How Did Rin Die? The Shocking Reality!

Rin Nohara was a chunin of the Hidden Leaf Village and a member of Team Minato along with Kakashi Hatake and Obito Uchiha. Who was later forcibly turned into the Three-Tail Jinchuriki. She was a sweet and friendly girl who cared deeply for her friends and village. Most of the time she played the role … Read more

What Movie Does Naruto Fall in Love with Hinata?

Naruto fans have been wondering for a while about the relationship between Naruto & Hinata, how it all started, and most importantly, When Naruto and Hinata got together. The relationship between these two characters developed over time and its base was deeply rooted in pure unconditional love and affection for each other. What Movie Does … Read more

Can Naruto Fly?

More and more fans have been debating on the topic “Can Naruto Fly?” since Boruto started to air and we were shown the adult version of Naruto, mostly busy with his work. Yes, Naruto can certainly Fly. By the end of Naruto Shippuden, Naruto showed that he has powers of levitation, mainly because of receiving … Read more

Can Naruto Use Wood Style?

People have been wondering for a while now whether Naruto can use wood release or not since getting the Hashirama cells after the war.  In this article, we will be looking at “Can Naruto Use Wood Style?“ The wood release is the strongest chakra release, especially due to the First Hokage Hashirama. It is a … Read more

Can Naruto Use Rinnegan?

Naruto with Rinnegan image

Yes, he certainly can use it, but it’s not that simple just to put it like that, and here’s exactly why! Naruto being the strongest and most skilled shinobi in the history of the ninja world can definitely use and control the Rinnegan very fluently. It is very much in his capability to use the … Read more

When Does Naruto Shippuden Get Good?

The question, “When Does Naruto Shippuden Get Good?” is one that has crossed the minds of Naruto fans for years. When does the show get good? When does it start to become genuinely enjoyable and worth watching? The answer may surprise you because some people don’t actually like this show when they first watch it. … Read more

Isshiki Otsutsuki – Everything You Must Know

Who Is Isshiki Otsutsuki? Isshiki is one of the strongest Otsutsuki to date. Isshiki is also currently the strongest character with only Baryon Mode Naruto on his level. Isshiki is one of the highest-ranking Otsutsuki of the Otsutsuki clan. Isshiki is known for his unquantifiable speed, shrinking objects, usage of Byakugan, and immense power. Isshiki … Read more

Does Obito Get Nagato’s Rinnegan

Obito Uchiha was once a shinobi of Konoha, and one of the few people to know the real truth of Madara Uchiha. But his dream was crushed when he witnessed the death of his one and true love Rin Nohara. After her death, nothing was left for Obito in this world. Madara showed him a … Read more