What Could’ve Made the Naruto Series Even Better?

    If we are talking about the anime only then the obvious answer would be “less filler”.

    The anime is more than 40% filler so getting rid of that filler will make the experience way better for everyone watching. (If you don’t want to watch fillers, here is a filler list for you to skip those episodes)

    But if we are talking about the plot then the execution of talk no jutsu can be better.

    Explaining What Could’ve Made the Naruto Series Even Better

    Since people misunderstand the meaning behind Naruto’s words to his villains, if the execution is better then we people can understand Naruto’s way better.

    Other than that you can involve the Konoha 11 in Shipudden a bit more especially a character like Rock Lee since he had so much buildup in a pre-time skip.

    Ahmad Zubair
    Ahmad Zubair
    Ahmad is a seasoned member of the Naruto tribe who seamlessly shows his love for anime in his writings. He shares intriguing facts and worthwhile reads, all while having a cup of tea. So go on, experience his creations, and immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of storytelling and profound contemplation.

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