Top 10 Strongest Characters In Fire Force

    Fire Force is one of those underrated series of the new generation even though its sale numbers are excellent, most people don’t talk about it despite being so good. It has one of the best anime adaptations with David Productions doing a fantastic job.

    The characters are really interesting as well with it having a very interesting power system. Fire Force as the name suggests uses fire abilities but they are used in a way that every ability is different from one another.

    Since it has so many great abilities the characters are pretty strong as well as have great fights with Arthur vs Dragon being arguably the best new-gen fight.


    In this article we will be taking a look at the top 10 strongest characters in Fire Force manga:

    Strongest Characters In Fire Force Anime
    Strongest Characters In Fire Force Anime



    Top 10 Strongest Characters In Fire Force Anime Series:

    The following are the strongest Fire Force characters by the end of the manga.


    10. SUMIRE

    Starting off the list we have Sister Sumire the 7th Pillar and a member of the Holy Sol Temple and also the White Clad. While she was posing as a nun at the same time as Iris and Hibana in the background she was preparing for the cataclysm.

    With her 3rd generation pyrokinesis, she can create vibrations that act not only offensively but defensively as well. She can create earthquakes with the power of her shivering and not only that nobody can touch her because of the vibrations as well.

    She was able to shake the entire Tokyo city multiple times with her ability.

    Fire Force
    Fire Force


    9. CHARON

    The guardian of Haumea and an expert hand-to-hand combatant.

    Charon is one of the strongest White Clad members, he is a 2nd generation pyrokinetic that allows him to absorb energy from every attack he receives and turns it into thermal energy which he uses to make explosions and use in tandem with his hand-to-hand combat.

    He absorbed one of Nutaku’s attacks and redirected it at the moon which created a crater on it. He even took an attack from Benimaru and was unscathed.





    Former captain of Company 1 Leonard Burns the second strongest captain from the special fire force company given the title of the “White Lion” by the Holy Sol Temple.

    He is one of those few people who have seen the adolla and had to pay the price for seeing it by losing an eye. His 3rd generation pyrokinesis “Voltage Nova” is extremely overpowered it starts slowly but as it reaches its further stages it becomes more and more powerful Joker states if he had enough time he would become untouchable.

    Shinra and Joker had to give their all against Burns. Even then there wasn’t a clear victory for them cus it was the Doppelganger of Burns who impales him and drags him back to Adolla, where Burns keeps his consciousness and merges with his Doppelganger.

    Lenard burns

    7. FAERIE

    Leader of the Great Cataclysm Execution Specialist Squad, a 3rd generation pyrokinetic with his pyrokinesis ability he can control gravity and he is the only one besides Sho and Shinra who can use the time-based ability as he was able to counter Sho’s ability by using Adolla Burst.

    He can not only create a self-healing illusion of himself as well, he can even pull the moon and throw it towards the Earth Thanos style, only for the moon to be stopped by Shinra.

    After seeing Shinra’s return, he lost his composure and was impaled by Sho’s sword but also, that was not the thing that ended him ends up sacrificing himself and his squad to summon the strongest doppelgangers to stop Shinra and the gang.



    The angel Sho Kusakabe is the leader of the Knights of The Ashen Flame and a 3rd generation pyrokinetic who is blessed by the Grace of the Evangelist herself and can use Adolla Burst.

    He can use his ability to stop time by consuming the heat from the expansion of the universe. At first, no one was able to stand up to his ability only after using Adolla Burst did Shinra bested him.

    Later on, in the series even without the Grace, he was able to stop time during the cataclysm due to the Adolla being so close to the Earth. Only Shinra and Faerie can counter his time ability not only that he is an expert swordsman as well.

    Sho Kusakabe

    5. DRAGON

    Coming at number 5 is the walking disaster himself the man named “Dragon”. Appearing from the lands of Iraq, Dragon has been walking this planet for 200-plus years just to find a good fight.

    He was considered the strongest by Faerie. When a man like Benimaru calls you a monster you know that guy is the real deal, he took no damage from Benimaru’s attack when he was attacked.

    When he first fought Arthur who was at his strongest at that time he took no damage from his most powerful attack and destroyed Arthur’s Excalibur too.

    In the final fight against Arthur in space, he was destroying stars with ease. He finally found a worthy opponent in Arthur and breaking his spirit and causing him to fall into despair was the only purpose of life in the end.

    Dragon The Destroyer


    The Knight King’s ranking can be a bit controversial since he and number 3 on this list can exchange their rankings with each other.

    Arthur arguably is one of the best new-generation deuteragonists and a fan favorite. His fight with Dragon is considered the best new-gen fight by the readers. After getting the new Excalibur and getting his power up just by playing a video game, Arthur who was destroyed by Dragon in their first encounter was able to damage Dragon who felt pain for the first time in 200-plus years.

    Arthur was tanking star destroying attacks from Dragon and was able to attack with the same power when he equipped the “Star Ring”. Arthur was able to use an attack that was the size of the Earth and was able to destroy the despair that was brought upon the Earth, extinguished the flames caused by the cataclysm, and filled everyone’s heart with hope.

    If it weren’t for Arthur’s attack Shinra and some of the other pillars wouldn’t have been freed. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that in the final arcs of Fire Force, Arthur was the star of the show.

    Arthur Boyle


    The King of Destruction and the Hikeshi of Asakusa. The only compound is pyrokinetic in the series, which can use both 2nd and 3rd generation abilities.

    He has been compared to “Acala” and “Kagutsuchi”. The ruler of Sun and Moon, during his fight with his master’s doppelganger the sheer intensity of that fight warped reality and changed the moon’s shape into a cartoony moon from Soul Eater.

    The strongest fire soldier has been his title from the start. He is so strong that he has never used his full power, even his doppelganger who was the image of the strongest was one-shotted by him, people can’t even imagine what his true strength is.

    Benimaru Shinmon

    2. HAUMEA

    Haumea basically became a god in the end with the abilities of the female pillars by her side including Amaterasu, and the Evangelist she can even counter Shinra and Sho’s time ability.

    She can use the power of the Adolla Burst and control reality. There’s not much to say about her when she’s basically a god, that term speaks for itself.


    1. SHINRA

    Shinra is one of the strongest characters in all of anime and manga. His new form “SHINRABANSHOMAN” can bring back everyone to life, create a new civilization and change the concepts of death itself.

    He even created another Shinigami by himself. He defeated Haumea with ease, it was not even a fight at that point. He was not only rewinding time but moving forward in time as well at the same exact moment he was kicking Haumea’s attack.

    He created the Soul Eater world and changed the concept of how life used to be.


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