What Did The Third Hokage Do To Orochimaru

    What Did The Third Hokage Do To Orochimaru?

    What Happened To Orochimaru when he Fought the Third Hokage?

    What Did Hiruzen Sarutobi Do To Orochimaru ?

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    Let me start by saying that Orochimaru is one of the 3 Legendary Sannins who Fought the 2nd Shinobi War.

    What Did The Third Hokage Do To Orochimaru
    What Did The Third Hokage Do To Orochimaru

    He is one of the characters who played a pivotal part in Naruto and Naruto Shippuden Anime.

    Without a Character like him, it would’ve been quite weird.

    First, we will look at the main Reasons, Why Orochimaru betray Hidden Leaf.

    What was legs shoulder the Motive of Orochimaru?

    Orochimaru, being an Evil Character in Naruto had actually intended to not only destroy Hidden Leaf by himself but also he wanted to achieve Immortality (Eternal Life).

    The story describing Thirst of Power never ends well, the same was the case with Orochimaru.

    He had a Dream and a Mission to learn all Jutsus in Ninja World, which required him to live as long as he could.

    This was the main reason that made him walk a darker path full of evil.

    He started his Journey to learn Jutsus (including forbidden ones), but that was against the Hidden Leaf.

    No one was given access to Forbidden Jutsus. But Orochimaru still could not resist his desire to gain power.

    That was the Motive of Orochimaru.

    Now let’s see,

    What happened to Orochimaru Afterwards?

    Orochimaru left the hidden leaf as a Rogue Ninja, seeking power. He joined Akatsuki for the fulfillment of his dreams.

    When in Akatsuki, he tried to take away Itachi’s Body for himself as a vessel which he failed at, after all, Itachi was someone who Orochimaru couldn’t even harm.

    Orochimaru performed experiments and researched various jutsus to live an eternal life.

    But Hiruzen (The Third Hokage) knew if Orochimaru reached his prime, it’d be a big threat for Hidden Leaf.


    What Did Third Hokage Do To Orochimaru?

    During the Chunin Exams, Orochimaru invaded Hidden Leaf and Fought Hiruzen Sarutobi who was the Third Hokage at that Time.

    They both Fought Marvelous Battle against each other, who used to be Sensei and Students once.

    But it turned out to be sadder than expected. Hiruzen sacrificed his life in that battle.

    What actually happened was that Orochimaru was capable of more than Hiruzen at that age, he could also easily win the battle against Hiruzen because he had his teammates with him.

    Orochimaru’s Teammates created a Barrier with 4 Corners, trapping Hiruzen and Orochimaru inside it.

    Hiruzen tried his best to fight & did the best he could. He gave a Hard time to Orochimaru.

    But Hiruzen knew, he could not defeat Orochimaru directly (more specifically under those conditions).

    Here’s the main Thing Hiruzen Did.

    The Third Hokage Hiruzen used a Reaper seal Death Jutsu. It is also called Dead Demon Consuming Seal.

    What is Reaper Death Seal?

    It is a Jutsu created by the Uzumaki Clan in which one soul is sealed by summoning Shinigami at expense of the life of the Jutsu caster.

    It seals Enemies’ souls inside Shinigami and takes away their abilities. If Jutsu processes completely, the person on which Jutsu is cast, Dies!

    Final Words

    Hiruzen used Reaper Seal to seal away Orochimaru, but he was only able to seal away his hands.

    Due to this, Orochimaru’s hand signs Jutsu casting power was taken away and he couldn’t use any Jutsu.

    That’s what Third Hokage Did To Orochimaru.

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