10 Charming RomCom Anime Like Rosario Vampire You Must Watch

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    Many fans ask “What should I watch after Rosario Vampire?“. We’re here to explain that. In today’s article, We will be recommending some of the best anime similar to Rosario Vampire.

    Rosario Vampire is a hit high school harem anime with a supernatural theme. It features a human boy, our MC, who attends a school where monster girls study. He falls in love with a vampire girl, who is the main female lead of the show. At the same time, several other girls are romantically interested in him.

    List of Anime Like Rosario Vampire You Must Watch

    If you loved this anime, then here are my top 10 recommendations of anime similar to Rosario Vampire which share a similar storyline, characters, and theme that you will also love.


    Charming RomCom Anime identical to Rosario Vampire

    Shuffle is another Anime competing with Rosario Vampire & that You Must Watch. It was a popular visual novel video game in Japan and was released in 2004. The game was such a huge hit that it got its own anime adaptation the following year.

    The MC lives in a world where angels and demons exist. Besides that fact, he’s just another regular schoolboy. As you might have guessed, just like in Rosario Vampire, some of these demon girls and angels are interested in our MC. If you like monster girls x human stories, you’ll love this series.

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    Trinity Seven

    Trinity Seven - anime like rosario vampire on netflix

    After the Breakdown Phenomenon Event, the main character’s town is destroyed. All the people living there disappeared. However, our MC uses a magical grimoire in order to recreate it.

    Naturally, some mages are interested in knowing more about this event. Arata Kasuga, the MC, meets one of such mages. He is told to either hand the grimoire over or die. But the MC decides to join them instead. He enrolls in a magical school where the story unfolds.

    This harem-style anime series is fun, wholesome, and romantic at times. A great choice for people who don’t mind some ecchi and harem content.

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    High School DxD

    anime like rosario vampire reddit
    Anime Like Rosario Vampire You Must Watch

    High School DxD is probably the most popular anime on this list that is similar to Rosario Vampire. It is about a super perverted boy who dies, but gets resurrected by a demon girl. He has to become her slave in return.

    Now, having been pulled into the world of angels and demons, he has to buckle up for a whole new life.

    This is also an anime that can be categorized into the ecchi category, so beware of the fanservice in the show.

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    Heaven’s Lost Property

    Heaven's Lost Property - rosario vampire recommendations

    Heaven’s Lost Property is a hilarious rom-com anime with a bit of ecchi and fanservice in it. The world he lives in has a floating anomaly in the sky, which is called the “New World.” Our MC, Omoki Sakurai, has been seeing visions that might be related to it.

    One day, a mysterious girl falls from the sky who thinks of herself as the servant of the MC. What is happening here? Who exactly is the main character? Watch the show to find out!

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    Strike The Blood

    Strike The Blood - Anime Like Rosario Vampire You Must Watch

    Strike The Blood is an anime similar to Rosario Vampire where the main male character of the series is a vampire.

    However, in the beginning, he was just another high school student, who was living a normal life. But one day, he ends up getting vampiric powers.

    His life drastically changes when he gains this supernatural ability and learns that he’s the fourth primogenitor—a mythical legend who is supposed to be a super-strong vampire.

    Legends describe his destructiveness. The Lion King Organization sends a sword shaman because of Akatsuki.

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    To Love Ru

    To Love Ru

    Romance, science fiction, and ecchi do not always go hand in hand when it comes to anime. However, To Love Ru does a good job of blending these genres together, making a fun story for its audience.

    In this show, we have an alien girl who is supposed to be a princess of an alien empire. However, she wants none of that and has escaped from her planet and landed on Earth. To be more precise, our princess in her birthday suit literally fell on top of our MC Rito while he was bathing.

    Thus begins Rito’s story, as he is caught up in between girls from another planet.

    Actually, I am…

    Actually, I am Anime

    Actually, I am, is an anime like Rosario Vampire that features a vampire as the main female protagonist.

    Asahi Kuromine, the main male protagonist, has always had a crush on Youko Shiragami. However, one day, he comes to find out her secret. She was a vampire girl. Now, he has to keep her identity secret in order to keep her from quitting school and transferring elsewhere.

    Fortune Arterial

    Fortune Arterial

    Similar to Rosario Vampire, this anime also has a school theme where a vampire girl and a human boy get to know each other.

    The main protagonist of this anime, Kohei Hasekura, has to travel on a boat to get to his school, which is located on an island far away from the mainland.

    As you might’ve guessed, a school located in such a remote, shady place cannot be an ordinary school. He soon finds that a girl from the next class is a vampire. Now Kohei is pulled into the dark mysteries of the school.

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    Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun

    Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun

    While this anime might not have a vampire female MC like in Rosario Vampire, it has several other common plot points.

    The main character of this show, Iruma, has to attend a school full of demons and monsters. Despite being a human with no magic powers, he has to pretend to be one of the demons so that he can lead a peaceful life there.

    However, this task becomes way too easy when his step-grandpa, the devil, offers him a ring filled with tremendous magic power.

    Because of that, Iruma became way more popular than he ever intended to be.

    This is a really great anime with loads of comedy, and good plot points, and does not have any fanservice or ecchi scenes, which makes it a perfect anime to watch with your family.

    Omamori Himari

    Omamori Himari

    Omamori Himari is another supernatural ecchi anime that features an MC who is surrounded by all sorts of girls who have various powers.

    The main character of the show, Yuuto Amakawa’s parents, passed away, and he has to live by himself. He attends school with his next-door neighbor.

    However, one day, a mysterious being called Ayakashi attacks him in order to make him pay for the sins of his ancestors. Luckily for him, a cat girl steps in and saves him from being killed.

    This is when she reveals the truth that he belongs to a demon slayer family and that the cat girl will be his protector from now on. Soon after, he finds himself surrounded by a group of other girls in his place, each having their own goal in mind.

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