Is Itachi a Protagonist or an Antagonist in Naruto?

    Itachi can be considered both in some cases since he was an antihero but a villain for the most part.

    Still, people usually ask “Is Itachi a Protagonist or an Antagonist in Naruto?

    The answer’s logic can be twofold.

    The way Itachi executed his plans made him an antagonist in the eyes of everyone but his intentions were of a hero and he did achieve well with his methods.

    Itachi had a critical choice to make between his clan and the rest of the villagers. To stop the coup d’etat, he had to stop the Uchiha clan.

    Itachi, an Antagonist or Protagonist?
    Itachi, before Uchiha Massacre

    Putting his family relations and emotions aside, he chose to save the villagers instead of his clan members with their selfish desire to rule.

    Because of this event, Itachi can apparently be considered a villain with respect to his role’s portrayal in story writing and script, but a hero for the real reason he gave everything he had for.

    Most fans hold him in high regard and consider him a hero.

    Is Itachi a Protagonist or an Antagonist in Naruto?
    Itachi before Slaying Uchiha Clan

    Even his father understood what he was doing and had no issues with him when Itachi was about to send them away. Itachi’s whole existence is that of someone who lived as a villain and died as a hero for the village.

    Itachi Uchiha 1

    He was the one who turned the tables for the shinobi world in their favor. Even Hashirama called him a better shinobi than himself.

    Hashirama Senju 2

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