7 Solid Strongest Kara Members Ranked

    The Naruto franchise had one of the most iconic villain groups The Akatsuki and now Boruto as its successor has its own villain group “Kara”. Everyone in the Kara organization is a beast when it comes to power scaling.

    The Strongest Kara Members ranked in this list can take down Kage-level opponents with ease. Since their leader, Jigen, was later revealed to be an Otsutsuki named Isshiki, all of the Kara members are modified, humans and some are basically cyborgs.

    The inners of the Kara are the main fighting force and the strongest members of Kara. There are 9 Kara inners including the leader and the rest of the organization consists of the Outer members like Ao and Garou.

    In this article, we will be ranking the strongest Kara members.

    Strongest kara members Boruto
    Strongest kara members Boruto

    Strongest Kara Members Ranked.STRONGEST KARA MEMBERS RANKED

    Following are the strongest Kara members ranked on basis of their strength and feats.


    7. VICTOR

    The man providing Kara with financial funds even if he is the weakest among the Kara inners. He is really strong in his own right. One of the few shinobis who can use all 4 elemental nature styles, has some insane level of regeneration ability.

    He isn’t the combat type but still strong enough to overpower Jonins like Konohamaru and Mugino. Even Orochimaru comments on how stubborn he was when he faced him. But he is no way near as strong as the other inners of Kara, as he was easily killed by Kashin Koji.



    6. DEEPA

    This man gave Team 7 more trouble than they had ever faced ever before. He almost kills all of Team 7 and not only them even Team 10 and Shinki’s team combined were no match for him.

    Mitsuki had to use Sage Mode just so he could escape from him and save Boruto and Sarada, while his organs were destroyed. His defenses were so strong that nobody could get through him, and when combined with the cubes he controlled for offense, it made him even stronger.

    He even destroyed a Hidden Cloud Jonin team which consisted of the Raikage’s right-hand man Omoi.



    5. DELTA

    People might be surprised how Delta, who was exchanging blows with Naruto, is so low on the list, but the members who are ranked higher than her, are just built differently.

    Her physical strength was on par with Naruto granted he wasn’t going all out against her but keeping up with Naruto is a feat that most can’t even dream of accomplishing.

    She’s not just strong physically but she can absorb ninjutsu and not many people can overload her ninjutsu absorption as Naruto did.

    She even has laser beam attacks that destroy you on a cellular level so you can’t regenerate. According to Cod,e she was weaker than the next members coming up on this list.



    4. BORO

    The leader of the Ohtsutsuki worshipping cult, Kawaki calls him worse than Jigen in some ways. Not many people can even survive in his presence due to the viruses he spreads from his body, Team 7 were lucky to have Mitsuki there who created antibodies for them otherwise even without fighting him they would have died.

    Not to forget his super regeneration abilities which were similar to 10 Tail Madara’s regeneration abilities. According to Cod,e he was stronger than Delta. Even after getting his scientific ninja tool destroyed by Sarada his body transformed and went berserk.

    Momoshiki himself had to emerge to save Boruto from getting killed, Momoshiki had to borrow chakra from Naruto to kill Boro.




    The clone of the legendary Sannin Jiraiya. Kashin Koji was made just so Amado can use him to kill Isshiki. Isshiki comments on how Amado wanted to use Jiraiya’s mighty fate.

    Kashin Koji is physically in his prime, he can use boiler toads as his summonings and other jutsu Jiraiya used. He can even use Perfect Sage Mode unlike Jiraiya who needed help and he has a fire-style technique similar to Amaterasu called “True Flames of Samadhi” in addition to that he can summon naturally occurring flames that cant be absorbed by the karma.

    He was strong enough to force Isshiki to resurrect into Jigen’s body and push him to his edge while he was still inside Jigen’s body.

    Kashin Koji


    2. CODE

    The bearer of Isshiki’s White Karma and the most loyal to him. Code is the only inner who has limiters put on him just so his powers can be suppressed, even with his limiters he is extremely powerful as stated by Amado he is stronger than Naruto and Sasuke.

    He uses claws and uses the claw marks for teleportation and is extremely loyal to Isshiki. Without his limiters, he is stated to be stronger than Jigen and can easily take care of Naruto and Sasuke.

    The only people who could even defeat him with his limiters right now were Boruto and Kawaki. Now that his limiters are off he is extremely powerful and comments that he doesn’t feel he can lose to anyone now.



    1. ISSHIKI

    The strongest villain we have seen in not only Boruto but Naruto as well. Even without resurrecting he destroyed Naruto and Sasuke as Jigen with a weak body.

    But after resurrecting in a weak vessel he destroyed them again but Naruto and Sasuke got lucky since his body wasn’t able to survive for long so Naruto used his Baryon Mode which was able to overpower Isshiki but Kurama died in the process.

    Even after using Baryon Mode Isshiki survived and was only defeated because they got lucky. We never even saw his true strength, Amado stated if he had obtained his true strength there was no way to defeat him.


    Thanks for reading!


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