Why Did Sasuke Leave Akatsuki

    As much as Naruto was Naruto’s story it was also Sasuke’s. You can argue Naruto  Shippuden put more emphasis on Sasuke’s part of the story than Naruto’s to an extent.

    We see Sasuke joining the most well-known evil organization in anime the Akatsuki. Why did Sasuke Leave Akatsuki? What led him to leave and fight against the mastermind behind Akatsuki?

    Sasuke joining and leaving Akatsuki plays a big role in the character development of Sasuke.

    How was the story impacted by these events? The important role Obito and Orochimaru played in these events. We will be taking a look at all these things. 

    Why Did Sasuke Leave Akatsuki?

    First of all, Sasuke was never really a true member of the Akatsuki.

    He was offered a deal by Obito to catch the Eight-Tails for the Akatsuki and in return, the Akatsuki will help Sasuke’s Team Taka take revenge on The Hidden Leaf Village.

    Sasuke Team Taka Naruto Shippuden

    Sasuke’s Team Taka was formerly known as Team Hebi, which was formed to track down Itachi Uchiha for Sasuke to avenge his clan.

    But after learning the truth from Obito about Itachi, how he was the one suffering the most because of the village who ordered him to carry out the Uchiha massacre.

    After learning the truth from Obito Sasuke decides to take revenge on the Hidden Leaf Village by destroying it.

    Events That Led To Sasuke Leaving The Akatsuki

    Sasuke basically leaves the Akatsuki after meeting all the previous Hokage which included Hahsirama Senju, Tobirama Senju, Hiruzen Sarutobi, and Minato Namikaze after he has a conversation with them about Itachi and the village. 

    Kage Naruto

    In order to accomplish that Sasuke revives Orochimaru. By using the curse seal of Anko and Kabuto.

    Orochimaru then uses the White Zetsu as the medium to revive the previous Hokage by undoing the Reaper Death Seal first then using the Reanimation Jutsu to revive them.

    Sasuke finally comes to the conclusion that he must protect the village which Itachi sacrificed everything to protect. Sasuke decides to become the Hokage.

    He wanted to carry all the pain and burdens of the village alone and make it according to his own desires. 

    Did Naruto Join Akatsuki?

    Now that you know “Why Did Sasuke Leave Akatsuki,” let’s see if Naruto ever went there to pursue Sasuke.

    Naruto never joined the Akatsuki. In fact, Naruto hated the Akatsuki since they were after all the Jinchuriki hunting them down and killing them to obtain the Tailed Beasts. Naruto was also their target. 


    His friend Gaara was killed by the Akatsuki who was later revived. He also did not like Itachi Uchiha for what he did to his friend Sasuke. 

    Naruto was attacked by the Akatsuki members Itachi and Kisame very early even before Naruto Shipudden but thankfully he was saved by Jiraiya.

    He later takes Naruto with him to train and protect him from the Akatsuki. 

    Why Did Sasuke Join Akatsuki?

    Sasuke did not officially join the Akatsuki but rather it was a deal he made with Obito. Obito promised him the full support of Akatsuki to take revenge against the Hidden Leaf Village.

    Otherwise, that would have been impossible for Sasuke and his team to do it alone.

    Akatsuki Featured Image Compressed

    The deal Obito offered to Sasuke was to help him get all the remaining Jinchuriki.

    Knowing Sasuke’s past with Naruto Obito sends Sasuke to get the Eight Tails from Killer B of The Hidden Cloud Village.

    This is where we get to witness the iconic fight of Killer B using his 8 swords to humble all of Sasuke’s team. Killer B was so disrespectful that he started writing rap bars during their fight.

    But eventually, Sasuke’s team manages to get the Eight-Tails chakra. But Killer B manages to escape with his Tailed Beast Gyuki by removing one of his tentacles.

    How Long Was Sasuke In The Akatsuki?

    Sasuke was not associated with the Akatsuki for a long time. After the fight with Itachi, Obito tells Sasuke the truth about Itachi, and how the village used Itachi to maintain peace.

    After realizing Itachi was not just a psychopath murderer but in actuality, he was a hero.

    Why Did Sasuke Leave Akatsuki
    Why Did Sasuke Leave Akatsuki

    Sasuke decides to partner up with Obito to destroy the Hidden Leaf Village. Some important events that take place during that time period are:

    • Sasuke goes after Killer B.
    • Sasuke goes to the 5 Kage Summit, where Obito declares the 4th Great Ninja War. 
    • Sasuke fights the Kage and immediately after that, he fights Danzo.
    • The Fourth Great Ninja War starts.
    • Sasuke meets Itachi.
    • Sasuke revives Oorchimaru.
    • Sasuke meets the previous Hokage.

    Sasuke pretty much was with the Akatsuki for about a few days. When the war began he decided to protect the Hidden Leaf Village that his brother protected.

    Not only Sasuke leaves the Akatsuki but he also fights against them in the war.

    Who Was In Sasuke’s Akatsuki Team?

    Sasuke formed his team which was called Team Hebi before he associated with the Akatsuki. After learning the truth about Itachi, Sasuke renames his team to Team Taka, with a new goal in mind. The members of this team consisted of:

    • Suigetsu Hozuki
    • Karin Uzumaki
    • Jugo


    In the end, Sasuke left Akatsuki because he understood the intentions behind his brother’s actions.

    He understood why Itachi carried all the burden of hatred on his shoulders alone for the sake of the Hidden Leaf Village even after being used by them.

    After meeting all the previous Hokage he was able to understand the meaning behind what a village truly is.

    He understood the meaning behind the Will of Fire and how Itachi even without meeting the previous Hokage was able to inherit that Will of Fire. Which motivates Sasuke to inherit that will as well.


    Q: Is Sasuke still a part of the Akatsuki?

    A: No, Sasuke is not a part of the Akatsuki anymore. As a matter of fact, The Akatsuki does not exist anymore after the death of Obito and Madara. 

    Shin Uchiha tried to revive the Akatsuki in the Boruto era but he was stopped easily by Naruto and Sasuke.

    Q: Why did Sasuke join Tobi?

    A: Sasuke joined Tobi/Obito because he wanted the help of Akastuki to take revenge on Konoha.

    Q: Will Sasuke join Akatsuki?

    A: No, Sasuke will not join the Akatsuki because Sasuke has left the path of evil and is a good person now. Also, the fact that Akatsuki does not exist anymore.

    That was all about “Why Did Sasuke Leave Akatsuki”.

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