Top My Hero Academia Strongest Characters [Officially Ranked]

    My Hero Academia is one of the most popular new gen series and the power system is really interesting as well since superheroes exist in the world, there are a lot of strong characters in the world. In this article, we will be taking a look at My Hero Academia Strongest Characters.

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    That being said, let’s get back to the topic.

    My Hero Academia Strongest Characters

    Following are the top 10 MHA Strongest Characters.

    10. Fumikage Tokoyami

    Starting off the list is the bird boy himself, Tokoyami with his quirk “Dark Shadow”, his only weakness is daylight but even in daylight, he is strong.

    When he loses control and goes berserk Dark Shadow doesn’t take physical damage and can overpower most of his foes. Even the number 2 hero Hawks is a fan of Tokoyami and sent him to faceoff against All For One himself.

    My Hero Academia Strongest Characters

    9. Overhaul

    Overhaul is one of the most menacing villains we have seen in the series so far, he is basically an alchemist from FMAB but more OP, his quirk is even stronger than Shiigaraki. It took plot armor over 9000 to defeat him.


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    8. Dabi

    Dabi with his quirk “cremate” has flames that are even stronger than the number 1 hero Endeavor. He has enough firepower to destroy everything in his path.

    He was even able to damage Giagntomachia and even All For One considers him special because of his personality. His only weakness is his durability he is basically a glass canon.

    Dabi with his quirk cremate


    7. Gigantomachia

    Gigantomachia is able to take damage and evolve further and get stronger every time. He is so strong that even Dark Shadow didn’t want to fight him. He was so destructive in the first war that the heroes made him their priority and locked him up first.

    My Hero Academia Strongest Characters

    6. Endeavor

    The number 1 hero himself not only is strong but he is one of the smartest people around. With his firepower, he can take down even High-End Nomus, and not only that he is even able to destroy All For One and Shigaraki’s super regenerating bodies to a crisp.


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    5. All For One

    The biggest evil the world has ever seen All For One was the main villain who terrorized Japan for more than a century and had everyone in fear. He was able to take quirks and give them to anyone. And even tricked All Might and destroyed his organs and not only that he even raised Shigaraki as his successor to rule over the world.

    All For One evil

    4. Izuku Midoriya

    The protagonist and the 9th wielder of One For All, not only does he have super strength like All Might but he has unlocked all of the previous quirks of the previous users too. One For All is so strong that even All For One wants even after having his own quirk.

    Izuku Midoriya

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    3. Star and Stripe

    The biggest All Might fan some might say even bigger than Midoriya. With her quirk “New Order” she can control and command even nature herself and people.

    She was able to weaken Shigaraki and erase some of his quirks too who had the full power of All For One. She was the biggest threat to All For One and Shigaraki, and thus the 3rd of My Hero Academia Most Powerful Characters with great strength in MHA universe.

    Star and Stripe

    2. All Might

    The strongest hero the world has seen for decades, he was able to finally defeat All For One who was a threat to the whole world.

    He alone was able to bring back Japan to peace himself alone, and he regrets a little that he did everything alone. That strength made him stay at the top-most rank of My Hero Academia strongest characters with great power for decades.

    All Might

    1. Tomura Shigaraki

    Shigaraki has lost his mind but has become even stronger than even prime All Might who was stronger than All For One. With hundreds of quirks at his disposal, he has become unbeatable.

    With hyper regeneration and other quirks he has surpassed everyone and has become the true successor of All For One and ranks at the top of My Hero Academia Strongest Characters.

    Tomura Shigaraki

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