What If Naruto Had The Sharingan

    Sharingan is one of the most iconic and most versatile powerups in anime.

    Throughout the Naruto series, we have seen how the Sharingan has been portrayed as one of the most overpowered Kekkei Genkai. But what if, just like our deuteragonist Sasuke Uchiha, our protagonist Naruto had the Sharingan? 

    Having the Nine Tails inside Naruto has already made him way too strong, and adding the Sharingan to his arsenal would make him even more fearsome as a shinobi.

    But Sharingan has its drawbacks, too, which might hurt Naruto in the long run. 

    What If Naruto Had The Sharingan

    The way Naruto has lived his miserable life, he qualifies as a Uchiha who went through tragedy and emotional trauma to awaken his Sharingan.

    What If Naruto Had The Sharingan
    What If Naruto Had The Sharingan

    Also, considering his Sensei Kakashi, his fighting style would be more vast than it is. But there can be two ways Naruto gets a Sharingan: either he gets his Sharingan like Kakashi, or he somehow awakens it naturally due to his parents being Uchiha. Let’s discuss both possibilities.

    Naruto Receives The Sharingan

    Naruto receives his Sharingan from either Kakashi or Sasuke during the Zabuza fight, just like Obito gave his Sharingan to Kakashi.

    Can Kakashi Still Use Sharingan 11

    This could mean either Kakashi or Sasuke were heavily injured, or worse, one of them might have ended up dying. This would change the whole story, so we will go with the other scenario.

    Naruto Awakening His Sharingan

    Naruto, being half Uzumaki, already gives him huge chakra reserves compared to most people, and adding in the huge chakra he receives from Kurama the Nine Tails.

    This will immensely help Naruto using his Sharingan. Awakening the Sharingan gives you a boost in every stat, including strength, speed, dexterity, genjutsu prowess, etc. 

    Naruto would most likely activate his Sharingan during the Haku fight after seeing Sasuke mortally wounded by Haku while he first uses the Nine Tails’ chakra.

    Haku 1

    Since he would have activated both his Sharingan and used Nine Tails chakra simultaneously, he would have obliterated Haku even more easily.

    Later, he could have awakened his second tomoe during the Chunin exams when facing Orochimaru in the face of despair. 

    Kakashi, being his sensei, would have paid more attention to Naruto’s training, just like Sasuke’s, since he would be the only one who knows how the Sharingan works and how to incorporate that into Naruto’s arsenal. 

    Naruto would have unlocked his 3 Tomoe Sharingan against Sasuke in the Valley of The End fight in part 1, just like Sasuke did.

    This would give Naruto another extra boost, and the battle would have ended up in his favor, but he ends up exhausted, giving Sasuke the chance to go to Orochimaru.

    Awakening The Mangekyou Sharingan

    Awakening the Sharingan is a rarity, but awakening the Mnagekyou Sharingan is even rarer. To awaken the MS, an individual needs to have emotional trauma, and Naruto does not lack emotional trauma, so awakening the MS won’t be a big problem for him. 

    What If Naruto Had The Sharingan

    He would most likely awaken the MS after learning about Jiraiya’s death. Along with his Sage Mode training, Naruto would gain another power-up like the MS, and since it would be new, he wouldn’t go blind instantly, and the MS would be a big help to him in his fight against Pain.

    Pain Nagato in Yahikos Body

    Awakening the MS would give Naruto a hax ability like the other users and also some beginning level of the Susanoo, and incorporating that with his sage mode would be a huge boost to him, but eventually, he will lose, and Kurama will have to take over just like it did in the original story. 

    Eventually, Naruto will start going blind and will have to ask for Tsuande’s help. There is no cure for the blindness caused by MS, so the only way for Naruto to keep his sight would be to take Hashirama cells just like Obito did.

    Having Hashirama cells allowed Obito to use his MS without going blind. Sasuke didn’t have that facility because there was no source of Hashirama cells, but in Naruto’s case, he had Yamato, who had Hashirama cells inside him. This will allow Tsunade to help Naruto with his sight.

    Awakening The Rinnegan

    During the war, when both Naruto and Sasuke seemingly die and meet Hagoromo, The Sage of Six Paths, he gives them his chakra, which allows Naruto to use the SO6P mode along with the Truth Seekin Orbs, and Sasuke awakens the Rinnegan. 

    What If Naruto Had The Rinnegan
    Naruto With Rinnegan

    But Sasuke had received Hashirama cells just before his meeting with Hagoromo, and he has the Sharingan going with this logic.

    Naruto would also awaken the Rinnegan, but it is not certain since Sasuke had the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan since he swapped his MS with his brother Itachi’s MS, allowed him to awaken his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. 

    Naruto would be able to use his Susanoo just like Sasuke did to keep himself and others protected from the light of Infinite Tsukyomi, and depending on his Mnagekyou ability, it would be really helpful in the fight against Madara and later on against Kaguya.

    Naruto’s Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan

    Sasuke and Madara both awakened their EMS by swapping their MS with their brothers. But in Naruto’s case, he doesn’t have a blood-related Uchiha brother or any family member.

    We still don’t know if an EMS can be achieved by only swapping your MS with a family member or any Uchiha would do.

    If that is the case, Naruto might be able to achieve his EMS after the war and his final battle with Sasuke is over, and Sasuke offers his own MS to Naruto.

    Naruto’s Power and Ability

    With the Sharingan, Naruto would become a Kage-level shinobi pretty early on after the time skip; his arsenal would be different, too, since he now has a Sharingan, he might be able to use the Chidori and Raikiri, which requires a Sharingan to utilize fully.

    Adding his genjutsu prowess in the mix, too, since the Sharingan boosts your genjutsu prowess as well. 

    With a boost to his overall stats along with the other powerups like Sage Mode and KCM, he would also be able to use a hax MS ability along with an incomplete Susanoo like Itachi.

    His chakra reserves are already high enough that he wouldn’t need to worry about low stamina or chakra most of the time.


    Naruto having the Sharingan would make him even more overpowered than he already is. The results of most of his fights would be different, and his fighting style would also be different than what we see today.

    His training would also go differently. The plot will also change depending on the outcome of his fights. Overall, he would have surpassed characters like Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju earlier than he did in the original story.

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