Why Does Naruto Run Like That

    Why Does Naruto Run Like That?

    What is Naruto Run?
    Why Does Naruto Run With His Arms Back?

    Well, You’re just at the right place to discover that.

    Naruto and Naruto Shippuden Anime has various distinctions which make it outrank many other animes in Anime Industry.

    One of the things which apparently makes people use their heads is Naruto Run.

    Yes, Running with arms backward.

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    Why Does Naruto Run Like That (including other characters)?

    Well, there is not an Official answer or reason given by the creators. But guess what, there are various reasons due to which Naruto Run makes sense.

    There can be an enormous number of reasons but we will only discuss the most prominent ones.


    Reducing Friction by Streamlined Body

    During the Naruto Run, arms in a backward direction reduce the air friction faced by the runner. It makes it easier for runners to run fast. On the other hand, it makes the runner use less energy (chakra) to overcome Friction.

    Increased Aerodynamics

    Running at a fast speed as most Ninja do creates a lot of problems, so the more aerodynamic posture, Run gets better. Various balancing issues come from running fast which fade away in that posture. The arms held behind the body fix these balance issues.

    Easy accessibility to Weapons

    Ninjas running fast with their arms back have more accessibility to weapons than normal run. They can easily access and swap weapons with their arms back near the weapons.

    Maintaining Center of Gravity

    When Characters run like that, they maintain their arms in a backward position, which puts weight in the center of their body, moving the center of gravity in between the body. This makes their Run more stable and efficient.

    Avoiding Enemy Weapons

    Having arms stick to the body, lessen the total surface area of the body, leading them to avoid enemy weapons more likely. This gives them an edge over their enemies.

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