Why Did Sasuke Marry Sakura? Busting Absurd Myths

    Sasuke Uchiha is the last surviving member of the Uchiha Clan and the second strongest shinobi in the world after Naruto Uzumaki. We’re aware of all the obvious facts in the series except Why Did Sasuke Marry Sakura?

    Sasuke married Sakura after the 4th Great Ninja War, who is one of the most skilled medic ninjas in the world right now. This ship is among the most popular ships in the Naruto fandom, because of how they interacted with each other from the start.

    Why Did Sasuke Marry Sakura?

    Sasuke was hellbent on taking revenge for his clan, he ignored all of the feelings that people had for him including Sakura’s love for him as well.

    And even though Sasuke became a terrorist during Naruto Shippuden Sakura just like Naruto did not give up on Sasuke and still held onto her feelings of love for him.

    Sasuke after the war when he was brought back to his senses by Naruto accepted the people around him, this included Sakura’s love for him too, and this led to their marriageWhy Did Sasuke Marry Sakura

    Why Did Sakura Marry Sasuke and Not Naruto?

    The answer to this question is simply because she never loved Naruto, even though Naruto expressed his feelings for Sakura many times in the series (it was not true love though because he never understood what true love was until Naruto: The Last).

    She never had romantic feelings for Naruto, even when she confessed to Naruto before the 5 Kage Summit. It was just so Naruto could stop pursuing Sasuke because of which Naruto was in so much pain.

    Why Did Sasuke Marry Sakura

    Did Sasuke Marry Sakura Out of Guilt?

    No, he did not marry Sakura out of guilt. Sasuke had shown signs of affection for Sakura throughout the series if you pay close attention to the manga panels, this was not apparent in the anime though.

    Sasuke and Sakura

    After he got past the phase of taking revenge for the Uchiha Clan and then changing the world by becoming the Hokage, he was finally able to express his emotions of love and friendship. This is the reason he married Sakura.

    How Did Sasuke Fall In Love With Sakura?

    How Did Sasuke Fall In Love With Sakura?

    Sasuke was shown to be an emo kid who only wanted revenge for his clan.

    But when the story progresses you can clearly see he does have other emotions, remember before the Uchiha massacre Sasuke was a happy and innocent kid.

    This is proven when he sacrifices himself to save Naruto against Haku and when he loses his mind against the Sound Four shinobi whom Sakura was protecting them against.

    Did Sasuke Marry Sakura Out of Guilt?

    Sasuke after the war when he was leaving for his redemption journey we can see him tapping her forehead like Itachi used to do, which is a sign of affection.

    You can say that he truly realized he had feelings for her during his time in prison after the war but he had developed those feelings during their time together in team 7.

    They even went on missions together and on one of those missions, Sakura even got pregnant.

    Sasuka Pokes Sakura in the Head

    Does Sasuke Love Sakura?

    Yes, he does love Sakura very much. Their relationship is explored heavily in the Sasuke Retsuden Novel, which is also getting a manga adaptation soon.

    Sasuke thinks about how their marriage is since he can’t be with her all the time. He even gets jealous in the novel when he sees other men talking to Sakura.

    He even makes her a ring in the novel so that he can track her but most importantly it was a gift as a wedding ring.

    Uchiha Family along with Sarada

    That’s The Reason Why Sasuke Married Sakura.

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