters have been shown to have more IQ than Average.

    These are some Reasons to clarify the Question “Why is Naruto so Popular”.

    Is Naruto The Most Popular Anime ?


    Naruto and Naruto Shippuden are the Most Popular Anime as of 2019 declared by Crunchyroll.

    One Piece is it’s only competitor which almost Rivals Naruto.

    But Naruto has a Bigger Fanbase Than Any other Anime.

    How Popular is Naruto in Japan ?

    Naruto is Popular in Japan, but it is way more Famous in Foreign Countries other than Japan too.

    Most of the Naruto Fanbase stems from Countries like Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon and Angola etc.

    That brings us to the Main Topic.

    Will Naruto Always Remain Popular ?


    Well, by looking at how much prime time it has got, and is attractive to a huge audience.

    It will always remain Popular and its Characters will always stay in hearts of its Fans.

    Naruto Anime adaptation is also better than all other animes like Dragon Ball Z because anime industry (making Naruto Anime) learnt from mistakes of DragonBallZ.

    This Anime has always been Popular since it came out.

    Naruto counts in the Top 3 Shonen Jumps.

    It is the only anime rival to One Piece in the Anime Industry (also in term of length).

    These 220 Episodes of Naruto & 500 Episodes of Naruto Shippuden hold the best Story (well, a lot of fillers too).

    You know this anime is ever green since new people who start watching anime usually watch Naruto as their First Anime.

    Naruto Fans literally grow with Characters.

    This anime has Great Potential and is attractive for any person in Anime.

    There are Various Reasons why it will always remain Popular.


    It has Great Story which every new Fan gets involved with Greatly. It’s Story is legendary and it is really Worth Watching.

    Its plot is distinctive, standing out, enjoyable, incredible and so in touch with Emotions.

    Every Naruto Fan has Fascinating Views on Storyline like that of Itachi Uchiha.

    Depth of Each Character’s Story

    Every Character in Naruto has a Story which is deep and blended with Emotions.

    You know it’s a Great Anime when it connects emotional bonds with You.

    That’s Right, it is also worth watching due to its characters’ background Stories.

    Story of each individual teaches life lessons, influences its Fans and make their life meaningful and imbued with Purpose of Peace.

    Engagement with Watcher

    Naruto and Naruto Shippuden Anime engage the watcher and makes it feel like it is their stories.

    It provides moments different people can relate to and keeps them engaged which a few other animes are able to do.

    Awesome Roles

    This is what no one talks about.

    In Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, characters play their role in a brilliant way.

    The choice of Characters for various scenes and stories is best as it can be.

    Characters like Itachi Uchiha and Shikamaru Nara add great value to the anime and its overall rating.


    The Voice matches every character’s Nature. Outstanding effort has been put in voiceovers of this Anime.

    All characters have voice which fits with their tone and character.

    Well, This Anime is never going to get older.

    Its one of the most watched anime, since most of the people start their journey with this Anime.

    It will always be Popular because its features and cast stands out as compared to other lengthy animes.


    Your opinions can be different, You are Welcomed to present your own opinion in Comments.

    I hope today’s post showed you ”Will Naruto Always Remain Popular

    Thanks For Reading.
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