Is Ichigo Stronger Than Yamamoto [Explained]

    Bleach has a big cast of strong and badass characters, the protagonist or the side characters. Captain Commander Yamamoto and the substitute Soul Reaper Ichigo are no exception.

    Is Ichigo really stronger than Yamamoto? Let’s take a look at this question.

    Bleach is one of the most popular shounen and a part of the big 3. The power scaling community is a big part of it, and fans have debated which characters are stronger than the others. The comparisons also include the debates between Ichigo and Yamamoto.

    Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto

    The Captain Commander of the Gotei 13 and the leader of the 1st division. One of the oldest ShinigamiShinigami and the founder of Gotei 13.

    In his thousand years of life, no shinigami was born who could rival him in strength. His strength was so great that Aizen had to create special countermeasures for him and Yamamoto destroyed it easily.


    Yamamoto’s Powers and abilities

    Let’s take a brief look at Yamamoto’s capabilities.


    Yamamoto has arguably the most destructive Zanpakto in all of Soul Society. His Shikai “Ryujin Jakka” is so powerful that it burns everything in its surroundings; low-level Shinigami.

    Shinigami can’t even go near it if his Shikai is so strong wait till you see his Bankai “Zanka No Tachi,” which can not even be used for a long time in soul society because it will destroy the soul society.

    His Bankai has concentrated all the destructive flames in the blade and doesn’t show any fire, offensively and defensively. It is equally great. It also can erase the existence of anything it cuts.

    Is Ichigo Stronger Than Yamamoto 1

    Ichigo Kurosaki

    The substitute shinigami and the hero of the soul society. The perfect hybrid of all Bleach races and the candidate to take the place of the Soul King. The son of the former captain of the 10th division and a Quincy.

    Ichigo has proven every time he fights that he holds more power than being shown by him right now since he has a new transformation every other fight. He was soul society’s only hope against Aizen and even the Quincy King Yhwach Bach, who killed Yamamoto.


    Ichigo’s Power and abilities

    Ichigo has the following powers that make him stronger than one can expect:


    Others suppress Ichigo’s hollow powers, but we see how much of a boost he gets when White takes over Ichigo or uses it himself.

    His hollow powers at their peak could easily destroy Ulquiorra, who released his Segunda Etapa and was considered the strongest Espada by many.

    Is Ichigo Stronger Than Yamamoto 4


    His strongest shinigami power feats would come from his battle with transcended Aizen. Dangsi/Mugetsu Ichigo, when he merges with his Bankai “Tensa Zangetsu,” was able to beat the crap out of Aizen.

    He was so strong that he could reach a level even transcended Aizen couldn’t achieve even after absorbing the Hogyoku.

    Is Ichigo Stronger Than Yamamoto 5


    His Quincy powers all the powers his Zanpakto has because, in reality, it was the essence of the Quincy king all along. At the end of the series, he’s considered one of the strongest after gaining control of all his powers.

    Is Ichigo Stronger Than Yamamoto 6


    This matchup is close since both opponents are powerful; and honestly, this matchup can go either way. Yamamoto’s Bankai is no joke, and Ichigo’s raw power is nothing to sleep on.

    Yamamoto has experience on his side but is older, while Ichigo is the young one and has that never give up mindset. But Ichigo might be a bit stronger than Yamamoto since his feats are better, and he was also considered the soul king candidate.

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