Why Did Naruto Almost Kill Jiraiya

    Why Did Naruto Almost Kill Jiraiya?

    As you all know that there was a point in Naruto’s life when he almost killed Jiraiya.

    Here will be a detailed explanation though why this happened.

    The Tragic Event takes place when Naruto and Jiraiya are traveling outside the village.

    One of the main reasons why Naruto is traveling with Jiraiya, a Legendary Sannin is because he is a target of the organization called “The Akatsuki”.

    They are after the Nine-Tails Fox, that’s sealed inside Naruto. Jiraiya who is Naruto’s Sensei is giving Naruto special training so that he would be capable of defending himself or may even defeat the members of the Akatsuki when they come to capture him.

    This event happens somewhere between Naruto Part 1 and Naruto Shippuden.

    We were never really shown any of the events that happened during these 3 years but we only get a few glimpses of Naruto’s training.

    So, before we get to the main event, we shall know how it is that the viewers and readers were enunciated about the above events.

    All of this started when Kakashi, Naruto, and Sakura rescued Gaara and fought two members of the Akatsuki.

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    Kakashi used his Mangekyou Sharingan, which resulted in him being hospitalized and bedridden for some time and Team 7 needed a new leader.

    Tsunade Senju The Fifth Hokage recruits Yamato who works in the ANBU to be the new leader of Team Kakashi, she recruits him for a very special reason which shall be addressed later on.

    Before the next mission of team 7 was going to start which Yamato has to lead, Tsunade arranges a private meeting for him so that she could give Yamato a piece of very important information about Naruto and explain the reason for choosing him as Kakashi’s replacement.

    The Nine Tails Cloak

    This private conversation took place at the Konoha hospital between Jiraiya, Kakashi, and Tsunade. This was the first time, it was revealed to Kakashi that Yamato is replacing him as the new leader.

    Kakashi is resting at the hospital, Jiraiya shows up handing over Make-out paradise (books written by Jiraiya) so that he can pass the time.

    Tsunade shows up with Yamato introducing him to Kakashi (this is not the first meeting they’ve worked together in the past as ANBU) and revealing that there is something important Yamato needs to know about Naruto before going to the mission.

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    Jiraiya and Kakashi share their personal experience with Naruto. This is where we are introduced to the term Nine Tails Cloak. Jiraiya says that there are times when the nine tails chakra flows out of Naruto’s body and starts to take on the Demon Fox’s form.

    Kakashi further explains after his experience from the previous mission, that as Naruto’s emotions intensified, more and more of the nine tails chakra began to flow out of him until it enveloped his entire body.

    But just before the second tail took form, Kakashi was able to suppress his chakra with a seal that Jiraiya gave him.

    Why Did Naruto Almost Killed Jiraiya 3

    From his previous experience, Kakashi was able to deduce that by the formation of the chakra, it’s likely that more and more tails will appear. And eventually, there will be nine. This is when Kakashi asks Jiraiya, up to how many tails did he see.

    Jiraiya’s Near-Death Experience

    Jiraiya says with a certain coolness in his tone that he has come close to death twice in his entire life.

    Why Did Naruto Almost Kill Jiraiya
    Why Did Naruto Almost Kill Jiraiya

    The first time, he got six broken ribs, broke both his arms, and had several ruptured organs. But this was actually when he tried to research by peeking at the women’s bath at the hot spring, and Tsunade Clobbered him.

    But the second happened while training Naruto and the fourth tail of the Nine-Tails chakra emerged.

    Jiraiya felt that it was like he became a mini-fox demon. Till the third tail, Naruto was able to retain conscious control. But when the fourth appeared, his mind was overpowered and he was overcome by destructive impulses.

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    Kakashi shocked by this revelation asks, how is it that the chakra is leaking even with the Fourth Hokage’s seal formula. Jiraiya explains that what he has witnessed firsthand is evidence that the Fourth Hokage’s seal is weakening.

    Jiraiya further adds that it looks like Naruto is being protected by a chakra aura of the Fox Demon while in that state, but the truth is that his body is continuously being harmed by that aura.

    Jiraiya also noticed that Naruto’s whole body suffered severe injuries when the fourth tail emerged. He further makes a serious statement that if this continues then the damages may be more than what his body can take.

    The Damage may become irreparable and it’ll kill him a lot sooner than later.

    Why Did Naruto Almost Kill Jiraiya
    Why Did Naruto Almost Kill Jiraiya

    While Jiraiya is explaining the tragic event, he removes his top-wear and shows a massive scar which is covering the entirety of his chest, it is understood that Jiraiya was near death due to loss of blood and was in the hospital for several weeks.

    Tsunade finally brings the conversation to end by revealing that this is exactly why Yamato was chosen for this job as he carries the First Hokage’s cells within him. And he’s the only one right now who is capable of controlling the nine tails chakra.

    So We hope you have got the answer to ” Why Did Naruto Almost Kill Jiraiya

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