Naruto and Hinata The Last Naruto The Movie

When Should I Watch Naruto the Last

When Should I Watch Naruto the Last?

When Should you watch The Last: Naruto The Movie?

If you’re wondering about this, then you’ve come to the Right Place.

You & I have been watching Naruto for a Long time now and I assume you have almost watched a whole lot of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden Series.

It’s natural for you to ask when to watch Naruto the Last.

Naruto and Hinata 3 The Last Naruto The Movie


If you have not yet watched the Naruto Shippuden series till the end, there is still a long time for you to watch Naruto The Last Movie.

If that’s the case, I would suggest you keep watching Naruto Shippuden.



Naruto: The Last Movie Takes Place at almost the end of the Naruto Shippuden Series.

But here’s the thing, If you watch this Movie after Naruto Shippuden Series ending, it’ll not match up.

You should watch the Movie after Naruto Shippuden episode 493 but before episode 494.

This way your concept about the Ending of Naruto Shippuden will be Perfect.

After The Last: Naruto The Movie Comes Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Anime Series.

Here’s the interesting part… “Naruto: The Last” Movie is NOT an important part of the Naruto Shippuden Series but it adds extra meaning to the series.
But who would not like to watch an interesting story & parts of that Movie?

In my opinion, You’ll not be disappointed if you watch the Movie.

This movie also contains Naruto and Hinata getting to knowing each other and that’s only what I’ll spoil to you, so you would not miss the fun of the Movie.

When Should I Watch Naruto the Last
When Should I Watch Naruto the Last

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Watching Naruto: The Last Movie is really Fun too because it’s a bit distinctive from all the Naruto and Naruto Shippuden Series.

This movie will take you to the Naruto Universe and different scenes will get your Jaws dropped.

Your Favourite Author (of Naruto) Masashi Kishimoto personally supervised the two canonical anime films, The Last: Naruto the Movie and Boruto: Naruto the Movie.

The Movie also has a Great Plot. It’ll be a Great Experience if you watch this movie because it’s a natural preview of how Naruto is perceived as a Hero of Hidden Leaf.

That’s not where it ends though, there is so much more waiting to be seen in that movie. It’s Got really great Story, mature and perfect characters.

Moreover, that movie doesn’t let you get bored at any moment.

It’s also a great movie to watch because sadly, it’s the last thing in which we see Naruto in his Primetime.

Boruto shows Naruto and Other characters but we all know it is based on his next generations which lay stress on Boruto and His Friends.

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“The Last – Naruto The Movie” should be watched After Episode 493 but Before 494 so that you grasp the right concepts about Naruto. The movie is nothing less than Naruto Shippuden itself. It’ll be very fun to watch.

I hope Today’s Post Answered you “When Should I Watch Naruto the Last “.

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