Hinata vs Pain

Did Hinata Hit Pain in the Anime?

Hinata, after seeing the person she loves (Naruto) get rekt by Pain, stepped in, to fight Pain and showcased her skills of the world-renowned Hyuga clan’s fighting style the “Gentle Fist”.

Hinata Hits Pain in Naruto Anime
Pain Partially Defeats Naruto

She wanted to save Naruto and didn’t care who her opponent was.

Hinata vs Pain 1

She was able to land one hit on Pain but only because Nagato’s condition got worse and Pain got hit.

Pain Naruto

Hinata’s objective wasn’t to defeat Pain (Nagato), but to save Naruto from Pain but to do that she had to risk it all.

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She almost died to protect Naruto but she didn’t care about herself and tried her best in saving Naruto. This reaction of Hinata influenced Naruto to turn into 9-Tails form and go into a rampage later on.

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