Naruto a a weak character
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Why Do Some People Hate Naruto for Being a “Weak” Main Character?

People calling Naruto a “weak” Main Character might not understand his character completely.

People forget that Naruto is a shinobi and shinobi aren’t supposed to be heroes of justice or righteousness.

They are supposed to be “weapons” used by the villages and their ultimate goal is to win the war. Naruto is a very good shinobi that knows how to handle any situation.

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So when Naruto sympathizes with his enemies who are fellow shinobi and uses “talk no jutsuinstead of defeating them by force. He does it to put an end to every fight and proposes that the ultimate solution to hatred isn’t fighting, but peace.

People say that Naruto is an idiot for talking about peace and trying to befriend an enemy who wants to kill him.

If you think about it, most shinobi fight for their villages, believing that this is the most important thing for them to do.

Naruto tries to change that. He wants to prove that there’s more to life than being a shinobi and that being a member of your village doesn’t mean you’re any better than anyone else.

AFTER defeating them, he makes them walk the right track. People forget that most of the Naruto villains’ objectives aren’t wrong but their methods are they are broken people, Naruto understands that and tries to help them.

This is the reason for people thinking of Naruto as a weak Main Character.

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