When Did Orochimaru Leave Konoha

    Orochimaru is one of the most iconic villains in Naruto. Orochimaru, Konoha’s Snake Sannin, left Konoha for his own twisted reasons that are very much seeped into his versatile personality. 

    The question on everyone’s lips has been, “When did Orochimaru leave Konoha“. This blog post will explore all the details about this important event in Naruto history.

    When Did Orochimaru Leave Konoha?

    Orochimaru left Konoha shortly after Minato was chosen to become the Fourth Hokage.

    Why Did Orochimaru Leave the Leaf Village?

    Orochimaru left Konoha for various reasons. It is not clearly explained nor is there a specific reason for Orochimaru’s betrayal. Orochimaru leaving the village were due to various events that occured in his life that shaped his character. 

    Orochimaru witnesses his parent’s death at a very young age. Witnessing their death makes Orochimaru very curious and gets him obsessed about gaining more knowledge on death and possibly achieving immortality. 

    Researching on death and gaining immortality is forbidden in the leaf village and Orochimaru also gets caught while he’s researching on this. Orochimaru feels that staying in the leaf village gives him a very restricted amount of knowledge while he’s obsessed with mastering every jutsu on the planet and achieving immortality as his goals. 

    This becomes one of the main reasons for him deserting the village as Orochimaru is a very ambitious character and staying at the village makes his ambitions very restricted. 

    Orochimaru began his research after discovering the shredded skin of a white snake. as shown in Chapter 344 (Page 16).

    Hiruzen said that this was a sign of good fortune and rebirth. Orochimaru became interested in Kinjutsu at that time, according to the wiki.

    Kinjutsu (meaning Forbidden Techniques) are those techniques that are banned from being taught or used.

    When Did Orochimaru Leave Konoha

    When Did Orochimaru Leave Konoha
    Source: Naruto Manga Chapter 344 (Page 16) – When Did Orochimaru Leave Konoha

    Later on, Orochimaru’s reasons to leave Konoha only increases when due to his forbidden activities and experimenting on shinobis and occultist practices, he’s rejected the seat of the Fourth Hokage, which Orochimaru was really ambitious about. 

    This is proven when another ninja asked Ibiki Morino why Orochimaru was considered a missing-nin in Chapter 116 during the Sand’s invasion of the Chūnin Exam.

    Naruto Manga Chapter 116 Page 2
    Naruto Manga Chapter 116 Page 2
    Naruto Manga Chapter 116 Page 3
    Naruto Manga Chapter 116 Page 3

    Ibiki replied, “A long time ago, when The Fourth Hokage was chosen, Orochimaru felt he was the worthy choice. He wasn’t selected

    One of the reasons why Orochimaru left the Leaf Village was because he felt disgrace when wasn’t selected as Hokage, instead, Minato Namikaze was appointed as “The Fourth Hokage”.

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    Why Did Orochimaru Betray Konoha?

    There are multiple reasons why Orochimaru became an enemy of Konoha.


    Orochimaru was a Konoha ninja, but he soon left the village because he felt disgraced when Minato Namikaze was appointed as the Fourth Hokage and his eccentric goals which were unachievable had he stayed at the village. He was unhappy that he was restricted from information that he desperately wanted considering that he’s a war veteran and one of the legendary Sannin.

    Moreover, he was also rejected the seat of the 4th Hokage needed to do something to take revenge on Konoha. So, Orochimaru created his own small village known as the sound village which is filled with underdogs and abandoned kids, and shinobi.

    Orochimaru successfully creates an entire village and by using forbidden methods such as the cursed mark, achieves immortality and attacks Konoha to kill Hiruzen.

    Another reason for his betrayal is that he wanted power and became a traitor in order to get it. He wanted to learn all the jutsu that existed in the Shinobi world and achieve immortality. Derived by his desires, he turned against Konoha.

    When Did Orochimaru Become Missing Nin?

