Why did Orochimaru Train Sasuke?

    Orochimaru trained Sasuke because:

    1. Orochimaru wanted to have a company of intelligent and strong Shinobi so no one could do any harm to Orochimaru.
    2. Orochimaru’s dream was to learn all Jutsu existing in the Naruto Universe. For this he had to live on longer, so he figured out a way to achieve immortality using the bodies of other Shinobis.

    Below is an explanation about the above, and why he selected Sasuke for each reason.

    1. Why the Company of Strong Shinobi?

    Orochimaru trained Sasuke because Sasuke had great abilities: Kekkei Genkai Mangekyou Sharingan which would eventually evolve into Rinnegan.

    Why Select Sasuke?

    Orochimaru didn’t just want anybody to inhabit, he wanted Kekkei Genkai users around him for protection purposes. Sasuke was a perfect fit.

    2. What Mission Did Orochimaru Want to Accomplish?

    Orochimaru wanted to take over Sasuke’s body to gain the refined abilities of a highly skilled and powerful shinobi, specifically inheriting Sasuke’s advanced Sharingan eyes and obtaining a young, strong body for prolonged life. He could then use it to learn all the Jutsu of Ninja World.

    Why Select Sasuke?

    Orochimaru tried to take over Itachi’s body but we know Orochimaru couldn’t beat Itachi. When Orochimaru tried to beat Itachi, he faced an easy defeat.

    Not being able to take over Itachi’s body, Orochimaru made his mind train Sasuke and take over his body when he grows up.

    That’s also why Orochimaru gave a curse mark to Sasuke during the Chunin exams.

    Why did Orochimaru Train Sasuke
    Orochimaru Giving Sasuke Curse Mark

    Uchiha Clan Possessed Sharingan. Itachi’s prowess with his Sharingan was outstanding. Orochimaru expected the same from Sasuke.

    The reason Orochimaru trained Sasuke was because Sasuke had a great body, Kekkei Genkai Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, and amazing Tai Jutsu.

    He was the Ultimate Shinobi with all Great Qualities. Almost No one could beat him.
    He had all the qualities that Orochimaru was looking for. He also had a high IQ at a young age.

    Sasuke’s Sharingan is a Choku Tomoe formation, which is considered to be the most advanced type of Sharingan (Surpassing Madara)

    Possessing Sasuke’s body, Orochimaru would inherit the Sharingan eyes and gain a young body that would allow him to live much longer.

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    What’s the Takeaway?

    Orochimaru wanted to have Sasuke’s abilities refined to their finest before he took his body so that he would be ready to carry on with Sasuke’s body.

    Sasuke told Naruto, that he knew that he alone wouldn’t be able to defeat Itachi and was okay with Orochimaru taking his body after he defeated Itachi.

    But we know Sasuke did not let Orochimaru take over his body as a vessel, that would be because Sasuke’s vision was more than just beating Itachi in Battle.

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