Why was the Female Titan Crying?

    Known for her immense strength and cunning tactics, the mysterious female titan has often left viewers questioning her motives. However, it was a particular scene that truly captivated audiences – when the female titan was seen shedding tears.

    This raised the question: Why was the female titan crying? What could have prompted such an emotional response from a seemingly heartless being?

    Basically, female titan cried because she couldn’t break free and go back to her father, everyone finding out she’s a titan, emotionally feeling for other humans, and feeling guilty about all the messed up stuff she did. More on that ahead, so read on!

    The true identity of the Female Titan

    First of all, can titans cry? Yes, intelligent titans can cry (like Female Titan), but regular titans cannot. Now, we need to understand who we are talking about when saying female titan!

    the female titan crying

    Some events unfolded in the following episodes, revealing a complex and tragic backstory behind the enigmatic titan.

    As the story progressed, it was revealed that the female titan was actually a human being named Annie Leonhart, who possessed the ability to transform into a female titan.

    So why did the Female Titan cry in Ep 22? Why was Annie crying? Let’s get to it!

    Why was the Female Titan Crying?

    The female titan was crying because of her failed attempt to escape and return to her father, her identity revelation as titan to others, her attachment to fellow humans and her regret over the immoral actions she undertook.

    Events leading to Female Titan’s Tears

    Let’s see each one of these factors in detail.

    Failed Attempt To Escape and Return to her Father

    Despite her formidable strength and abilities, Annie’s primary objective was to escape and return to her father.

    You know, the 57th Expedition was a crucial opportunity for Annie to get her hands on Eren, the Titan shifter, and finally complete the hellish mission on Paradis Island.

    It was a make-or-break moment for her. But things took a turn when Levi and Mikasa intervened and snatched Eren away from her.

    Annie’s strong desire to go back to her father without facing any repercussions, combined with the realization that after losing to Eren, her easiest route back home to her father in Liberio was now gone, caused her to cry.

    Why was the Female Titan Crying
    Explaining: Why was the Female Titan Crying

    Identity Revelation as the Female Titan

    The revelation of Annie’s true identity as the Female Titan was a pivotal moment in her character arc.

    Prior to this, she had successfully hidden her true intentions and motives from her fellow soldiers within the Survey Corps.

    But when her secret was unveiled during the Battle of Stohess District, it shattered the trust that had been built between Annie and her comrades.

    This revelation of her to her comrades made her feel exposed and vulnerable. She had spent so much time and effort maintaining her facade, pretending to be a loyal soldier fighting for humanity’s survival.

    But now, her true colors were revealed for all to see. That made her cry.

    Attachment to Fellow Humans

    You see, Annie had joined the Scout Regiment with the mission of capturing Eren and handing him over to the Marleyan government.

    However, spending time within the walls and interacting with comrades, she got to sympathize with them.

    why was the female titan crying
    Explaining: Why was the Female Titan Crying

    And as she got to know others, she saw their incredible bravery and her feelings became more complicated, which eventually led to her shedding tears. That’s another reason why the female titan was crying.

    Regret Over her Immoral Actions

    Annie Leonhart, while in her titan form, still retained some of her human emotions, memories and consciousness. She witnessed a heartbreaking event or experienced overwhelming guilt for her actions as a titan.

    Annie had been trained as a warrior within an organization known as the Marleyan military, which aimed to utilize titans as weapons for their own gain. Despite her seemingly heartless exterior, Annie had always struggled with the moral implications of her role as a titan shifter.

    The weight of the lives she had taken and the destruction she had caused began to weigh heavily on her conscience. Deep down, Annie yearned for a life free from bloodshed and violence.

    As time went on, Annie started questioning the motives of the Marleyan military and their exploitation of titans.

    It could also be linked to the loss, sacrifice, and the weight of responsibility on her.


    To wrap things up, the tears shed by the female titan in Attack on Titan bring a whole new dimension to its character.

    They represent the inner turmoil, ethical dilemmas, and fragility hidden beneath this powerful titan shifter.

    That’s all about “Why was the female titan crying,” and we hope this was more than enough to make you understand the context.

    This show, famous for its intricate plot, encourages us to ponder the emotional intricacies of characters from every angle of the conflict, making the story even more compelling.

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    Q: Why Did the Female Titan Want Eren?

    A: The Female Titan was after Eren because he had the power of the Founding Titan, which lets him control other Titans.

    Annie’s plan was to capture Eren and take him back to Marley so they could use his power for their military. It would’ve given Marley a major edge in controlling the Titans and maybe even help them come out on top in the ongoing conflict.

    Q: How Did Armin Know Annie Was the Female Titan?

    A: Armin figured out that Annie was the Female Titan by analyzing her fighting style and behavior during the battle of Stohess District. He noticed that the Female Titan’s moves resembled Annie’s hand-to-hand combat skills, which they had practiced together before.

    Q: Why Did the Female Titan Not Kill Armin?

    A: See, Annie had this personal connection with him because they trained together as part of the Marleyan Warriors infiltrating the Walls.

    Even though her mission was to nab Eren and she had a reputation for being ruthless as the Female Titan, something held her back from offing Armin.

    It was that emotional bond they formed during their training days that made her hesitate. And boy, did that hesitation make a difference!

    Armin survived, and it ended up being a game-changer because it gave him the chance to come up with a plan to stop Annie and expose Female Titan’s true identity.

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