    Orochimaru became a missing-nin right after the Third Great Ninja War when he witnessed the death of Tsunade’s brother Nawaki and her lover Dan, he became obsessed with achieving immortality and soon was caught by Hiruzen doing forbidden research in Konoha. Orochimaru deserts the village while Jiraiya follows him and tries to bring him back but fails. After some time we hear that Orochimaru joined a secret organization called The Akatsuki.

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    When Did Orochimaru Join the Akatsuki?

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    Orochimaru joined the Akatsuki shortly after the Third Great Ninja War, for a very short time soon betraying them as well.

    Why Did Orochimaru Join the Akatsuki?

    It is not exactly answered as to why Orochimaru joined the Akatsuki. It could be for many reasons such as for more knowledge about the forbidden ninjutsu that he could see as every member of the Akatsuki is a criminal. 

    To dominate the world or destroy Konoha as Akatsuki’s goal once was world Domination and Orochimaru would’ve found it attractive.

    Another reason could be to gain some wealth to conduct his research as Akatsuki was aiming for a lot of money before capturing the Tailed beasts.

    Later on, when Itachi joined the Akatsuki, Orochimaru had a new goal. Which was to take Itachi’s body so that he could get his hands on the rare Sharingan and the Uchiha blood. 

    Overall, the Akatsuki did a lot of dirty work for different villages charging a lot of money and it can be assumed that Orochimaru was basically trying to burn time and gain some knowledge and enjoy doing the dirty work.

    When Did Orochimaru Leave Akatsuki?

    Orochimaru, after seeing Itachi joining the Akatsuki, tries to steal his body so that he can have an Uchiha body and get the sharingan. Even in the Akatsuki there are rules and betraying a teammate is forbidden.

    Orochimaru on a certain day attacks Itachi from behind. Itachi predicts this through his sharingan and puts Orochimaru under his Tsukuyomi and completely defeats him. Knowing he can’t be with the Akatsuki anymore he betrays them and flees away. 

    Why Did Orochimaru Leave the Akatsuki?

    As explained above Orochimaru tries to steal Itachi’s body. But he fails while Itachi puts Orochimaru under a genjutsu and amputates his left arm, bringing his original strategy to an end. Orochimaru eventually decided to leave the Akatsuki, no longer wanting to listen and play nicely with others in the organization.

    Is Orochimaru Still Evil in Boruto?

    Orochimaru is apparently not evil in Boruto. He enrolled his own son, Mitsuki, into Konohagakure Academy so that he could study and learn things. Orochimaru after asking the permission of the 7th Hokage Naruto Uzumaki and Shikamaru Nara decides to send Mitsuki to the village academy. However, he is being monitored by Yamato and being kept under constant surveillance.

    He’s not causing the village trouble anymore in Boruto since the end of Shinobi World War 4.

    Is Orochimaru Good Now?

    Yes, Orochimaru’s work is being utilized by Konohagakure and has proved very beneficial during the Shin Uchiha arc when Orochimaru helps Naruto and Sasuke to find Shin and destroy him. It can be said that he played a crucial part in the safety of the leaf in Boruto (Naruto’s Next Generations).

    If you want to learn more about Orochimaru’s status now, refer to this article for details.

    When Does Orochimaru Become Good?

    Orochimaru became good again after the Fourth Great Ninja War. However, he is still being monitored by Yamato and being kept under constant surveillance to make sure he’s not causing any trouble for the village.

    Why Did Orochimaru Turn Good?

    Orochimaru turned apparently good again after the Fourth Great Ninja War.

    Orochimaru after seeing Kabuto achieving perfect Sage Mode feels as if there is nothing left to gain. He already achieved immortality and after seeing Kabuto, his main goal became to see what Sasuke will decide to do considering Sasuke’s hatred for the ninja world.

    Orochimaru wants to see Sasuke’s path as he himself walked that path once. After seeing Sasuke fight to save the world Orochimaru basically lost his will to destroy Konoha after the war, so his main focus was changed. We can’t say for sure if he’s become perfectly kind-hearted and pure, but in Boruto, his character has been portrayed as a positive one.

    However, he is still being monitored by Yamato and is continuously monitored for any wrongdoing.

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